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just a little bio

I remember when writing was a hobby, not some over do chore. Which is what it feels like now and as a writer its the worst feeling in the world. 954 more words


Curtains UP!

India’s literacy rate is 74.04%. I am not a writer, I am just better than the 26% population of India. It means I am better than 292,732,000 people in India. 344 more words

Prognostications and Pigeonholes

What IS it about the United States? It seems as though everyone and his Uncle Tim tries mightily to cram each and every one of us into some kind of category, as though they themselves will not feel comfortable until their little (or big) pigeonholes have ingested another being. 236 more words

The Cosmos TV show on Fox

The reiteration of Carl Sagan’s original series on the Cosmos has me hooked.  I wait eagerly from one week to the next until the next program airs.   215 more words

Trying to stop the bright distractions from silencing my inner voice. Trying to wake myself up and turn off the screens.


Ramblings of a modern druidess

Be advised, I’m in a foul mood. I call it ‘London withdrawal’. Every now and again, it takes me by surprise. Usually I realize when it’s time to go back, but sometimes everything seems just fine and then, ‘bam!’ It hits you in the face. 305 more words