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Life Is A Funny Funny Thing

The older we get, the older and more mature our children get. The more they want to separate from us the more we may want to hold on to them, yet let them spread their wings with independence we must. 349 more words


Seven Deadly Sins for Writers: #1 - FEAR

If you asked me what it’s like to finally pursue my dream of writing, the honest answer is: Terrifying.

Yes, there is excitement and delight, and many other things weighing in on the positive side, but, the scale is often tipped by the heavy burden of fear. 1,290 more words


You're Not Crazy, You're a Writer.

Anyone who has people in their head talking to them must be crazy right?


But aside from having a few screws loose, Writers sometimes describe the characters they imagine as if they are real, making their own decisions. 541 more words


T is for Tools

by Lillian Csernica on April 23, 2014

Chocolate is so much fun.  Fun to eat, fun to play with, fun to make into all kinds of shapes.  128 more words


less writing: more sleep

I was ready to write a book. I had the chapters mapped, the characters named, the first two pages written. I was on a writing high. 132 more words

Ambition Failed

Thank You!

Our Kickstarter is funded. It reached full funding last week, and I apologize that I’m just now posting this thank you. We spent much of that week trying to figure out what to say. 1,026 more words