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0104 - Writers Can Perform Magic

When I was younger, my dad would try and get me to read what he loved reading: The Bible and specifically, Eschatology. At ages eight through ten, I could barely pronounce the later, let alone have any interest in reading it. 526 more words

The Writing Life

Any advice on writing?

A friend of mind asked me if I have any writer advice, she said it might help her continue on with her writing.
At first I was thinking “Omg, that’s so cool…” 609 more words


NP Forty-Nine

I’m scooping the dregs from a chip bag, as I write this, because good taste discourages the clamping of a salt lick to the side of the beat up pine table that would be my desk if I did not have a small house that is for all intents and purposes overrun by children. 999 more words


» 5 Healthy Writing Habits All Aspiring Writers Should Practice

Writers aren’t exactly known as the paragons of physical and mental health. Almost prerequisites for the craft, depression and alcoholism have haunted so many eminent writers, including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and Sylvia Plath. 63 more words

Communication Skills

Writing a novel is like being devoured by some enveloping disease. It requires you to forget that you have family, a job and a life. It would like you to starve, live in squalor and forget to pick the kids up from school. 196 more words

Creative Writing

How do you make the most of Twitter?

It’s 6 months on from when I started my blog (or it might be 6 months; I’m too scared to actually check), and I thought it about time that I tackled Twitter. 646 more words


Your Creative Space

After years of writing papers and stories in college, then tracking editing projects from a number of writers, and finally working with untried writers on educational scripts that were often being written nearly a year before performance, I realized two things: 1) Most people haven’t spent much time considering how to create a workable environment for themselves and 2) organization is hard. 806 more words