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To Appease the Faux Landlords

part 1 of this series is here and part 2 is here.

I enter the antique store to escape the stormy day. It isn’t like any store I’ve been in before, and I’m no stranger to antiques – I once had to furnish a house on little money after all. 330 more words


Island State of Mind

A few years ago we took a vacation on Tybee Island. It’s an island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. We were there for a week and since then have gone back several times. 277 more words

In days past

There was a time…

When a contract was unheard of
Made only by a handshake

When the care of a child
Was the shared responsibility of the entire community… 88 more words



I want to stand naked in the rain for hours on end until I don’t know where my body ends and the rain begins.

I want to melt into the puddles that form beneath my feet, … 349 more words


Creativity and madness

I’ve struggled with depression for years. It started with my multiple sclerosis and was the first symptom spotted. Coincidentally, I restarted writing.

My family always tells me I’m the creative one, the one who thinks oddly, out of the box (though I would argue my older brother is also gifted in this area – and my kids are wildly so). 191 more words


Belinda's Hug Project~Feedback Please

Hi sweet friends welcome to Belinda’s Hug Project

She welcomes your feedback: Pink is for cancer. Lime green for Lyme’s disease. 54 more words

For Belinda

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Feedback would be appreciated. A color for cancer and a color for Lyme's disease. What do you think? Do you believe anyone would wear a shirt with this statement? A special thank you to MichelleMarie! It's been a feeling I can't convey getting to be a part of something. Huge smiles and hugs!