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Heller Manor- Chapter 2

Vic pulled up to the curb of the house in the suburbs of Portland. Looking around, they held open the door for Diavolo to hop out. 2,039 more words


“Something happens at around 92 miles an hour – thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart’s rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you’re not on the road, you’re in it.

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A Little Story for Black Friday

I wrote a little story just now. I thought, maybe, I’d share it.

Duke came from a very fancy family. But he felt bad. He didn’t mean to get born into a such a world as this. 171 more words


Holy Crap! Reaching 700 ... Definitely Thankful

This week everybody was giving thanks or showing some kind of gratitude for health, family, friends, turkey, Rolaids, football, Charlie Brown, scarfs, coffee, chocolate, or fifty-percent off your favorite sweater. 715 more words


Good Writing Break: Poems That Are Better than "The Ballad of Ferguson, Missouri"

Hey, Fickle Readers! I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday. (I myself got to visit my young cousins that I haven’t seen in two years. Then I slept for about 24 hours. 965 more words


Moving On

This month, I only broke down and cried twice. That either means I’m moving on, or my heart is finally turning to stone.

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Nighttime Trek

under an obscuring
hidden moon
silent she-wolf