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Three Writers, and what they taught me.

I think every now and again its a good idea to go back and look at the people who have inspired you, or have been cautionary tails on the journey of honing this craft. 565 more words


Fall Update Q & A

Time for a little Q & A….

What are you working on?

More like what I am not working on. I’m the type of writer who always has five or six different things going on at once. 196 more words

Writing Inspiration

Nuit Blanche: A Traveler Reflects

Nuit Blanche . . . White Night—French for sleeplessness. It sounds almost celestial, doesn’t it? A vast, shining stretch of emptiness, a field of untouched snow, a freshly laundered sheet floating over a soft, welcoming bed. 629 more words

Serenity And Peace


I am a musician. I’ve spent countless hours of my life learning how to play an instrument or sing an aria. So it stands to reason that music would be a huge source of inspiration in my life. 156 more words

Ben Folds

Nearing the Finish Line

If any of y’all have been keeping an eye on the word counter in the sidebar, you’ve noticed it creeping ever closer to full. Now, the space is hardly noticeable at all. 406 more words


Writing Prompt #5

Firstly, I apologise for taking so long to get this one out. My husband’s accident last Wednesday has really thrown a spanner into the works, as I’m sure was his intention ;) 79 more words


Writing Inspiration: Where Do You Find It?

Or where does it find you?

Personally, Pinterest, while undoubtedly an excellent form of time-wasting, is also a wellspring of ideas.  The unending supply of pictures–of everything from colorful people to almost-unearthly places–frequently sets the wheels humming in the back of my mind. 90 more words

Real Life