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Delicious Poppy Seed Muffin (Thailand)

Not this week. No drug test. Don’t need one. I heard that if I ate poppy seed muffins I would fail said drug test. Maybe that’s true, or maybe it’s just one of those things that people tell you as kind of a joke, pop culture, TV stuff, makes good copy but not really true… 461 more words

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Oh Thank Heaven! Even Mae Salong Has One (Thailand)

Let’s say for a minute you were kidnapped and left in the trunk of a car for three days (it could happen). While you were trapped in said trunk you were driven around all over town, stop and go–a break for gas, car doors slamming. 557 more words

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On the Road Thailand, Doi Mae Salong by Motorbike (Part 2)

In Mae Salong your guesthouse options are a bit thin. Not bad, but thin. They kind of run the gamut, which is surprising. You can get a real cheap place, very basic for probably 100-200 baht  a night, and then there is the opposite end of things, a kind of fancy place, more like a spa for probably upwards of 1,600 (or higher) a night. 430 more words

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On the Road Thailand, Doi Mae Salong by Motorbike (Part 1)

You’ll need something like this (pictured above). Yes, the person driving it, male or female it makes no difference. More importantly you’ll need transportation. Now any old grandma can take the bus–though the ride up here could possibly destroy the spine of the hardiest soul. 368 more words

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About Her

I want to write about you, without writing about you. I want to make you sound like you are non-existent, a mystery. Maybe foreign. You’re too much for me, but I can’t have enough of you. 405 more words


Not Really But I was Busy at the Monkey Training School

I’m ten days behind. As usual, I’m always the last to know. I’m not slow or anything (I mean in the head). I just can’t be bothered with certain formalities, like remembering dates, or birthdays, or hours, holidays etc. 430 more words

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Banana Chocolate Muffins for the Gang at Work (Chiang Mai)

There”s worse things then to be called the muffin man. Much worse. I can think of a few that I’m not going to go into it. 536 more words

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