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“What’s the matter with you?” he asked, his squinted eyes looking over her.

She glanced down at her feet and mumbled, “I don’t know.”


Please Excuse Turns One!!!

I just got the notification today. I knew it was sometime in November, but honestly, I was just going to let it pass quietly. I never really mentioned any other blogging milestones, but I dunno–I got a little trophy, and this just seems kinda big to me.

Wrestling, Words and the Z.W.D. (NaNo Week Three)

This week was an enlightening one for me- I feel like I’m learning a lot from my NaNo journey. As someone who grew up and ended up working in the Arts, I am prone to self-evaluation, and for the most part I think that has helped me grow. 679 more words


The Water Oak

My first son and I, both of us long limbed,
just can grasp hands around the unfriendly bosom
of the old water oak out front.  On its south side …
202 more words


Stormy Seas (draft)

The time is coming near to build a bigger boat, in which to house these nightmarish dreams..


Witchfinder and the art of publishing/writing

Author Sarah A. Hoyt addressed the Avondale United Methodist Book Club this morning (Saturday, November 22, 2014) to discuss her book Witchfinder, the art of writing and what it is like to publish a book as both a traditional and “indie” author. 1,082 more words


Well deserved.

Day 22. National Blog Posting Month.

I ran 5 km today. First time in almost a month, I am embarrassed to say. November is pretty much going to go down as one of the worst months of running I’ve had since plagued with injuries last spring. 37 more words