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The Return of Gonzo

I haven’t been writing at all lately. And that’s not nearly as much as I had wanted. I set out to write a number of pieces for my “July of Orwell”, and I really only finished two, which is indescribably disappointing. 485 more words


loose thoughts: their name in the margins

hunger is a word i get lost on: not for food, but for substance.
hunger for essence, for life and prophecy. stick a piece of laughter in my mouth, please. 457 more words

Hemingway's Advice - Part One

Hello Friends!

I know it sometimes hard to take advice, especially when it has not been asked for. But what if it came from someone who really knew what they were talking about? 203 more words


Using Life's Source Material

I believe that everyone is a storyteller whether they know it or not. Now, I don’t just mean writers, artists, and people who express themselves creatively. 132 more words

Life Blog

Writers Roundup

Below are a few choice resources to keep your writing motor oiled and running as we finish off July. Write on!

Protect Yourself

This is one time I’m glad my books aren’t phenomenally popular! 217 more words

Writing Advice