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How to Be, Part II: Holy Saturday

Continued from How to Be, Part I: Two Words

Saying “I’m a perfectionist” is another way of saying “I’m never gonna get it right.”     -Ana Castillo… 518 more words

Writing And Life

Drabble-Voodoo Doll and Evening Stroll

Two more hundred word stories. Enjoy!

The Voodoo Doll

I stick sharp pins into the soft flesh and will the figure’s body to suffer. Again and again, piercing the skin. 194 more words

Writing And Life

One Hour A Week -- Or Less

“I’m allowed to draw for one hour a week,” says my 16-yr-old SAT student. Anime characters look up at me from the pages of her sketchbook, as wide-eyed and alarmed as I am. 747 more words

Writing And Life

Inspiration - what to write about?

What should I write about? How should I write it? It could be a blog entry or a short story or a poem they’d like to write. 309 more words

Writing And Life

The Wounded Shield by: Michael A. Mata

I’m pleased to announced that I just released my new Ebook, “The Wounded Shield.” I am very excited of having the opportunity of publishing another book. 55 more words

Writing And Life

Man of the Cemetery: Bob is an Asshole

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Bob got stuck in another hole out in the grounds this morning. As if the first hole debacle wasn’t enough, this time it took three of us to hoist his sizable ass out of there. 377 more words