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Archaic Writing/Wording

I noticed the funniest thing about the latest grammar and spelling software. The software now prompts writers to change terms such as aforementioned and therefore… 308 more words


What I (am still) think(ing) about romance today

I have to admit that I’m on my toes this coming Valentine’s Day. Something that is rare for me when I’m not one who even celebrates the occasion. 796 more words

Movie Maunderings

Becoming the Writer I Was Meant to Be

I am a bona fide word snob.

I used to fight this part of myself. Trying to dumb down my vocabulary. Trying to fit in with others around me, worried that I would say something that they didn’t understand. 490 more words

Musings And Personal

Narita, Japan

Summer 2014

I got lucky working with a fun all reserve crew from Newark to Narita. We all decided to have lunch in a Sushi Revolving place recommended by the Japanese speaker in our crew. 657 more words

Musings And Personal

7's: week thirty five [Poem: Winter Shadows]

winter shadows long

traveling a nautulis

shiny finish lures.

~a weekly feature posted once a week. The 7’s are about moments that cross our paths that simply bear sharing.

Abstract Art

Right Place, Right Time

I was carefully listening to a trainer who had made his mind to teach everyone present for the session that there is nothing called as luck. 768 more words


My Blog's Lack of Organization

You must be wondering at the pattern at which I post the things I post here. Thing is, there is no pattern. Even I, myself, don’t make any mental pattern to the topics I rant or talk about. 363 more words

Random Rantings