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NaNoWriMo Prep #10 - Creating Conflicting Characters - Part 2

Drivers and Amiables

In yesterday’s post on personality types I talked about Analyticals and Expressive.

Today I’ll address Drivers and Amiables.

Drivers are goal-driven, independent, action-oriented, competitive, self-reliant, productive, strong-willed, industrious, controlling, firm, serious and like to take charge. 278 more words

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NaNoWriMo Prep # 7 - What's Your Character's Sign?

As I mentioned in a prior post, I don’t do astrological charts for my characters but as a rule I do know what sign they are. 568 more words


Using Animals To Promote Plot and Theme

My guest is D.J. Adamson, an award-winning author who has recently released her noir mystery novel Admit to Mayhem.  Her family roots grow deep in the Midwest where she sets much of her work. 872 more words


Said, Ever Unassailable

For a part of my writing that I’ve always put a lot of stock in, the absence of posts on dialogue rings peculiar. As it’s been so long since… 889 more words


Character Conundrum

“Build a character in your mind and then place them into a scene. Your story should come from the actions of characters and not from random actions done to them by the author.” 649 more words


Four Character Types in Horror Stories

I just finished reading a novel called Reiko, a Japanese ghost story.   I really like Asian horror as opposed to western horror, since I find the former much more atmospheric and much less skeptical.   798 more words

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