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Light and Dark and Light Again (crawlspace)

Light and Dark and Light Again (crawlspace)

Not hopeless, but without hope. If I could
capture my shadow, would I
imprison it in a cell of light… 70 more words


UPDATED Book Release News: The Fourth Descendant

Does anyone have a washcloth I can borrow? I have some egg on my face I need to wipe off.


So yesterday I released the totally exciting news about my book’s release on the fourth. 315 more words


~Wonderful Words~

I seem to spend quite a bit of time enjoying the scenery outside of my home office window. I guess it’s been too cold for the horses to do much frolicking but the birds have been active. 791 more words


Hibernation Sunday

While many people are staying home to watch the big game, I’m staying home waiting for yet ANOTHER snow storm to slam the northeast. 8-14 inches they’re saying. 175 more words


I guess this is growing up

How many people, you suppose, will find this blog by searching for Blink 182 lyrics?

I’m attempting to update while the toddler is up, which is probably very stupid. 338 more words


The betrothal that wasn't

“What am I to do, Velcro?” asked Kannot, king of the land of O, “Old whats-her-name’s getting damnably silly ideas, again.”

“What ideas, Sire, and who precisely is getting them?” 1,490 more words


Five Quick Ways To Find Character Names

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here before, but I often find coming up with character names slightly difficult. This doesn’t happen as much as it used to ( 699 more words