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Could the ICD-9-CM Be Any Heavier?

The patient appreciates the Trubies who actually read her “True Blood” finale breakdown. She had a rough day yesterday, but she still had to pop in and write her farewell. 392 more words

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Can you trust your family and friends to critique your writing?

Since beginning twelve months leave from my job eight months ago, I’ve started writing a travel story about this year – the adventures, the thoughts behind my decisions, social critique.  240 more words


The Reddit hug

There’s an ascending orange arrow in the top right-hand corner of my WordPress account. I press it and the notification comes up, ‘Your stats are booming!’ 333 more words


Keep Your Passion Alive

Almost everything seems a bit challenging in the beginning but things become easier as we give time to them and practice. When I first went into the swimming pool I was so sure that I will swim like a fish and fortunately I was doing well till I had a glimpse of the bottom and said ‘wow’ as I saw the beautiful blue and got myself into trouble. 252 more words


Moving To The Big Leagues

After a few hours, my blog has officially moved over to wordpress.org and has its own domain name! I am very excited about the possibilities to come from this move. 48 more words

Writing And Blogging

Top 10 posts of the first 500

I am so excited to have finally reached my 500th post here on Beautiful In His Time!

I thought I would take this time to showcase my top 10 posts. 173 more words


Article: Ten rules for writing fiction

More than anything, the purpose of this blog is to give me a place to practise my writing and express whatever comes up. Part of this journey has been to find guidance from other bloggers, non-blog mentors, and to look around for information on what other writers do to help them with their craft. 123 more words