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Football times, a recap

As soon as I had agreed, I knew it was something I would regret. Occasions to play out your relationship on a field, by proxy, do not come very easy. 1,114 more words

Writing Experiment

Meet Janice, Part 1

            The phone had been ringing in a low, calming beeping noise for the past three minutes. Janice raised an eyebrow; there was only one entity that would be willing to be that persistent. 1,257 more words

Writing Exercise

Parchment - Part III

I was still considering my plan to take some Tylenol (or Tylenol PM because I didn’t have to work in the morning and there was nothing that would require my wakefulness before 2pm), even as I knocked on the door to Apartment 42 on 8th Street. 998 more words

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The Girl in the Photos - Part III

“Now, Maili, climb back up here,” said Fisher. She looked back and forth from me to Fisher, to Fisher’s gun, and back to me. “Let’s just make this easy, okay?” 801 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Experiment - an update.

I am surprised at how confronting it is to share a first draft with the world, even when you have planned all along to share that draft. 78 more words

Writing Experiment

Writing Experiment: a new scene for the first draft

Etty looked down at the young man on the stretcher, and felt the shock of recognition. It was Nick! Even though she hadn’t seen him face to face in a couple of years, she knew the lines of his face as well as her own. 985 more words

Writing Experiment

Easy - Part II

The outside world is all but completely white, only a slight hint of blue in the sky to tell me where the earth meets the horizon. 672 more words

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