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Your Author Brand Needs to Answer One Question

You need to know who you’re selling to and why they are buying.

As a marketer, I help my clients focus on the needs and desires of their audience. 1,291 more words


Keeping the Good Times Rolling

Having a plan, goals, and keeping track of accomplishments are all great activities to practice regularly.

As is keeping a gratitude journal.

We’ve talked about all of these things here over the past few years. 278 more words


Take the Lead in the Scheduling Dance

Have you ever had this type of conversation when trying to schedule a meeting or date?

“We need to get together soon to discuss the project.” 338 more words


Deadlines: Tight or Loose for Best Results?

It’s critical to meet writing deadlines when running a writing business, right? No surprise there.

Also no surprise to know we each have a different way of working. 389 more words


Meetup.com: A Resource for Writers and Small Business Owners

Meetup.com has been around for several years. If you’re familiar with it, you may only consider it for meeting up with like-minded people for outdoor activities; however it can also be a resource meeting other writers and meeting other small business owners. 406 more words


What's Your Style? Decisive or Hesitant?

Each of us makes so many decisions every day – from simple to complex; personal to business.

I’ve read, and believe, that successful people tend to make decisions and take action quickly. 295 more words


Know What You Want...and 2 Other Reminders

I was able to get away for a special retreat a week ago — it was a way to reconnect my mind and body with my ‘true passion.’ That passion is writing and sharing my experiences with others — but in focusing on the job a 6-7 days a week and staying focused on projects, it’s easy to lose ‘self.’ 237 more words