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Be Brave! Go On! Get out there!

You would be surprised at the number one reason people don’t ever get past that first page of their manuscript. Or even pick up a pen at all for that matter to start. 663 more words

Writing Inspiration

WW: All Five Senses

Description With All Five Senses

This might be a little grade school for some of you. Or you might think it’s a little grade school. Frankly, I think we could all stand to be reminded. 784 more words


Taking Chances And Writing Different Genres

Once again, I find myself posting about something I came across this past week. This one actually came from last night. I was at the weekly meeting of the writer’s group I go to when someone brought a screenplay. 586 more words


All About That Pace

Let’s talk about pacing, i.e. the action in your novel. Does it start slow and build to an action-packed climax? Do you hit on your main themes in a regular pattern? 585 more words


OK, O.K., Ok, Okay!

“OK” is one of my verbal tics. I use it constantly. In speaking, in writing… I pepper “OK” over everything I say.
A state of being, “I’m OK.” 465 more words

Thoughts On Writing

A Cat: The Perfect Writing Companion.

The late great Muriel Spark, had some excellent advice to aspiring writers.  Albeit delivered by one of her characters. By the way, if you haven’t read any Muriel Spark, you should! 251 more words



It happened: I reached the first wall in my new project. Which is…frustrating.

I may just be coming down with something. I suffer from migraines, and they have been plentiful. 145 more words