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How Is Everyone?

Amazing that I haven’t written since February. I mean, really, anyone can take a look through and see that I’m not particularly consistent, but…just…wow. I won’t bother making excuses, but I will say that I have done a fair bit of knitting and crochet. 92 more words

The Little Things I Miss About Dubai - Part 4 - Brunch

Brunch is where the seven deadly sins convene to celebrate their birthdays and drink themselves into an alcoholic stupor; lust and pride are dancing around covetousness’s handbag – eyeing up talent on the dance-floor; gluttony is holding their head under a chocolate fountain with their mouth wide open; envy is standing at the mojito bar gossiping to anger about how slutty the dresses of the younger girls who have had boob jobs are, and sloth is slouched in their chair smoking a shisha and finishing off a Wagyu burger. 1,477 more words

Writing For Fun

Fail Friday - When Balls Explode

Anybody who has the aspiration of being a teacher has to accept the grim truth that they are going to spend a reasonable proportion of their job getting irate with children. 2,102 more words

Writing For Fun


“Here! Take a photo of me slowly biting into a strawberry while sitting barefoot on a swing after I paint this glitter onto my lips so that I can post it to… 562 more words

Writing For Fun

Using Prompts in Writing......Mystery/Suspense Prompt for Young Writers

I wrote of this prompt in my recent post on workshops with young writers, primarily considering the usefulness (or not) of using prompts.  Often with young writers, through high school, they can be very helpful.  516 more words

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Fail Friday - Why Teachers Are Dicks

Humour is one of the greatest weapons a teacher can have in their behavioural management armoury. The ability to make a wise crack in a situation that could otherwise turn nasty, or to administer a quick-witted yet good-natured put down to lightly point out a student’s daftness can be the difference between you finishing a class grinning like a Cheshire cat or having screamed yourself hoarse in the fashion of Ron Burgundy in his glass cage of emotion. 1,919 more words

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The Little Things I Miss About Dubai Part 3

If you live in Dubai then you have been to IKEA. Located deep in the bowels of festival city, it sits like a gargantuan genetically-modified Lego brick, a heaving blue monolith, a discarded spacecraft left to rot by aliens who decided its colours were too effeminate for intergalactic travel. 1,487 more words

Writing For Fun