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Working on A Novel? Me, too! (and so is everyone else, apparently)

I just read an article in the Guardian which described a new book by Cory Arcangel called “Working on My Novel”…which apparently consists of nothing but tweets from people who claim to be “working on their novel.” 182 more words


Why I write

It’s hard for me to speak, whether in English or Afrikaans. The reason I write is because I cannot speak. I feel blunt. – Antjie Krog…

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Gender Parity

Chapter 1.1, L.A. Dreamers, a Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery by Dakota Donovan

Chapter 1.1


A Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery

by Dakota Donovan

When my cell phone rings, I’m daydreaming about Paris. I let the phone ring half a dozen times—playing its “La Vie en Rose” ringtone —before picking it up. 617 more words


This year is whizzing by...

It’s the 1st august already?! Where has this year gone? So far this week I have written zilch…but I did get up early and take the little one to the park with a ball so she could play I could get exercise running up and down the hill. 62 more words


Snakes and Writing - TRUE LIFE.

When you live IN the wild, you live WITH the wild, particularly when you haven’t got a house and dwell in a hole in the ground – my caravan office didn’t give much protection either as it had gaps and holes, and the animals soon moved in there, as well. 136 more words


Poetry in Song

Like many writers I have a playlist of songs that I write to, but sometimes it’s not just the music that inspires me, sometimes it’s the lyrics. 923 more words


The Benefits of Attending Writing Conferences

Marlaine Peachey, Chairman of the Southern Christian Writers Guild, discusses the benefits of attending a writing Conference.

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