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Whirlwind of Productivity, or Week 3 #RoW80 Midweek Check-in

Whew. I feel like I ran a marathon this week or something.

Between a trip to Anchorage (see post on other blog, here), and sleepless nights (partly because of random insomnia/mind not willing to shut off, and a child who refuses to sleep through the night at 7.5 months), I’m exhausted! 842 more words


10/22/14- Daily Prompt:

You find yourself lying face down on the floor during a bank robbery…


Weekly Writing Goals: October, week 3

Holy cats you guys, it’s almost November! :3

This week has been productive and yet not, depending on your measuring stick. I’ve gotten Roswell all set up  and ready to rock for NaNo, and I’ve made several editing passes at the next few chapters of Asylum. 103 more words


Being Realistic About Tackling NaNoWriMo

I have spent the better part of six days in sick girl limbo. Not sick like…flu sick. Just sick with sinuses, lethargia, headaches, and a lack of coffee because my latte-making SO didn’t live with me for a few of those days. 428 more words

10/20/14- Daily Prompt:

Write a story that inlcudes these four words; juvenile hall, lost, ghosts…


Another One Bites the Dust... Or #RoW80 Week 3 Check-in

It’s week 3, I have to get creative with my blogging titles, right?

To be honest, titles have never been my strength. There are some people who have great talent at titles and epithets, but, alas, that is not me. 831 more words