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Good is the enemy of great.

You may have heard this before. It’s a quote from Voltaire, and something my creative writing professor was fond of saying this semester. It is also probably the most motivating thing I’ve ever been told. 299 more words

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The Benefits of Reading Like A Writer

Writers don’t necessarily read like other people. Many of us notice little things—plot devices, grammar errors, characterization flaws—that other readers don’t, and they bug us, because we’ve sensitized ourselves to what good writing reads like. 548 more words

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As Writers Let's Not Agonize Nor Trivialize

To quote Jim Estill whom I met years ago when Synnex was small enough to host the CEOs of Waterloo-area start-ups to our monthly breakfast: “I don’t really want to spend more than 20 minutes a day on writing articles. 93 more words

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Looking for Inspiration?


I don’t know about you guys, but most of the time when I sit down to write a story, I find myself facing A LOT of mental blocks. 540 more words


Caveat Venditor---Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors

All right, it’s about to be a brand new year and many of you are wanting to finally see your books published. ROCK ON! But, I am the friend who will tell you if there is toilet paper hanging out of your pants. 1,742 more words

Kristen Lamb

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Yes to all of this! Indie Publishing is not about "We can do what we want!". We still have to follow the rules, we have to learn and know what we're doing. And I really can't take a writer seriously who doesn't read fiction and doesn't have at least one or two writing advice books on his shelf/e-reader. Writing is a craft and it doesn't just fall from the heavens. Publishing is also a craft and we have to know how it works.

Four Pro Tips for Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are a particularly daunting time to be a freelance writer.  Most people have the idea all year long that you’re not really working, but they don’t bother to voice this opinion until time comes to start organizing big family meals and do massive amounts of shopping.  482 more words

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It's Not What You Say But What You Say and How You Say It - The Art of Talking Good Dialogue

For me, the chatter that takes place between the pages of a book is the most important part of the book. The connecting prose is merely the scaffolding, if you will. 640 more words