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Three Dirty Birds on Plot and Structure

Plotting and structuring over on Ana’s blog. I’m really liking this book. :)


The Smell of Rain

“I’m sorry about this,”

We were stuck, parked on a sidewalk and surrounded by pouring rain. I could see drops of it in his hair, hanging on as long as it could until it rolled too far and fell into his lap. 628 more words

Writing is rewriting, some evidence

Instead of doing NaNoWriMo this year (and I bet you’re all glad you’ve been spared the wordcount updates) I decided to edit the novel I was partway through this time last year. 312 more words


What I do as a creative is necessary for the world

In thirty-five days I will lose my job.

For eight years I have held this position, managing editor who writes articles and designs pages and edits everything between the covers, and I have not interviewed or sent out resumes or seen fit to change careers in all that time. 981 more words


When Writer Advice Becomes a Tiny Demon on Your Shoulder

I never used to read any ‘advice for writers’. There’s a strong collection of untouched text books somewhere in my living room about how to write this or that, which I’m sure are packed with well-meaning information that would no doubt help me. 342 more words


The End of the Road - Sort of: NaNoWriMo comes to a close but the story goes on.

So. I finished almost a week ago now and seeing as my ‘victory dance’ was rewarding myself with Dragon Age: Inquisition, i have been hanging out in Thedas since then. 931 more words


As I Haven’t Sold Any Books How Can I Say I’m a Writer?

“I can see how my friends farther back on the publishing trajectory may not feel like ‘real’ writers, how finishing a piece and publishing a piece and getting an agent and getting a book deal are all badges that say… 293 more words