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Song Sung Blue

Why is it I am only inspired to write under certain circumstances? (Don’t get me wrong, I write rather or not I am inspired!) Generally those circumstances are under intense emotion such as sadness. 518 more words

Original Fiction

A to Z Challenge - T is for Time

Hi all,

Time – it’s like magic dust sometimes isn’t it, and it can seem as hard to keep hold of. Like probably most people, time management is often not my strong point – but when it comes down to juggling a day job, family commitments, and minor necessities like eating and sleeping around fitting in some quality writing time than a bit of management is sadly needed! 271 more words

The nuts must flow, so let 'em go . . .

There’s a useful story out there about how to catch monkeys—some of you already know how it goes.

Find a tree with a small hole in it, opening up into a larger space, like an abandoned nest—or weave a basket with a narrow opening or mold a pot with a narrow mouth. 325 more words


hope and a habit

Spring is finally unfolding here in Holland. Remembering the thrill of noticing nature’s first green-gold from a great big window on the sixth floor of the seminary library last spring, I have checked every day for one tiny green burst on some tree. 992 more words


A to Z Challenge - S is for Stories

Hi all,

It’s probably no surprise that as a writer (and of course, a reader) I love stories. But it’s more than that. If you think about it then stories are the cornerstone of our society, of civilisation itself. 302 more words

A to Z Challenge - R is for Reviews

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good bank holiday weekend – tbh I’ve been working most of it so hasn’t seemed much different. Ah well. Today, I wanted to briefly mention reviews. 246 more words

The Dragon, the Mouse, and Listening While You Write

This week I’m borrowing an idea from a fellow blogger. I just read a post by John (at his blog “All things books, all the time”) in which he answered the question, “what do you listen to while you write?” You can read John’s post… 266 more words

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