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This book has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. After finally getting through Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story (which turned out to be pretty good despite the fact that he spent most of the time undercutting his characters and telling the reader how someone else referred to something, e.g., “that’s what daddy would call it”) I decided to completely shift gears and try something nowhere related. 510 more words

Science Fiction

How dreamers can create realities

The beautiful story of how a handful of students had an idea of building a bookshop in Greece and how they made it happen. Sometimes drunken ideas can indeed become reality. 39 more words


Parturition by Katie Manning (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

by Katie Manning

My veins roll away.
The back of my hand swells
black with blood.

The soles of my feet
hold each other. 271 more words


Reassurance by Barbara Eknoian (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

by Barbara Eknoian

You left without a good-bye,
leaving a sticky residue
in my mind.
I’m wondering,
if given the chance,
what you might have said: 217 more words


Whistle by Daniel Patrick Delaney (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

by Daniel Patrick Delaney

Scent of tar and honeysuckle rises from the swamp, and I wait.

Heat of the powered room around my neck while the children sleep tangled in their beds. 141 more words


Word of the Dae

parasitaster:   a mean or sorry parasite

Sample Sentence:

“The parasitaster’ hung from the ceiling gripping the corpse in it’s fangs.”

2 poems by M.J De Angelis


Downstream where silver maples glow
with autumn’s final golden red
all is released from holds of green.

The silver maples, peaking, lean
as if amused by what’s been said… 245 more words