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#WIPpet Wednesday - Something a bit different

I deliberately skipped WIPpet Wednesday last week because I knew that with my parents visiting, I wouldn’t get a chance to read anyone else’s posts, and I was already feeling bad about two straight weeks of posting and getting lovely comments, and being too lazy to return the favour. 1,063 more words


Weekly Writing Goals: September, week 4

A little late this week,  but I’ve spent the better part of this week helping my mother move across two state lines, so I feel pretty justified in my lateness :P I suppose I could have queued up a post, but I really hate queuing the writing goals. 139 more words


9/29/14- Daily Prompt:

What if Romeo and Juliet had succeeded in running away together?


The hours

Oh, Sunday night.  This isn’t an especially angsty one, but it’s still not my favorite time.  Nice, though, to reflect that it’s been a good weekend, with some fun, some down time, and some good work. 198 more words

Writing Goals

Summaries and moving forwards

So I missed the last post of round three. Classic. It almost seems fitting in a way, considering my round.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, my goals, my abilities, my writing etc. 635 more words


WIPMarathon #8

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:  3287 words and 1 1/2 chapters (New WIP)

Current report WC + CC/ SC:  3287 words and 1 1/2 chapters (New WIP)–no progress (I wrote like two paragraphs in the outline if that counts for something; ha, it was on the last marathon update day, too) 345 more words


9/28/14- Daily Prompt

What if the Fairy Godmother had actually sent Cinderella to the ball on a mission to kill the Prince?