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Getting Prepared for College - Lesson #1: How to Be Professional

Think of school as your first full-time job. Between the time spent in class and the time spent preparing for class you will be “working” at least 40 hours each week, the same amount of time required by a full-time job. 477 more words

Understanding the “It” in Academic Writing

Kyle Harley, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor

When I first began thinking about the concept of “It,” as one with a twisted imagination might, I pictured a creepy circus clown by the name of Pennywise that caused millions of children over the years to establish a phobia for anyone with face paint on and a pair of goofy shoes. 757 more words

Online Writing Instruction

My heavy heart

As I get ready to leave South Africa my time could quite easily be consumed with marking a list of lasts.  But then I would forget to marvel in the beauty that each new day brings. 46 more words

Study Abroad

Grammar Tips: Punctuation: Commas, Oxford Commas, and Semi-colons

Commas and semi-colons can easily become two of the most confusing punctuation marks to use properly. In fact, the comma was recently ranked as the #1 most difficult punctuation mark to learn to use properly (followed closely by the apostrophe, which we discussed… 725 more words


From Clinic to Center

I will start my job as the Coordinator of the Writing Center in 17 days. Though my life will become significantly busier then (I will still be teaching summer courses at another college that I was assigned before accepting this position, so I will be working 40 hours and teaching 2 writing courses), I find I can’t wait—which I’m sure you couldn’t tell from my countdown to start this post. 512 more words

The Whole "Time Management" Thing is a Myth: And Other Lessons from my First Year as a PhD Student

Almost an entire month after completing my first year of coursework in my PhD program, I am finally able to step back, take some time to reflect, and put into words what my first year has taught me. 824 more words


Undergraduate Student Morgan Aprill Discusses Her Writing Fellowship and Her Research Project on Tutoring

Morgan Aprill is an English literature student at Ball State University with minors in Spanish and professional writing. She is entering her senior year as an undergraduate at the university in the fall. 1,185 more words