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The Difference Between a Ripoff and an Homage

Everything has been done before. Accept it. Everything has been said before too, you can check Google for the transcript. Odds are your fresh blockbuster pitch is already on Netflix, and The Twilight Zone beat you to your fresh story by more than half a century. 1,174 more words


What Does It Mean to Be True to the Story?

by S.A. Spencer

At our last writing meeting, the group leader brought us a prompt: “What does it mean to be true to the story?” I usually ignore this part of the evening and work on my WIP instead. 366 more words

Writing A Novel

Free Short Stories

One of the things I see writers get asked all the time at events is, ‘what advice would you give to an aspiring writer?’ It’s a question most writers don’t seem to enjoy answering because, well, everyone works differently don’t they? 330 more words

Writing Tips

The Illogical Protagonist and Why Your Story Needs One

In the movie The Godfather, two characters in the opening scenes are presented as possible protagonists:

Vito Corleone, the presumptive title character, who from the first scene is shown as the powerful head of a Mafia family. 917 more words


Q & A With Midge Raymond

Q: What is your best writing tip?

A: My best writing tip is to Write Every Day — and by that I don’t necessarily mean sitting at the computer typing but being in that writerly zone in which you use every possible moment to think about your project. 357 more words

Midge Raymond

Creating my Career

One of the greatest struggles I have faced as a writer is the distinction between calling myself an aspiring writer and an actual writer. Upon publication seemed like the most obvious time to make that distinction, but every time I called myself an aspiring writer it made that goal of being an actual writer seem unattainable. 665 more words


The Backpack

My senior year of high school, I took a creative writing class. I can’t remember who wrote the article, but the point of it was that writing a story is sort of like a hiking trip, and the words you choose to write with are what you bring with you. 127 more words

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