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A to Z Challenge - Day 14: N is for Names

Hi all,

Today I wanted to talk about something that always gives me trouble as a writer – names! I get quite envious of those who seem to effortlessly just ‘know’ their characters should be called, or even have the name before the character even appears to them. 245 more words

When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Write anyway.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

And yes, I know, It’s not an original thought.

In my academic world, we’re in the last four weeks of classes before the semester ends. 360 more words


A to Z Challenge - Day 13: M is for Magic

Hi all,

Running a bit late again today – oops, so this will just be a short one! Today, though M is for Magic :) 253 more words

The curse of fast fingers

Some good news last night regarding my current rewriting project:

Aww yeah. One more chapter of my rewrite DONE. #amwriting#fistpump

— Amanda C. (@Mandaray) …

1,062 more words

A to Z Challenge - Day 12: L is for Love

Hi all,

Well, it’s Monday again – they do seem to come round quick, don’t they? Hope you all had a fun weekend? It’s back to the blog challenge today, and being a romance writer you may not be surprised to see that my L is for Love. 342 more words

Day 304- My uncle and Miles Davis

My uncle is an artist. How lucky am I? This is not your run of the mill depressed, plagued by the deeper meanings of life (is there any?), about to cut of his ear kind of creative soul. 497 more words

Aspiring Author