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Writing Exercise #7

This exercise is going to help you figure out how each of your characters would react in any situation, by focusing on you react to things. 177 more words

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I thought I saw him standing there, when the memory of rejection and humiliation, came back to haunt me. “You are not aggressive enough to survive out here and I need a smart wife!” I still seethed with anger at the memory of that shallow accented voice that belonged to Dev. 126 more words

Writing Exercises

Character Sketch: What can happen in a second

What can happen in a second — the car swerves: there’s the squealing brakes, the sound of a horn, “LOOK OUT”. You’re in freeze-frame as you roll onto the hood of the already dented red Civic. 411 more words

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Why God, Why? (A poem for the heavy heart) | Writing Exercise

Writing exercise: Wax philosophical.

My friend’s nephew was mugged by four men in the Philippines. They brutally beat him in the head with a hammer. He died from his injuries a few days later. 417 more words

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The Shame of the Fallen | A Writing Exercise

Writing exercise: One syllable prompt

For today’s writing exercise, I used a prompt that challenged me to write using only words with one syllable. Challenge accepted. 257 more words

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Writing Exercise #6

Today’s writing exercise is going to be rewriting a fairytale of your choosing. Have there ever been any fairytales where you thought, ‘this could have ended a different way.’? 159 more words

Writing Exercises

Writing Everyday – Five Writing Exercises To Meet That Goal

Writing every day is the best way to improve your writing ability. Practice makes perfect, after all. Many people will have “write every day” as one of their new year’s resolutions, but it’s easier said than done. 1,070 more words