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I Quit Trusting Myself, I Tried To Be What Someone Wanted Me To Be!

I was afraid of it, so I acted like a coward. I was afraid to be myself, because I was afraid that wasnt good enough and what turned out to be not good enough is the shit storm I created not trusting myself and trying to be what I am not! 330 more words

A styptic pencil

Isaac Asimov wrote this of what writers go through. As a scientist, I too am a word smith. Therefore, as I read the following words, I cringed, and I bled with the writer. 328 more words

Everything Else

You Do Something, Because You Can

Because it is the right thing to do, because it makes you feel good and it makes someone else feel good. You do it, because you watched that kid you have made friends with in the wheelchair struggle all day long at the gym today, but he didn’t quit. 281 more words


Why must it be a *struggle*
to reach this solid mirage?
Chained by dreams of distant
things and roughly bound in
iron forged by sultry hands.

by Felicia Lujan


How to Read Your Novel in Public

Invite all your friends. Convince yourself that if the gathering is mostly friends, you will feel less nervous. Forget to warn them that your work is entirely unsuitable for children. 357 more words