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Late Night Parking

For Monday, August 4, 2014

Write an overheard conversation that takes place in this parking lot.

Time Place & Memory

A Son, a Loon, a Library. Writing Again.

Last summer I was lucky enough to follow the growth of a baby loon, here on our little pond in Maine. I became a little… 790 more words

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what you seek

Forget relationships. It is not a relationship that you seek. -Osho

We say we want a relationship. We say we want the love of our lives.

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Safi is a long time friend here...and yet, the way her mind works never ceases to amaze me.

Enduring Purpose

( Рfor Belinda )


We have our heart and soul

Tested at every walk of life

For some we might bestow

Always a sense of vocal strife… 89 more words


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An unexpected and very beautiful dedication. I am humbled and honored.

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 103

I just sent off a short story submission so cross your fingers for me. In the manner of all things Internet, I spun off the publisher’s website, following a link to an article about sea monsters on the Smithsonian website entitled “The Enchanting Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps.” I can’t seem to include a link, but the article is pretty interesting and is accompanied by some wonderful illustrations from antique maps. 156 more words

Thursday Writing Prompt

Writing Prompts pt. 41

  • A homeless man takes refuge with a family not realizing that they are harboring a deadly secret.
  • Write a story in which you become the King of Con Artists.
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What inspires your writing? By Jacqui Morrison (suspense thriller author)

Jacqui Morrison is our guest blogger today. Jacqui has written two suspense thrillers for Lachesis PublishingKaitlyn Wolf Crown Attorney and The Vigilante. Her books delve into the gritty underpinnings of society. 465 more words