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Attack of the RhinoWarriors: How Our Immune System Fights

Cast of players for this little science story:

King Imsy: Immune System

Sir Macrowain: Macrophage Cell

Sir Lantrophils: Neutrophil Cell

Sir Denahad: Dendritic Cell

 Attack of the RhinoWarriors… 750 more words


The Little Things I Miss About Dubai - Part 6

When I arrived in Dubai for the first time in late August 2008 I was a wet-behind-the-ears, travelphobic, inexperienced whelp who didn’t know a lot about the world outside the mighty walls of the UK; had I been any greener then there’s a good chance that someone would have started dealing me, or at least planted me in Safa park. 1,871 more words

Writing For Fun

Friday Blog Date Night


Thought I could motivate myself and have a fun Friday moment with a blog date night.

So, first, let us start with a big cup of hot decaffeinated green tea since it is darn cold outside at twenty-nine degrees!! 65 more words


The Girl Who Never Knew

by Reagan Clarke

BANG, BANG, BANG! The sun was awake; but Ally woke up to the sound of pounding! “Who could that be at this time of day?” she thought. 307 more words

Sixth Grade

The Little Things I Miss About Dubai - It's Rude To Stare (So Why Is Everybody Doing It)

Many people like to describe Dubai as a cultural melting pot, and on certain levels that moniker may be true. However, I prefer to think about it is a cultural lasagne, because I believe that although a myriad of races, nationalities and religions all reside within the same place, often their lives are lived quite separately and distinctly from one another, much like the ingredients divided by the delicious pasta sheets within the Italian classic. 2,084 more words

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Fail Friday - It's Like, Totally Like, Like, Like...

Just in case you are not an English teacher let me clear something up – a simile is a figurative comparison between two entities that uses the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ in order to draw the parallel. 1,995 more words

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