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My "About" Just Keeps Getting Longer!

If you have a website or page as a writer, start up or entrepreneur, it is important to update your “about” page with your latest achievements. 54 more words


On being ripped off by the press

There’s nothing I like more than being read. Watching my stats tick up after I publish a post gives me a thrill – or sometimes a pang of dread- depending on how risque my post is. 602 more words

Reprobate Mum

Why Not Me, Why Not Now!

It happens all the time, people pull off shit they think they can’t everyday, so why not me, why not now? Eh, this one doesn’t have a good feeling to it, somethings are still stinging tonight, hell tonight while hanging out with the wrong one and thinking about the past one, I said I love you not paying attention at all to what I said and holy fuck man what a shit storm I set off. 139 more words

How can I ask for a rate rise?

There is an awful lot of discussion about pricing and rates for contractors, writers and freelancers. Sometimes you might feel like kicking yourself, after you secure a contract or client and realize you’ve under-quoted yourself. 171 more words

My Messy Desk

Music and the Effect it has on My Writing

Music is a powerful thing. It’s long been used in movies to add suspense or to evoke emotions within us viewers. Personally speaking, it can drastically alter my mood and is usually a reflection of my current state of mind. 527 more words


If Your Going Through Hell!

The title to one of my favorite country songs, he would go on to say “keep on moving, don’t slow down, you might get out before the devil even knows your there!” Keep on moving, keep on moving, trying to pound it into my head tonight, I have stood in place for far to long! 395 more words

A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 189

Day 189
Topic: surrendering to a greater power
Topic given by mugglesque

One small thought
The entry point
From here, there was no return… 75 more words