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"Good For You, Not for Me"

In today’s writing market, if writing were my only source of income, I’d have to get creative to generate enough income to support my family. Recently, one YA author opted to start a KickStarter campaign to fund the second book in a series.   1,111 more words


The Art of Business & The Business of Art---Breaking Rules to Reveal Our Audience

There are a lot of fabulous blogs and books on business, especially for writers. How to promote, do a tour, switch an algorithm, etc. But, I tend to be a broad strokes kind of gal. 2,693 more words


Quiet and Productive Time

Ahh, the final two weeks of the year have arrived.

Sure it’s crazy-busy right now with the holiday approaching. There’s last-minute planning and shopping to take care of and, apparently, bad weather on it’s way to challenge the northeast as people travel on Thursday (Mother Nature challenged many of us on Thanksgiving, too). 168 more words


Generalist or Specialist: Where Do You Fit?

What’s your opinion on being a specialist versus a generalist?

Do you think it’s best for a writer to focus in a single area or subject of interest and have a honed knowledge, or are there more opportunities for a writer who can write about anything and everything? 246 more words