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Horror ( Screen) Writing Excercises & Prompts

So, I’m finally getting into horror. And for my horror buff friends: yes, you were right, I was a liar all along.

It took me some time to get here, and I had to convince myself I was writing “thriller” or “psycological thriller” for a while before I was able to come out of the boogey man’s closet and just admit: I fucking love scary shit. 748 more words


Guest Writing Exercise: Sketch-in-Writing

by Laura McCorry

I’ve always been envious of the artists who go to art galleries and museums with their sketchbooks and graphite or the ambitious ones who bring paints and easels. 581 more words


Writing Exercise: Conflict!

My friend wants to go the zoo for his birthday. He doesn’t know I’m scared of a lot of animals except for penguins.

Not really. But it makes for an intriguing situation that makes you want to read more, right? 487 more words

Writing Exercises

Writing Exercise: And Don't Underestimate The Importance of Body Language

(Please tell me you just read that in Ursula’s voice. If you didn’t, please be ashamed of yourself and try again.)

(There. That’s better.)

One of the first writing exercises I did as a wee bitty budding writer was body language analysis. 506 more words


Getting Words on the Page – Three Tools to Increase Productivity

It’s almost time for me to print out the rough draft of my novel, to read through the whole thing with fresh eyes, as if I just brought it home from the bookstore. 1,286 more words


Writing Exercise: Setting

I suck at description. More specifically, I suck at description of setting. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just fear I suppose (there it is again. 500 more words

Writing Exercises

Exploring the Senses - Finale: Using sensory information in your writing

Through this series on exploring the senses we (you and I) have explored all the major senses and more. We’ve experimented with how sensual stimuli trigger memories that can inspire writing and played with different ways to add sensory detail to our writing. 475 more words