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The flotsam, jetsam and myth of history.

Troy is an exemplar, it encapsulates Turkey’s vast many faceted history; fact and fiction, myth and mystery.

The mythical Troy of Homer’s Iliad, a story written in 800 BC of events that were supposed to have occurred in 1200 BC, has now been so inculcated in our collective memory as to become fact. 674 more words

The Other Mrs de Winter

A review of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca

The author Sally Beauman, who has published her own novel based on Rebecca, writes that du Maurier began her story at the end. 500 more words

Writing And Publishing

The realm of the unexpected

When I was small enough to be stuffed in the back of the car with my brother and toured across the continent, my dad would sing a repertoire of traveling songs. 768 more words

Relocation And Writing

Angels and Eldils

The Cosmic World of CS Lewis, the other Inkling

CS Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy comprises three science fiction novels for adults, Out of the Silent Planet… 651 more words

Writing And Publishing

The Final Frontier

To Boldly Go (5)

So what is the future for space opera?

With modern developments in cinematography and CGI, movies and television seem to have become the favoured media for science fiction. 522 more words

Writing And Publishing

Follett's War

The Longest Winter

The Winter of the World is a sequel to Fall of Giants, which I reviewed on WordPress last October. The story follows the lives and loves of the next generation of the families introduced in the earlier novel. 692 more words

Writing And Publishing