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My stories will be published in Digital Papercut

I heard the nice news that two of my short stories have been accepted for publication in the online literary journal Digital Papercut.

I have been putting together a series of short  stories of Italian women and expatriate women living in Italy, which I would eventually like to compile in a  collection. 163 more words

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Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

The good news is I am writing again. The bad news is what I am writing. It’s selection criteria.* For a job application. For a job that has nothing to do with writing. 556 more words

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Article To Read: "At Grandmother's House We Stay"

Pew Research Website featured an incredibly insightful article and data on grandparents raising grandchildren.

On this blog, we have discussed the various stories of real grandparents… 74 more words

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I Think We Should Talk About Our Relationship

We don’t like to be realistic when we’re writing poetry,

When we’re writing about


We don’t like to talk bout pain and

We like flowers and marriage vows– 64 more words



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Job Interviews, they’re a process we always feel unsure about. We try and convince ourselves that we’re going to blow it out of the ball park, that we’re confident, and just what they need. 270 more words

C'est Moi.

Tips to write an attractive blog

Many readers would find that some blogs are really interesting and they just can’t help to share to their friends in Facebook or Google+, but some blogs are really boring that make you want to close the page when you just take a glimpse of it, even though you know the contents might be very enriching and helpful, but you still cannot be patient to read one more lines. 509 more words

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