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Reading: How It Helps You Find Your Genre

I’ve talked to you a little bit about what reading can do for your actual writing. Now I’m going to tell you about how it can help you find what genre you want to write. 632 more words


The ending was a blast- I blew up the book

By B. Corp.

I think we’ve had several articles on beginnings, and how important they may (or not) be. What about endings though? It’s been said, a beginning sells the book to the reader. 868 more words

Writing A Novel

Turtle or hare set-up? Now that is the question.

By Sarah F.

I haven’t had much (if any…) writing time over the past few weeks, but I’ve still been going over my outlines mentally trying to sort them out before I start typing to save myself some time. 369 more words

Writing A Novel

Day two weddings

Being home and at my mum and dads surrounded by my family, I’ve realised though I love to travel and see the world there is no better feeling than sharing love with family and friends. 210 more words

Writing A Novel

Guest Blog: The Tightrope of Authenticity

Guest blogger Ian McCulloch graciously agreed to fill in for me this week. Enjoy! –D.M. Gutierrez

The Tightrope of Authenticity

By Ian McCulloch

Writing a novel set against an actual historical backdrop might seem easy at first blush. 990 more words

Writing A Novel