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Darynda Jones: Snarky Sayings and Grim (Reaper) Secrets

Darynda Jones has a secret. On paper, her alter ego Charley Davidson is snarky, sex-mad, able to kick paranormal foes in their paranormal behinds. In real life, Darynda is probably one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met. 456 more words

Diana Belchase


Still recovering from a migraine, but ready to write.  I think the “kiss” scene is just about resolved.  Time for the action to start.  Not that kind of action. 21 more words

N.R. Allen

I may have a slight problem

I was hunting a piece for revision and discovered that I am indeed a serial killer. Send help.

[writing prompt] "I will cut back on my killing..." Happy New Year!

(Originally posted 1/11/07, Writingscape V1.0. In the spirit of the post’s subject title, I’ve added images of some of my favorite villains who truly needed to cut back on their killing.  333 more words


How to Write Jokes Type #1

‘Some of were eager to leave early, gone off to what, we don’t know because these were well-brought up children. They were brought up to be polite, and not to complain, and not to brag, and what else is left after you take that away.’ 654 more words