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Smadar Zamir - The Space I Write In

Note: Hyperlinks that end with an asterisk lead to Hebrew web pages.

Smadar is a filmmaker. Here’s a link to her short film Between the Lines… 638 more words


NaNoWriMo: Write first, ask questions later!

So the writer’s blockade I discussed several weeks ago didn’t ebb away. I did everything in my power to make it do so: I attended and participated in my online workshop, I sent some short stories out to literary journals, and I held an annual review with my writing-self to assess what I’ve done in the past year and to lay out firm goals for the next one. 516 more words


On Finishing ...

by Matthew Lowes

For twelve years I have been working on a trilogy of fantasy books. In that time I have lived in two different countries, three states, and six different homes. 599 more words



I have been trying to keep a decent writing schedule on this blog since I started it.

If you knew me in meat space you would now begin your cackling and rolling on the ground.  434 more words

Your book deal breaker: What element of your book would you refuse to change?

Whether it’s a relationship, a job offer or a book deal, there are certain issues we may not want to compromise on. There are normally issues that we can work together on – change them a smidge – allowing us to walk away from negotiations with a smile on our dial.  550 more words


Writing is a Bad Habit: A Writer's Most Vital Quality

This is going to be as short and sweet as I can make it.

There are many important qualities to being an effective writer.  So many, in fact, that to gauge them in importance against each other can be difficult at best.  193 more words


Submitting to the daemons of spontaneity
Only after midnight, when the moon is high up ahead
Shining in its full glory, igniting the world, and with it… 36 more words

Crowded Imagery