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Ipad Publishing?

A question for all Authors: Is Ipad Self-Publishing just a great as Amazon or Nook, or is it better?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think? 17 more words


Dead Dry Plaza

Forty degrees on Sunday
in the empty centre of
the desert city,
swigging on a cold bottle
alone at the café table,
battling self-pity,
envisioning the bodies… 50 more words

Lennie Bezwik

Lesbian Penis!

Hows that for a title? While we burn this bitch to the ground in Ferguson it makes me wonder. Yeah maybe six shots is too much but maybe reaching in a cop car for a cops gun is a little too much too! 146 more words

Tales of Toilets

Tales of toilets are truly stories of luxury, one we often take for granted. This week, writers plunged into the prompt and crafted 99-word stories around basic sanitation. 1,158 more words

Flash Fiction

Plagiarism Needs a Better Definition

There’s this parable that economists always tell.

Your car breaks down and you take it to the mechanic. He opens the hood and looks at your engine for a few seconds. 1,157 more words


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Dig a little deeper

Come on, he says

with simple words

just a boy

in front of a girl

dig a little deeper

and we will see

who is telling this story… 32 more words


My Top 5 YA books! to give this Holiday!

1.“The Funny Thing About Life.” By Kennedy M. (Amazon Kindle.)

2.”Divergent” Series By Veronica Roth

3.”Proxy” By Alex London… 11 more words