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Attack of the Characters That Seem Real!

The best characters seem real.
The above, my friend, is the truth. Whether it’s the funny best friend or the annoying sibling, to make a character good, they must seem real. 321 more words

The Education of Intern Sara: Writing Discoveries and the Charm of Dorky-cute

A friend and I were watching a crime-drama and the topic of dorky-cute came up. Actually, dorky-cute guy walked across the screen and inspired said topic. 608 more words


Life Lessons that make great character growth

There’s a formula that a strong plot plus a strong character arc equals a great novel. Readers love character development because it adds weight to the story. 453 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Does your sleuth have a quirk? He better have a history to back it up

I just finished a manuscript in which a mystery is solved by an amateur sleuth who hates technology. It’s an interesting premise. Surprisingly though, the sleuth’s aversion to laptops, cell phones, iPods and treadmills had no impact on the story. 297 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Meet the Character: Elle Buchanan

Meet the character; Elle Buchanan.

Elle is my main POV from the book, The Penny Portrait. I thought you might like to meet her.

Welcome, Elle. 436 more words


Blooming Writers: Introducing Krystol Diggs

Dear Reader:

I love WordPress because I meet so many interesting, and good, writers!  WordPress is where I “met” Krystol Diggs, and I

asked her if she could instruct us about something in the field of writing.  1,670 more words


John Green on creating characters for novels and written stories

John Green talked today about how to create characters in novels and other text-based forms of storytelling … while playing Fifa Soccer 11, which probably doesn’t have very deep characters. 552 more words


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Here's the thing: Characters we write in novels are different than characters in movies because novel characters are made out of words instead of images. There's a difference. Characters from books may be one day brought to life on the big screen, but writers shouldn't write their characters thinking about that. Characters need to be developed through text while the image of the characters should somewhat be left to the imagination. John Green, everybody.