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Teaser Tuesday

When it peered at me from between the trees I didn’t even flinch. It stood there like a man but bristling like a beast, shadow creeping across the road to where I stood.

411 more words

My Wife's First eBook

We have another published author in the family now!

My wife, Ivanka, has just published her very funny eBook on exercise and gym equipment.  Naturally, I recommend it and for the great value price of $1 (depending on the exchange rate) you can’t go wrong. 118 more words


STARDATE - 20062.8

‘What? This is absurd. I’ve already answered your questions Commander’ Dunkhan says outraged.

Amity, Matthews and the security team stand in a semi circle around the serving counter. 1,709 more words


Writing 101.12 - A conversation with a drunk man outside a pub.

Well this was a fun little task to do. I remember walking back from school one day a good few years ago a man came up to me and said something which really stuck in my mind… I perhaps didn’t pay so much attention to the foreshadowing aspect of this task, but I made a small attempt at it at least! 458 more words



I find drinking from the top shelf
helps me to express myself.
I like that tight shirt and short skirt.
The way you dress impresses me. 55 more words


An epiphany

January 1st 2013

This was the day I lay in bed, exhausted and starving, and considered for the first time just how ill I was, considered that perhaps I was so mentally and physically ill I was beyond help. 352 more words


The Poet and her Muse

The partial souls of two childhood fools,
Pieced together,
One young at heart,
One dying to get old,
Equalling a completed soul

Their spirits dance effortlessly like Ginger and Fred Astaire, 227 more words