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Memories of Cambodia, Southeast Asia Stories

It is a bit of cliché to say that memories are powerful. Everyone says it, everyone writes, or blogs about it, what I did here, how I spent this period of time. 412 more words

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Returning from Mumbai, alacrity to write on this topic, has made me write this blog post..On my way to Pune from Mumbai, I realised the disparity between force and persuasion. 182 more words

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13 Quick Fashion Tips for Men!

I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup tea, trying to get the creative juices flowing for this next article. Since everyone loves top lists, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a quick list of some practical fashion tips. 771 more words

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These days whenever I open my television sets to watch any news channel, one thing that troubles me a lot is the sensationalized version of any news.   451 more words

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That'll show em!

Bravo to all the “concerned citizens” of Ferguson who took to the streets last night in peaceful protest!  I was amazed at how many people organized to peacefully celebrate an indictment only to see their hopes dashed on the rocks of something trivial like facts.   509 more words

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Bread Making, the Confusing Issue of Bakers Percentages

Hey, I’m not the best bread maker in the world–far from it. I mean, I don’t post on the Fresh Loaf forum, and I’m really shy about my skills. 416 more words

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Six tips to bring in more positive energy (:

There is an old saying that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over but expecting a different result. The only way to get a new result is to find a different way of doing things. 451 more words