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To Infinity and Beyond

In my world today is upgrade day. This means after two years and many months of frustration that my iPhone 4s is finally being replaced. 307 more words


Murder Sets Sail - 9

In the Last excerpt George and Steve meet Kalama to arrange to find someone with a boat to which they can transfer the Heroine to bring it ashore and then kill Chris and sink his boat. 1,289 more words

Paper Stuff

Organizing Your Agent Hunt

If you write YA, and I know a lot of you do, I highly recommend following the YA WordNerds channel on YouTube. They are an incredibly talented group of people with some great insights. 144 more words

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As I get closer to sending out queries to agents, I have begun to collect the names of the agents I think may be a good fit. Up To now I have been simply saving them to Pocket, a nifty website that lets you maintain a collection of favorite websites (or blog posts or news articles or anything, really, with a web address), which you can organize by categories and tag with keywords for a later search. But then I read Kyra Nelson's blog on organizing your agent search, and I am taking her advice. Thanks, Kyra!

17 things I say to my kids that I really should say to myself

If anyone anywhere very desperately needed to take her own advice, it would be me.

Things I say to my kids hourly, daily, and every so often: 477 more words

Live The Season

My First Heartbreak.

My dreams took a turn for the worse the day she was gone. They became rotten and dead in a way I would never truly understand. 397 more words


Calling all Blog Awards lovers & Haters

I am inventing a new blog award and would like your input. Please see the original post Here Where you can comment and throw in your ideas. 29 more words


Write drunk, edit sober

With this said, you shall see the finished product soon enough.