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As I Haven’t Sold Any Books How Can I Say I’m a Writer?

“I can see how my friends farther back on the publishing trajectory may not feel like ‘real’ writers, how finishing a piece and publishing a piece and getting an agent and getting a book deal are all badges that say… 293 more words


Guest Two: Robert Spake and his experiences with the indie publishing world

There we are again! Guest Wednesday once more! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s guest, Michelle Eastman, because today we have a new guest! 2,300 more words

Creative People, Neuroticism, and Gym Class, by Lindsay Bandy

At Fall Philly, I had a funny conversation with a writer friend about the neurotic tendencies of creative people. We are scared. Often. Sometimes the fear motivates us, and sometimes it seriously holds us back. 800 more words


NaNoWriMo Update: Day 25 Recap

Today’s Word Count: 2,311

Total Word Count: 63,344

Estimated Writing Time: 1.25 hours

Feeling: Rushed — too much on my plate today.

Motivation: Getting my writing done as quickly as possible so I can indulge in Supernatural. 342 more words

Creative Writing

Getting along with your inner critic

The mind can be a writer’s harshest critic, and it never seems to shut up. But you don’t need to pay attention to what it says. 420 more words

Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

Writers, Go For It!

You’re not going to let the kitchen staff upstage you, are you?

Just Another Restaurant Menu, No Big Deal


Creative Writing

Polishing Your Prose

Okay, we’re almost done! NaNoWriMo is over and we’ve made it to the end! It took a lot of hard work, some blood, some sweat, some tears. 541 more words