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Juxtaposing J

Just one J post today. Normally, it would be Free Book Friday, but with the A-to-Z Challenge, Camp Nanowrimo, the launch and promotion of Her Cousin, Much Removed… 205 more words


To MAWCA or Bust!

It’s a great week because this Friday is the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference. I’m really excited to be presenting the independent study I worked on in the fall. 73 more words

Michaeline: Unbelievable!

The Adventures of Bathwoman and Bobbie: The Suspension of Disbelief

Pt. 1

Bathwoman: Quick, Bobbie, look through this amazing Cyberscope into the bowels of last week’s internet! 457 more words

Newbie Writer

How to Tell When Your Writing Goes From OK to GOOD!

  • You think you hear what your character hears and you turn around to make sure no one is actually behind you.
  • You clap your hands after you finish reading what you wrote because it really WOWED you.
  • 60 more words
Spotlight On Writing

Vacancies, Vacancies Everywhere, Yet None of Them For Me

My secret selves have been wandering my memory palace of late, searching for an empty room in which to steal a bit of solitude for I sometimes need to swaddle my internal dialogue in silence when even the quietest place on earth can offer me no rest. 385 more words


Writing: A Pastime or a Way of Life?

Recently, I had a discussion with another blogger about writing and how difficult it is to balance with a full-time job. As a single woman with a mortgage, all I can say is it’s not easy. 413 more words


I Am A Sentient Black Hole. Ask Me Anything.

Feeling a bit under the weather today, so instead of either skipping a week or tossing up some filler nonsense, I’ve decided to invite a guest blogger, who happens to be a character in one of my science fiction novellas. 939 more words