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6th Day Blog Challenge

Are you ever annoyed by things that you or other people do? I am, and for today’s challenge I’ll explain the quickest way to put me through agony. 262 more words

Writer's Mind

The 5 Stages of Acceptance: New parent's edition

        After 18 months of “trying”, 36.5 weeks of gestation and approximately 20 months of actually being a legitimate parent, I have finally accepted and embraced my new role as “mommy”.  1,463 more words

5 Stages

The undivided self

I have a memory of how it started.

I was visiting my Dad in New York and my big sister had taken me and a friend to the fairground. 1,145 more words

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2. When People Offer to Read...But Can't!

     You know when your class is reading a story, poem or script in a lesson and the teacher asks for volunteers to read certain parts of it? 419 more words


1. A Warm Introduction...?

There are some things in life that you just can’t do. Like getting the shower at exactly the right temperature or balancing the volume of your music so it isn’t too loud or too quiet. 76 more words


Shifting Focus {and how my blogging might need to change}

I sit here failing for words. I feel like I’m on the verge of something new, but yet unable to put my finger on what that might be. 574 more words

Personal And Spiritual Ramblings

What if I've been telling my story all wrong? {takeaways from Allume 2014}

I’m heading into my sixth year of blogging. Over the last three years of those six years, I’ve shifted away from a newsy family update site to focus on writing and telling my story. 1,163 more words

Personal And Spiritual Ramblings