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Daily Prompt ~ Ces choses qui nous font rêver

In answer to the daily prompt Dust in the Wind

I have been thinking a lot about this over the past few days, which is why I didn’t post this before. 732 more words


The Demons In My Head

You need to get on Facebook and do something with your games.

No! Not games. I am not playing anymore games on Facebook.

It will just take five minutes. 489 more words


How to begin, again. (thoughts and questions of a new beginning)

Writing, like many of my states of being, comes and goes, moving in an out of my life like in extreme measures.  My most current phase of writing has had me enduring an extreme drought, while I struggle with dreams of things that I could or should be writing, I am stuck in a frozen state of inability.  528 more words


the girl upstairs

she’s up there
in the morning,
she’s up there
after work- it’s
daily, it’s like
clockwork, one
day I’ll go berserk!

she stomps around
then drops a sofa, or… 48 more words


Origins and Interlude

Well, squiders, I’m still in sort of a weird mood due to finishing my draft.

I get kind of bogged down at the end of a project, and weirdly nostalgic, and I read through all sorts of things–story notes, the book itself, related books (which is taking me a while, because not only are there three books in the trilogy, but  141 more words


Sage: 28 months

Your imagination has blossomed like crazy this month.

One of my favorite things ever has happened. I asked you, one night as you were winding down for bed, if you wanted me to tell you a story. 723 more words


“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity.” -William Zinsser-

I particularly like that Mr. Zinsser added humanity. Too often we forget to be “human” in our writing.

58 more words