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Writerly Post Wednesday: Introducing you to . . . The Awesomeness of Pinterest

So if you know me, then you also must know that I love Pinterest. It’s pretty incredible, actually! It’s a multi-purpose sites — can be used for businesses, companies . 435 more words

Writerly Post Wednesday

Recovering from burn-out: I can still do this

Today I finished the first draft of a short story. It’s not very good, which is fine: being not very good is what first drafts are for, so the later drafts can be better. 765 more words


Would you like to come?

As he woke up he realized he had slept on his chair while completing his assignment that was due today and his boss would fire him if he failed to do so.He got up and could feel the unease and pain of sleeping in a chair,he wondered how could he sleep straight for 3 hours on something so uncomfortable.Tired and still sleepy he turned his stove on to make some tea and eggs for breakfast but looked at watch and realized he was late and assignment needed finalizing,forgot the tea and got back to work and after 40 minutes he was on his way to office. 561 more words


Middle Book Blues

I haven’t written a word in nearly two weeks. The book is half done. 

I have heard that the middle of the book is the hardest bit to write, the most common place to get stuck. 122 more words


An App for Writers

We’re not recommending this software, we just came across it and its sounds interesting. It’s called The Hemingway App and works like spell check in MSWord  but it has colors. 216 more words


First Post! (Can You Tell I'm Excited?)


Greetings, readers and fellow bloggers!

I’m Nori and I’m new to the blogosphere, but I’m excited to get this remote corner of the Internet up and going. 1,338 more words


On Beauty - For Emily

“In many mortal forms I rashly sought

The shadow of that idol of my thought.

And some were fair – but beauty dies away”

from Epipsychidion – Percy Bysshe Shelley…

272 more words