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Where Do You Write? Famous Writers' Desks

Ever since Virginia Woolf wrote ‘A Room of One’s Own’ writers (many of whom haven’t read said essay) have dreamed of owning a retreat to write in – surely then, they could get that book finished. 614 more words

On Writing

Done Dabbling

A few years back, someone asked me if I thought I’d ever write a novel some day. My first reaction was to laugh. At that time, I had just recently delved back into writing after a twenty-five year hiatus of not writing a single word (actually, hiatus sounds like I was once a prolific writer—I wasn’t—the best word to describe my attempts at writing in college would be that I “dabbled.”)  Sure, writing short essays and a blog post now and then was feasible—but a novel? 822 more words


FOR SALE: Wooden Desk and Chair Set (SOLD!)


Beautiful wooden writing desk and chair set that is lightly used and still in excellent condition. This writing desk comes with generous side drawers and a central drawer for stationery. 41 more words