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Essential writing skills: penning things “in the style of”

One of the biggest challenges any author has to meet is mastering the mechanics of actually writing. Only once that has been nailed is it possible to tackle the other challenges of content. 393 more words


Thoughts on Prologues

I came upon this post while going through my WordPress reader this morning. It’s Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of Writing.

I liked the post; I think it nicely combined some of the most basic and (let’s be honest) cliche writing advice out there. 507 more words


Three Dirty Birds Talk about Genre Expectations

We’ve moved to Ana’s side of the nut tree, to talk about reader expectations and genre blending and to basically shake our heads in wonder at Mr. 23 more words


Lydia Netzer

It was wonderful to meet Lydia Netzer, a BGSU alumna, at the Toledo library. She said that publishing a novel is like handing the writer a box of matches–the writer can only fight so many edits. 56 more words


When the Words Refuse to Speak, Use Torture

When I was a kid, I wrote effortlessly. Not well by today’s standards, I’m sure. Definitely not well by my standards. But I wrote every day, for hours, without thinking about form or technique or word choice. 841 more words

Writing Advice