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On Working with Editors, Seeking Guidance, and Self-Advocating

A few weeks ago I received an email from a literary journal concerning an essay I had submitted. The email said that the editors had read my piece and felt “very strongly about it” and that the editorial staff was “currently working on revisions to the piece” and would be in touch within the week with their suggested edits. 851 more words


Ernest Hemingway in the moment

A writer has to learn to feel the present moment in order to reproduce the sounds, actions and emotions for the reader.

Watch what happens today.

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Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

Ask yourself: what does this word, sentence, paragraph add?

Advice And Tips

Your Favorite Book

I think everyone has a favorite book. One that opens up their heart, kisses you deeply and leaves a lasting impression on your life. Even if you aren’t a big reader, you have a piece of literature that sticks to you and impacts the rest of your life. 265 more words


The Internet Hates You: Five Writing Habits to Crush


“People are suckers for charlatans who provide positive advice (what to do), instead of negative advice (what not to do),” says professionally grumpy Nassim Taleb. 1,511 more words


Skinny Dipping In The Fountain Of Weird: How To Get More Ideas

I get a lot of questions about the way I think. Not all of them the good kind, either; about half those queries are phrased “What’s wrong with you?” That’s because, if you spend any significant amount of time with me, either in real life or online, you’ll eventually be exposed to the Fountain of Weird. 374 more words