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Closed Doors

We reveled in our youth
but never said our heart’s truth;
I have loved you
and you loved me too;
But we had eventually taken to our own… 150 more words


Here's the thing about my latest project

I started a new book this past weekend. I woke up at 6:45am, which wasn’t super fun for a Saturday, from a dream about a teenage girl who was to become the main character of my new book. 212 more words


Post Script: D'ruther

I think I was a bit negative in the first part of Sunday evening’s blog post. The “Should/Don’Wanna” inner dialog is so familiar to me and perhaps to others as well. 573 more words


a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal

walk with me he says

and the son now five holds his father’s hand and they are in town walking the sidewalk after just eating You know your mother is dead he says and the boy nods squeezing his father’s hand it is warm and clammy despite the freezing temperatures the cold front coming in promising more rain maybe even snow… 552 more words

Toasted Calendar

Toasted Calendar is a calendar of writing prompts created by a site called Toasted Cheese, a literary journal and writing community based in North America. 50 more words

Language Learning

One Day An Angel Visited....I Think

You’ll probably think I’m crazy. That’s OK. You might be right. I’m not too sure, myself.

But one day I walked into an empty room and nearly bumped into an angel. 1,357 more words


Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award: Schrödinger's cat hangs up her hat!

The other week, anything seemed possible when I was Internet free and waiting for the second round announcements of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2014… 213 more words