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Blog Tour 2014: The Writing Process

Suzanne Hodsden (http://zannahsue.wordpress.com/) tagged me for the Writer’s Blog Tour. This tickles me beyond any rational reaction, because Suz has an MFA in literature and her short story was a finalist for the… 551 more words

New Vlog: Reading an Excerpt of Amish Awakening

Is it just me, or are we never truly too old to be read aloud to? Whether it’s listening to Bible readings in church, attending poetry or book readings, or listening to Audible books, the ancient tradition of the storyteller is still alive and well! 166 more words

The Journey

Five Classic Crossovers Between The Literary World And TV

What I mean by this guys is that over the years it has been well established that authors that have made their careers writing novels, have also some times made the crossover to both Movies and TV shows… A great example of this is, ‘Stephen King’… Now Stephen King… A large portion, if not everything he has ever written that has been published has been turned in to a movie (and some of them have been remade a couple of times now!) 302 more words

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Don't Start Out On, 'A Dark And Stormy Night'

Now you might be wondering what I am talking about when I say this, but I have been writing both Horror & Science Fiction stories for years, and well there is one thing that I have learned… That is the fact that you don’t ever want to start, ‘On A Dark And Stormy Night’… 457 more words

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Updated Cover For The Persuasive Man

Just made some minor changes to the cover of The Persuasive Man bringing the new version in line with the printed version and slightly more colourful!

Writing Blogs

Friday Leftovers—Late Addition

2:30 pm EST, it’s da-lovely outside . . .

. . . and inside someone is so confused

I swear that right up until “The Daily Show” came on last night, I thought it was Friday, but then I had to stop and mull it over because “The Daily Show” doesn’t air on Friday, and there it was on my television, so someone had messed up . 76 more words

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I noticed that I hit a milestone yesterday, this blog surpassed 100,000 views! As I write this I’m at 100,322 to be exact. It’s been a long, but winding, road to this destination, since October 2008 when I decided to switch from using my Myspace blog to WordPress. 1,062 more words

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