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Honey versus Vinegar

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

When I was eighteen, I had my first internship in New York City. Centered on my need to get wherever I was going in the same hurried frenzy as everyone around me, I was often overwhelmed by the city. 394 more words


When what's in your head is better than what's on the page...

I’m forever struggling with this.

In 2006 I had an idea for a really elaborate and beautiful novel. I started writing only to quit in frustration because what I got onto the page, was nothing like what was in my head. 118 more words

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After a long day at work and a few hours at the pool and the gym, I'm completely exhausted! However, true to my commitment of writing 500 words per day in July I booted up my tablet and opened my OneNote file to continue where I left yesterday. Granted, I have not succeeded to write 500 words in a sitting so far, however I have been diligent in setting aside time to write daily. Even when I am almost too exhausted to think, I am choosing to do it anyway. Twenty one days to create a new habit :-) Almost instantly on my first day of diligence, a story flowed through my mind. I was writing outdoors and the cold weather reminded me of the first time I saw snow fall, on my travels to London last year. And there the story began. However, what I've written so far (very little) is nothing at all like what I've imagined. Partly I think it stems from a desire to get to the juicy part of the story, therefore I struggle with setting the scene and the mood in the beginning. Whatever the reason, this is not the first time I have written something that does not in any way resemble the image in my head. It is beyond frustrating! Why can't words flow as naturally as thoughts run wild in our imagination? Consumed by this thought, and feeling a little anxious about what I would pen tonight, I opened my blog and scanned through the 'Reader'. Funnily enough this post by Jodie Llewellyn, an aspiring Aussie author jumped out at me. I totally love when this happens. All of a sudden I'm not feeling as frustrated because it seems to be a common experience. I've picked up a few ideas from the comments left on the post too. Now to put them into practice! Feel free to share your frustration and/or any advice other than practice, practice, practice. Maci xo

Under the sea - Covert Ops

Hey, look at all this neat stuff! I know someone who’d like this. You think I could take this…what do you call this…oh yeah, “sock” for my…I mean her collection?   33 more words

Writing Challenges


Is that right?

No, no! You must concentrate on the music!

I don’t understand. 

It’s the notation, the expression! It has a meaning. Music is like an emotion, the composer is trying to say something! 19 more words

Writing Challenges

Eight H Songs

So I am double linking this idea for maximum exposureness, and also because inspiration came from all angles!

First, would be for From My Write Side… 1,164 more words

Writing Challenges

The Melancholy Fool

He sidled into the kitchen from the back porch in shame. He’d really done it this time. He lifted his eyes briefly to see if she’d noticed him yet, but she didn’t act like it, as she danced around the kitchen, cleaning dishes and putting them away, while she sang that Miranda Lambert song, … 218 more words

Short Stories

What did she say? - Gargleblaster #165

” When I work with her she complains about everything. Her dog is sick, her kid got suspended from school. Blah blah blah. I wonder if anything good ever happens to her?” 21 more words

Writing Challenges