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Quirky Character Traits

I love quirky characters. Their offbeat personality traits can be endearing, making a character memorable and unique. Done right, character quirks can leave a lasting impression and be far more rewarding than vanilla, Boy Scout manikins with perfect hair and white teeth. 371 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Crossed Wires - a short story

“It’s this way.”


“Are you sure?”


Alice looked at the map. “Yes,” she snapped. “I do know how to read a map.”


“Okay, okay, no need to get tetchy.” Jack turned the wheel hard to the right, steering the old camper van onto a narrow gravel road. 725 more words


Characters: Means, Motive, and Opportunity

I’ve been thinking about characters in games a lot more recently, and specifically, the problems with NPC (non-player characters) entities in MMOs.  Your typical MMO features hundreds of characters – quest givers usually – who come and go on an endless conveyorbelt of sob-stories and XP rewards.   965 more words


The Heroine's Wart's

Today, I want to talk about the heroine’s warts. Well, really, what we have to consider are the heroine’s imperfections. One of my favorite romance authors always gives her heroine’s some real warts (imperfections). 461 more words

Heroes & Heroines: 3 Tips for writing a kick-ass Protagonist

Sure, a strong plot is important. But, at the soul of a good story is a hero with a problem, and the more compelling that hero is, the better the story will be. 294 more words

Mystery Writing 101


“Nobody listens to me, I’m just the mad woman in the attic!” I once remarked bitterly to a meeting of Archaeologists. How they all laughed! I’ve no recollection now of why I said it, but I subsequently threw it into the Bestiary, where Pat, the rebellious pensioner, fastened upon it and grew. 995 more words

New Writing

Gender? We don't need no stinkin' gender!

We’ve been kicking around the topic of how to write male and female characters here at Purple Ink Writers, and now it’s my turn. So here’s what I think: 751 more words

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