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Getting Ready for the OneFour Retreat: a Gif Interpretation

Next week, I’ll be in Tennessee with about forty other 2014 (and 2013 and 2015) debut authors, writing and talking our experiences as debut YA/kidlit authors and hot-tubbing and eating/drinking lots of tastiness and probably hugging a lot. 125 more words


Roasted Marshmallows - A Poetry Sample

Snow and frost: the winter cost. Count what’s lost, and to end has crossed.

Ah, the joys of poetry! So many possibilities and wonders! Endless fantasy and cruel reality combined. 398 more words


Reader Beware

From today’s inbox.

Hi Ron,

We are interested in sending over a quality and relevant article to your site (pressingpause.com) as a contribution. Is this something you might consider? 131 more words


Smashwords, NANOWRIMO, and Papa

I need to know if anyone has ever done this and what sort of effect it had on your writing.

Smashwords has this thing… you can upload your first draft as you go along during… 262 more words

Creative Writing

10 24 2014 Four Times Twice

Four Times Twice

It’s a good thing I’m taking a math class. That way, I can determine how many weeks I have been in school so far. 777 more words


Writing and Music

I know a lot of people who enjoy listening to music when they write. They find the lyrics soothing and the rhythms inspiring. Many of these people are also ones who listen to music constantly, giving themselves a soundtrack while they complete their everyday tasks, whether it be work, school, a commute, or just relaxing. 541 more words


COMPLETED!...And It Is Now Time To Celebrate!

I just put the final touches on a science fiction short story that has been driving me up a wall with its illusiveness for months. 170 more words