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Keeping a Journal 4: Why A Journal Is Important for Me

Journal writing is an important part of my life. Not many days go by without my writing something – whether it’s a short note or, as it usually is, several pages. 791 more words

Writing And Life

On Depression: Don't Judge Someone Else's Pain

I remember sitting in my counselors office and being told I had situational depression. Part of me was relieved that someone understood what I was going through, but the other part of me was bewildered. 1,255 more words


Shoes: The Window to the Soul?

You can tell a lot about a person by his/her shoes. Yes, it’s a snap judgment, a tiny thumbnail of a much more complex picture of heart, mind, and soul.   756 more words

Writing And Life

Living on a Budget: AKA That Cost How Much????

I was standing in the grocery store with my boyfriend last week waiting for him to choose some ice cream. At this point, I was still unemployed and buying food was one of the most stressful things we had to do. 690 more words


A Bitcher, Not A Doer

A lot of times I can be a big fat bitch. And I mean that figuratively, because I’m a very small girl, and by small I mean short. 938 more words


Keeping a Journal 3: Why Would You?

My entries in this series on keeping a journal so far are: What Is A Journal? and My Journal.
What I’d like to consider now is the question, ‘why would you keep a journal?”
946 more words

Writing And Life


“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”–Friedrich Nietzsche

After years of working, dreaming, planning, and hoping, I’ve finally reached the crossroads of my life. Almost twenty-five years ago I walked into the Tampa Police Academy, young and idealistic—and I’ll admit, a little scared. 512 more words

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