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I wish they would just call the news: What’s Wrong. “Hi, it’s six o’clock, here’s What’s Wrong. Now for the local news, here’s the worst shit that happened the closest to you.”

Demetri Martin, “Standup Comedian

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Free Thoughts from Portland, ME

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m in Portland, ME, but I’m not writing about Portland, ME right now. I’m writing about me being tired and still writing at some weird (but, at the same time, great) “business center” in the Hampton Inn at midnight – yes, midnight. 135 more words

Conversations With Ruth Ann Nordin

There is so much I’d like to say about Ruth, but I only have limited space to do so. Let me start with the things you definitely should know about her: Ruth is a prolific author, having written an astounding forty-six books, consisting of many different types of romance, as well as science fiction, fantasies, and non-fiction. 825 more words



Lining up my mother’s dolls
from eldest to youngest
and counting off each:
the namesakes of dear aunts
and she, the first.



I just spent a significant amount of time drafting a post about an incident that occurred yesterday.  I had been reading another blogger’s tips and was inspired to write this post rather than “saving it for later.”  Because I had forgotten to create a password for the two-step authentication security setting on my WordPress app on my phone, I hit “save draft,” and “poof!” it was gone.   62 more words


Looks can be deceiving.

On the surface, it sure looks like I haven’t been doing anything. My word count on my sequel hasn’t moved at all for weeks. I had to take a break from it, because nothing about it felt good. 405 more words


Time of an Existence

Past, don’t hold me down,

Support my back

Hit me when needed

And pat me to cheer me up

Present, don’t be swift

Pass accordingly… 33 more words