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Dining Out in Chiang Mai (Thailand) on the Cheap, Mu's Katsu

Who doesn’t like their meat fried? Well, maybe a few of you don’t. I do, in moderation of course, and living in Thailand I usually don’t splurge on pricey foreign food when I can eat tasty Thai dishes for less than a dollar a pop. 327 more words


Game on

I’ve been nominated for three (THREE?!) Irish Blog Awards, I can’t believe it. Or I can, because I stood over my mother and made her do it. 252 more words


In Thailand, the Softer the Better (Bread That Is).

We don’t fool around here. We like our bread soft. The softer the better, no kidding, we don’t want no hard bread around these parts, no sir! 397 more words


Making Hokkaido Cup Cakes (Thailand)

Sometimes I get bored living here. I mean, there’s only so many things to do on the weekend, and its raining now–I got the rainy season blues so much it’s painful. 366 more words


Keep Your Passion Alive

Almost everything seems a bit challenging in the beginning but things become easier as we give time to them and practice. When I first went into the swimming pool I was so sure that I will swim like a fish and fortunately I was doing well till I had a glimpse of the bottom and said ‘wow’ as I saw the beautiful blue and got myself into trouble. 252 more words


A Rye Bread Recipe From a Guy Named George

George if your out there I liked your Rye. Pardon me if I can’t thank you personally but I’m 10,000 miles away. Maybe I’ll drop you an email. 429 more words


Asahna Bucha Day (Thailand)

The moon was awesome last night, wasn’t it? I was standing outside the house and man it looked like it had tripled in size!!! Why did the moon look so big last night? 234 more words

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