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More weird search terms

Because people are weird. Because these search terms are too good not to share. Because it’s lazy blogging. Because I can call this a series now that there’s more than one. 340 more words

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Aroon Rai, Cheap and Good Thai (Chiang Mai)

Another weekend. Feels good doesn’t it? Teaching makes me tired and it’s the last week of school and I’m busy helping my students fail their final exams. 359 more words


Back to the start

I took part in my first linky this week. To the uninitiated, that means one person sets a theme and invites other bloggers to write on the same subject. 1,283 more words


It's the taking part that counts

Bollocks to that. It’s the winning that counts, we all know it.

So it is with an epic sense of déjà vu that I must report that I’ve failed to win yet another award. 433 more words

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By Disha Sahni

The depth to which

I am connected with you,

Is shallow as a sea.

Deeper you are connected to me… 55 more words


Red Elvis Recipe, Bacon Cheese & Chive Savory Potato Muffin (Thailand)

Maybe the muffins are getting old. Maybe.

…But then again there is a million things you can do with a muffin. That much is true. Anyway, I work all day and I don’t have a fancy kitchen. 438 more words


Crazy Tuesday

Look how neat and orderly my desk is. It is from this desk that I taught young minds today. It is also from this desk that I learned in an email that I have been asked to become a regular contributor to one of my favorite Catholic blogs. 71 more words