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The Glamorous Life of an Online Dating Expert

I may have mentioned more than once I spent a year as a self-proclaimed online dating expert. Yes, this girl, a senior  in college with only one serious relationship under her belt (the same relationship I’m in now) was handing out expert dating advice across the web. 712 more words


The effect

They treat you like shit. They think making fun of you is cool. Being called names isn’t fun. What have you done to deserve such treatment. 104 more words


Magic #MACreativeCritic

This short fiction grew out of some quick research on the terms ‘magic’, ‘myth’ and ‘mother-goddess’ in Freud’s writings.  

Chris hesitates at the top of the stairs.  302 more words


The Story I Wrote About My Ex-Boyfriend (Who Is No Longer My Ex-Boyfriend)

I find revisiting things I had written “awhile back” tends to be cathartic.  For a handful of reasons, really.  Usually, the most primary reason is because certain pieces just aren’t ready to be finished yet, and stumbling back into them at a later date might give way to the opportunity of them being finished.   2,139 more words


Page 100

The last item he reckons on needing would be spare tubes. Bob has an armful of soon-to-be stolen clothing, tools, trinkets, and a backpack, but he gazes longingly at the pile of tossed shelving, crushed cardboard, and prone man. 320 more words


#25 Hunted - Prologue

Today I thought I would share another piece of my writing. I wrote this originally somewhere around 2011/2012 (I think!) and it was going to be what I termed my ‘obligatory vampire novel’ in response to the massive upswing in vampire novels post-Twilight. 1,415 more words