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Writing Exercise: You Got a Postcard

I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. But getting a postcard (or an actual hand-written letter) is like having a private car send out to you to go and have piña coladas. 415 more words


Writing Exercise - The Time Has Come

Time for another writing exercise from Fiction Writer’s Workshop. Chapter 2 of this book focuses on setting, and the different ways setting is used in fiction. 939 more words


Writing Exercise: Newspaper Clipping

I’ve been collecting newspaper clippings for a while; little snippets that strike me as grotesque, picturesque, or just likely to trigger a poem or story. Here’s the one I selected today: 118 more words

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"She Never Left Her Coffee" Writing Exercise

I’m going to try to do more writing exercises right here on this blog in the following weeks.

Today’s attempt is taken from a prompt in Chapter 1 of… 553 more words


Writing Exercise: Bad Day

Everyone has bad days. And the thing about bad days is that they often start with something so small, it’s almost insignificant. But then it starts building and every little annoying thing becomes exceedingly annoying. 469 more words


Man Bites Dog


This week I bought a card game, Man Bites Dog, in Scavengers. As a game, it’s lame beyond belief, but as a writing exercise, it rocks. 115 more words

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