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How to Get the Most from Writing Sessions

With finite hours in the day, our writing sessions need to be productive to help us meet our writing goals. Writers write, and sometimes we need to use a few tricks to get it done. 671 more words

Writing Process

The What, Where, Why, and How of Writers

Is there a magic formula to writing a best selling novel – of course not, but this does not stop me wanting to know all the what, where, how and why’s of my favourite authors. 727 more words


Paper Trail

I seem to have developed a latent cleaning compulsion as a response to stress and/or writing avoidance—I’m as surprised as you are—and spent the weekend cleaning and rearranging my desk and going through my overstuffed file cabinet.* 787 more words


David Tarbay - The Space I Write In

Note: Hyperlinks that end with an asterisk lead to Hebrew web pages.

David Tarbay is an author, translator and a Tel Aviv University graduate. His list of publications includes novels, stories, … 850 more words


My shameful secret

My name is Gabby, and I have a notebook habit.

It’s not a problem – I’ve got it under control. I can quit any time I like. 1,169 more words


New idea for a story.....the Blondewritemore process!

A new idea for a story / novel pings into my blonde brain.

Below is what happens next….

1. Gasp or perhaps shriek – depends on how good an idea it is. 351 more words