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Who Am I and Why Am I Here?  Blogging 101 or Philosophy 101

Well, in this case, it is Blogging 101 and I’m trying to figure it all out. 223 more words

Why I'm here

I’ve been wandering aimlessly for quite some time but this year – with a time limit, a budget (and no prospect of employment), and another person to consider – my planning and organisation skills have come into their own. 124 more words

Blogging 101

Happy Anniversary

I‘ve been writing a blog for nearly ten years.  October 2004 was the first post of Austin’s Acre.  Three years ago today I switched from Blogger to Word Press and in that short amount of time I’ve received over 28,000 hits on my site.   183 more words


"Keep It Simple, Stupid"

Reading Response 1: Writing & Editing for Digital Media – Brian Carroll – Chapters 3 & 4 

I felt like the beginning part of this chapter was relatively self-explanatory. 512 more words

Gar Tate

Post #99 Evolution of a blog.

This blog has taken all sorts of twists and turns over the last couple of years. When I started writing, I didn’t even know what… 415 more words


Content consumption – 6 steps to working it at the gym

DID YOU KNOW: About 67 per cent of people have a gym membership but never use it. Of those who do use theirs most people hit the gym about twice a week. 561 more words


How to Add a Post

It’s as easy as pie!

Here’s the step by step process:

1. Add the title on top

2. Start writing in the text box. Familiarize yourself with the icons. 113 more words

Adding Media