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Any advice on writing?

A friend of mind asked me if I have any writer advice, she said it might help her continue on with her writing.
At first I was thinking “Omg, that’s so cool…” 609 more words


How to Create Pace! The Fundamentals of Writing Action Scenes

I once wrote an excerpt on a writing forum and got a reply from a reader who said that she disliked my lack of description. I am not the kind of writer to brush off valid criticism, but many of my readers came to my defence to say that my narration was perfect for what I was describing – a quick, disjointed scene full of action. 1,088 more words


the harsh truth about first drafts

Your first draft is going to suck.

A lot.

Shut up and listen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel, a screenplay, a theatre script, a short story, a poem, a recipe, a shopping list, a to-do list or the passive-aggressive note about the dirty dishes you leave on the fridge for your housemate, the first version of it will be utterly irredeemable rubbish. 1,810 more words


Maintaining the Blizzard

I hear and read about writers having “writer’s block” and running out of ideas.  This is something that I do not understand.

And to any of you muses that might be out there reading or listening to my thoughts: 343 more words


"I'm Too ____ to Be a Writer": Inspiration for the Discouraged

Let’s start with a confession: I’ve been discouraged lately. Not just because I wrecked my car, or because I have awful PMS, or because my job has me encountering poop more often than a proctologist moonlighting as a zookeeper. 1,028 more words


Writing the Set Piece, An Analysis

One of the most difficult things to write, in my experience and opinion, is what the film students call a “set piece.” By this, I mean a large, often chaotic, scene or series of scenes involving multiple people and closely linked events. 991 more words

Writing Advice

Richard Bausch #8

Richard Bausch is one of my literary heroes, and he’s told me I can reprint his short advice pieces about writing, which I will do periodically.  312 more words

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