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Happy Halloween! aka All #NaNoWriMo's Eve

It isn’t stealing anything from Halloween to tout dictation–the technology was more a part of Bram Stoker’s Dracula than you may remember.

So if you and #NaNoWriMo still have an unsettled account, or you just want to innovate this time around, take advantage of a limited time offer to check out The Productive Writer’s… 28 more words


Writing: Tropes and Archetypes Won't Kill You

Archetypes and Tropes: The Futility of Writing ‘Original’

It is ridiculous–RIDICULOUS–that I’m doing this many blogs when my novel comes out in less than two weeks, and I am behind, behind, behind. 1,078 more words


Use NaNoWriMo to Meet Your Nonfiction Writing Goals

Have you met your writing goals for the year? No motivation, no writing routine? It’s almost the end of the year – are you thinking, “Why bother now?” … 458 more words

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Blackboard, NaNo Prep Edition: A Final Piece of Advice

NaNoWriMo is upon us. Already, thousands of people (I assume thousands, anyway) are excitedly tackling their writing projects. And this event is truly awesome. Not only does it get people motivated to write, but it connects writers to other writers. 544 more words


Essential writing skills: summing up the secret to writing that NaNo novel

In the past few weeks I’ve been outlining ways of planning for that elusive ‘first draft’ of your novel – which is what National November Writing Month is really all about. 368 more words



Alright let’s talk horror. What makes a good horror story? Think back to the stories that scared, or currently scare, you. What was it about them that sent a chill down your spine? 646 more words