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Time to get my To Do List for the new year together. This is what I need to finish up from this year and what I want to complete in the new year. 109 more words


Rules of the Game

When I’m not at home writing, one of the best things I get to do is visit schools, after-schools, and libraries through my enrichment business and work with groups of kids from all over. 392 more words

Writing And Life

New Review for My Name In Marnie on Hellnotes

I was excited this morning to receive a glowing review on HELLNOTES. The reviewer, Dr. Alex Scully of the successful and brilliant Firbolg Publishing, 91 more words

Writing And Life

What to Expect When You're Expecting... A Book

“Your book is getting published! You must be SO excited!” a friend gushes over lunch.

And I am excited. Really excited. And nervous. And apprehensive. And bored. 435 more words


Nanowrimo Updates

Okay, so somehow I wrote 9000 words on Sunday. Yeah, I have no idea how I did it either but amazingly I’m still behind on my NaNoWriMo novel. 17 more words


A Fan Letter to Readers

Dear Readers Everywhere,

I know you probably hear this a lot, but I’m seriously your biggest fan! I’ve wanted to meet you for over a decade, and now that it’s finally happened, I’m totally FREAKING OUT! 546 more words

Writing And Life

Writing Asides

Well, November is marching along and I seem to be perpetually behind with my NaNoWriMo novel. I have managed to catch up each weekend but I am just not as in love with my Steampunk novel as I would have liked. 93 more words