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Productive Procrastination

I cannot silence that voice in my head.   You all know the one I mean …  in one of my previous posts, my interviewee, Terry Lacy, called it the “inner editor.”   That voice constantly reminds me that I suck at writing, that what I’m doing is a total waste of time, and that no one would ever read the verbal equivalent of dogshit that I am throwing onto the page  …. 346 more words

Writing A Novel

What words will improve your writing?

Two days ago, I posted  an article entitled What words should you cut from your writing? and in the comments, Alex & Bridie suggested I do a follow up post discussing the words that you… 148 more words

Fiction Unboxed Kickstarter is Here

I’ve mentioned the Self-Publishing Podcast before. The guys behind that show – Johnny B. Truant, Sean M. Platt, and David W. Wright – are all hilarious, very informative, and inspirational. 363 more words

Getting Started

I'll Post Again In May

I’m spending time getting reacquainted with my Muse and dealing with busy “real life.”

My blog visits will be limited to one day per week. And if you post more than once a week, I’m sorry, but I have to cut back to a single post to read. 71 more words


The reality of writing fantasy - Margo Lanagan speaks

I am doing the six-month Writing a Novel course with Faber Academy in Sydney (they have other bases in Melbourne and London also). A couple of my fellow students missed one of the evening classes and asked me to fill them in. 1,393 more words

For many of us, writing might just be the surest route to heaven . . .

These inspiring quotes speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and will come back to savor them again and again. 41 more words


Edit your novel course Sydney

I am about to edit my novel under the expert guidance of Allen & Unwin publisher Annette Barlow and literary agent Sophie Hamley of the Cameron Creswell agency. 1,231 more words