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Writing Out The Demons

I had an assignment that took a lot of courage to write. I take a personal essay class that allowed me to challenge a lot of inner demons, unanswered questions, events and everything in my life that I never had a chance to stop and self-reflect about what the hec was going on. 173 more words

My Natural Thoughts

Nitin Suri 's Life, the universe and everything else - with apologies to Douglas Adams

Thanks for reading! Welcome to my blog.
About myself- I’m someone who is a dreamer and believes in the goodness of people.

Whenever someone asks me what they should blog about, I say it’s simple. 153 more words

Leaving Him With Nothing

She missed him.

In a way that was ferocious, overwhelming, obsessive and slightly insane. There was not a single reason and a million to love him and certainly no reason to mourn his absence, and yet she was acutely aware of the silence as the sun rose and set four times in a day. 163 more words

Brenda Della Casa

Upward, Dog!

On a recent trip to Los Angeles to visit my dear friends Mari and Gary*, I attended a class entitled Yoga for Writers. It wasn’t clear whether the class was a writers’ workshop in lotus position or a yoga class that swaps out the usual “ohm” chant for a little Hemingway, but I was intrigued. 670 more words


Cover Release An Agent's Rise

Cover release of the sequel to An Agent’s Demise – An Agent’s Rise

Currently with Beta Readers and coming soon in 2014

Writing Blogs

Obligatory 'Why I haven't blogged for a while post'

Every bloggers fear -

The first post after a break from blogging!

What to do? I could fill you in with every miniscule detail of  my life for the past few months, but I’ll refrain. 47 more words

How I Write, or, Pulling a Blog Post Out of My...

I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. The whole peeking around the curtain thing is exciting (please don’t read into that line, this is a… 1,297 more words