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Terrifying Mundane vs. Mundane Terror

Taken from Chuck Wendig’s wonderful book, 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer:

Write a scene in which something normal is utterly terrifying–a lamp, a sleeping dog, a simple apple tree in Autumn. 1,062 more words


April Creativity Prompt 4 of 30

Create something based on a fictional/fairy tale/movie character that you didn’t like when you were younger.

Exercise your creativity and your imagination!

Writing Exercises

April Creativity Prompt 3 of 30

Pick up your iPod and hit shuffle… or do that in iTunes or whatever media player you use… or turn on the radio.

That song… the first one you hear… 13 more words

Writing Exercises

April Creativity Prompt 1 of 30

Think back to your earliest memory. Create something that reminds you of it. Or write something that describes it. Do your very best to capture that memory again.

Writing Exercises

Inspiration Monday: Mad Thoughts!

Do you ever have one of those moments when you wonder WTF is going on inside your head?

I try to keep mindful of the thoughts that go through my head, partly as a defense mechanism against depression and overdoing things, but also to a degree out of sheer amusement because some of the stuff I think can be deeply bizarre.  320 more words


Thoughts On Children and Secrets, Part 2

I care deeply about all children.  Yesterday I mentioned that I’m not a parent or a teacher, but today I’d like to mention that as someone who cares deeply about children, I still have strong ideas about how to raise and teach them.  364 more words

Writing Exercises

Thoughts On Children and Secrets, Part 1

This is today’s writing exercise response.  It was inspired by a freewrite on the word “secrets,” which in turn is one of many prompts suggested by “Story Sparkers: A Creativity Guide for Children’s Writers” by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones, authors of the popular Bailey School Kids’ Club series.  381 more words

Writing Exercises