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Letters (Fiction writing practice)

For an exercise a few months ago I began writing letters to a fictional person named Grace. They were from the point of view of a lonely person writing to another, a woman perhaps the sender loved but never heard from. 1,783 more words

Dear Commitment,

Hello, you are probably watching me with your arms crossed, wondering “what is it now?”

You may be right, but when it comes to justification and the need to defend oneself, everyone is always right, or at least I feel so. 426 more words

Journal Entries

The Courage Of One Will!

“The Courage Of One Will Can Change The World!”

But I can’t even figure out for a second how to knock off the bullshit, so how the fuck can I change the world if I can’t change me? 495 more words

Short Story!

Weeeew, so after submitting my short story to a few places, an awesome online magazine/site has given the big Y-E-S!

Once it’s published (probably not until early next year), I’ll post the link so all the nice people can buy it (plz, fund my caffeine and alcohol consumption!) 27 more words


I CAN'T BELIEVE I didn't tell you guys this...

I haven’t been blogging lately partly because I’ve been working on writing my first book that HIT #1 in the Authorship category on AMAZON!

There it is! 134 more words

The Past.

It’s a story in your book that can never be rewritten.  But there are so many pages in your novel that have yet to be filled. 41 more words