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Masterpiece, Italy's Reality TV Show for Writers: Last Act and a Small Miracle

 Publishing Perspectives just published my most recent article about the Italian Reality TV show for writers (see here) and I’m happy to share it with you: 1,071 more words

Book Marketing

Life hack

In a world that fears the expression of raw emotions, that puts a facade to protect its fragile little heart, that plays games where no one wins in the end, look for the artist, the musician, the writer, … 9 more words


What's in a name? Quite a lot, really.

Ericka has let me loose again. She’s a fool to herself sometimes, she really is. But we agreed a topic, and that is creating fictional names. 1,115 more words


Playing the Fool

Today is the 398th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. I visited his home last summer but never made it to his grave in Stratford-Upon-Avon. To commemorate the most famous English poet in history, and keeping in mind April Fools (I’m a little late for April Fool’s Day, so can we just go with April Fool’s Month??), I’m discussing the role of the fool in Shakespeare. 559 more words


Struck! Making Inspiration A Priority When It Smacks You Upside The Head

This morning I was exhausted, on the tail end of whatever it was I caught last week. I woke up at 6:00am, took some Tylenol, kissed my husband goodbye for work, had hot tea with honey and went back to bed. 1,313 more words


Just Friends

Can you really be friends with someone you’ve once seen naked?

Okay, that’s a bad example. I’m friends with a lot of people I’ve seen naked. 296 more words


Sticky Situation

The pictures from Fenway Park Wednesday night were embarrassing for the New York Yankees: pitcher Michael Pineda with pine tar slathered on his neck and manager Joe Girardi, looking as irked and hapless as a man trying to untangle the Christmas lights, losing a wrestling match with a small remote-controlled camera. 1,441 more words

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