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Daily Prompt - - - - - 22-12-14

There’s an alarm going off next door and you decide to go and investigate. What do you find?


Daily Prompt - - - - - 21-12-14

You (or your character) wakes up one day in a body that is another gender to your how. How do you react? How does your family react? Does anybody even notice?


Writing Exercise #1

This post is going to be the start of our writing exercises. This is actually going to be based on what happened to my mom and I this morning before we went grocery shopping. 320 more words

Writing Exercises

Daily Prompt - - - - - 20-12-14

You (or your character) have a meeting in a restaurant much classier than you usually find yourself in. They’re running late and people are beginning to give you funny looks…


Daily Prompt - - - - - 19-12-14

You (or your character) does not believe in silly superstitions. Until, one day, you (they) do.


Daily Prompt - - - - - 18-12-14

Describe yourself (or your character). Write a few pages worth of description. How would someone else describe you (or the character)?


Revision: The Plan and then What Really Happened

Today’s revision was inspired by two things. One, last weekend at writers meet-up we were each challenged to come up with a goal to accomplish during the two weeks before our next meet-up. 300 more words