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Writing through the pain

This is going to be one of those old school type blog posts. You know the sort, the ones that started out on diaryland or livejournal and all about this random stream of consciousness thing, rather than taking the ‘how can I add value’ to my readers approach. 318 more words


Intro and dark stained writing desk

As this is my first post I think it may be necessary to delve into what I mean by DIY. Do It Yourself, yes, but not so much in the building and hammering with nails sense. 472 more words

6th October 1865

Today in history, in the year 1865, the same year Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published, the day October 6th was declared a holiday for the character of the┬áMad Hatter because the tag in the ribbon of his hat displayed “10 and 6 pence,” which was how prices were calculated in England during the period of the 1800s. 99 more words


How Do I Write?

This week I decided to share my inspirations and writing necessities. I’ve been reading other blogs that are written by writers as well and it is interesting to see how they get their inspiration, work through writers block and their different advice on writing. 602 more words

Fixed Schedule Writing On A Fluid Travel Plan

It’s no great secret that I don’t spend all day, every day in one place. Travel is my passion, my way of recharging, my way of getting the most out of my writing. 420 more words


Step One: Clean my Desk

So before I show you the current state of my writing area, let’s recap…

  • I’m two weeks into my new job
  • I just moved
  • I’ve been away all summer.
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Writing Desk

Harvey Ellis, with us for a short while

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time?
You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while
Oh very young
What will you leave us this time?

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