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Villains AREN'T Evil Just Because

They must have a reason to be evil.
A legitimate one.
So that if you were in their position you would do the exact same thing or so that you can easily put yourself in their shoes. 17 more words

WRITING Plots And Plans

What makes a good murderer?

You know that dramatic reveal at the end of a good mystery where the sleuth explains who committed the murder and why?  **SHOCKER!** The author had all those details worked out well before the first page. 397 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Sometimes depression is a terminal disease


A few years ago, a good friend of mine killed himself. I did all the things you do: I blamed myself. I got mad at him. 418 more words

Donna A Leahey

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody’s perfect, right?
Why, then, do you create the perfect protagonist to the point where he/she is so good it’s annoying?
Go on Wattpad and you’ll see it in every single story. 267 more words

WRITING Plots And Plans

Attack of the Characters That Seem Real!

The best characters seem real.
The above, my friend, is the truth. Whether it’s the funny best friend or the annoying sibling, to make a character good, they must seem real. 321 more words

The Education of Intern Sara: Writing Discoveries and the Charm of Dorky-cute

A friend and I were watching a crime-drama and the topic of dorky-cute came up. Actually, dorky-cute guy walked across the screen and inspired said topic. 608 more words


Life Lessons that make great character growth

There’s a formula that a strong plot plus a strong character arc equals a great novel. Readers love character development because it adds weight to the story. 453 more words

Mystery Writing 101