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Writing Everyday

Maybe I’m just stubborn (yes, definitely stubborn) but I always ignored the old adage that to be a good/dedicated writer you must write everyday. I think about writing everyday I’d say, but I always found that if I sat down in front of a keyboard and said to myself “Alright fingers, time to get poetic up in here” they’d revolt. 969 more words


Writing Everyday

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I’ve been pretty vocal about my opposition to writers having to write everyday. And also to word count goals and a million things that other writers seem to think are necessary to be able to call yourself a writer. 239 more words

Footnotes Test: Oh, And I Wrote Things

I’m reading a book right now (surprise, surprise) about writing books. And the author describes taking an hour out of his day and writing for that one hour, no interruptions. 586 more words

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