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Grasping at the better childhood memories.

I am now a card-carrying patron of the Austin Public Library system! My goal is to find the one that fits me best. Most of my favorite childhood memories, those that fill me with the most warmth and hope, are composed on the relationships I have with books. 759 more words

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"I Hate Meat Loaf!" - my new Iron Writer flash story is up!

“I Hate Meat Loaf!” is my 500-word take in this week’s Iron Writer Challenge. The elements are particularly bizarre this time, and the stories I’m up against are clever and have more Star Wars references in them than mine, but I hope you like what I came up with. 50 more words

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Writing and Motherhood

My mom was a good mom.  A phenomenal mom.  An overprotective loon of a mom who would cut out newspaper clippings of the latest rape, murder, twenty car pile up to remind her only child that the world is not a cushiony pillow where you can rest your head and close your eyes. 551 more words


He'll Hurt You

He’ll hurt you, you know.

He’s only in it, to be in it

He liked me once,

Not that he said it.

He would look into my eyes, 55 more words

Creative Writing

It's Here: The Mermaid's Wedding Has Launched!

I’m excited to announce that The Mermaid’s Wedding (California Mermaids Book 2) has launched, and is now available for Amazon Kindle here. To pump you up for the book, I will be including a free excerpt with today’s blog post! 1,440 more words

The Journey

Upstanding Citizens

Ticket please.

The train car was stuffy and dimly lit, with the fading light of day peeking in through the windows. The conductor moved, achingly slow through the narrow walkway, stopping to turn at each pair of seats. 1,524 more words