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Writing Tip Wednesday: How to keep writing through the school holidays.

Today was the last day of school for my children, and kids all across Australia are about to have six weeks off, and as many writer/parents know, it’s harder to fit in time to write when the kids are home on school holidays. 355 more words


Hot meat and the skateboarding George Orwell: a thing about voice.

‘It’s one of those places that are supposed to be very sophisticated and all, and the phonies are coming in the window.’

So says Holden Caulfield of good ole’ Pencey Prep (still my favourite… 1,451 more words


Quality versus Quantity

Quality vs. Quantity – the battle that is almost as old as time.  And one that is a struggle to determine a winner.   My non-writing career is in Quality Assurance (QA) and I’m also an INTJ personality type (click… 928 more words

Writing Process

What Makes For a Good Symbol in Poetry?

I thought the idea of a mountain above the clouds, as an expression of the depressurized atmospheres of the grasslands, would make a great symbol. So I made an image of it. 262 more words

Creative Writing

Poet talks publishing, inspiration and the need for editing

The following contains information originally published in The Gardner News, a six-daily newspaper based out of Gardner, Massachusetts.

It started as a fundraiser to help the local Community Church, but ten years later Patricia Frederick has published a handful of poetry anthologies including the most recent title “IV What! 517 more words


Short Advice from a (Former) Literary Agent


Came across some very short (but still pretty insightful) advice for those of y’all who want to write for a living. The key: PERSEVERANCE > talent.

Hasta luego,



Just Because You Can Write Doesn't Mean You Should

I’ve known I would be a writer since I was in first grade. My teacher asked us to write three double-spaced pages about a class trip to the moon, and I wrote 10 single-spaced pages (which may be why she always hated me, I hadn’t quite mastered pronoun use at that stage of my life). 885 more words