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110,000 Words... and Counting...

Tamara Thorne and I are kicking literary ass these days. A few hours ago, we hit 110,000 words on our collaborative project (not Belinda, and not… 368 more words

Alistair Cross

Problems With Plot

One of the main issues with writing big ol’ fantasy stories is the plotting. I will repeatedly get myself in a twist as I try and thread together all the parts of my story, then remembering I’d left Character 1 behind five plot points previously and how does Character 3’s story link in and what on EARTH is happening to my subplot?! 1,199 more words

Success is ... umm .... Something.

A thread over at the Critique Circle message boards is getting HEAVY into the never-ending debate between traditional publishing versus self-publishing.   My opinion on this issue? 669 more words

Writing A Novel

How to Start Writing A Novel 3/4: The Outline

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I am not a published author. Please take everything I say in this series with a grain of salt.

Last ‘How to Start Writing A Novel’, I talked about… 296 more words


All the things I plan to do.

I talk to people, when they check out their books. Part of it is Customer Service, that good old “engage with the patrons” philosophy that makes their trip to the library more than just one more chore on the list. 759 more words


Sorcerer's Garden

I’m about halfway finished with the first draft of a new book that for a long time I called the Coma Book. It has little to do with comas, but that’s beside the point. 260 more words


Fiction, not an autobiography

Some people have asked me if my novel is really a memoir. No, The Flying Girl isn’t an autobiography. It is fiction. But I won’t deny that, like most if not all novelists, I’ve drawn from my own experiences, particularly earlier in life and certainly including the times and places I was living in, to help me create my characters and conceptualize the plot. 250 more words

The Flying Girl