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Why writing a novel is like gardening

It’s springtime in the tropics and the marigolds and nasturtiams are flowering, the cherry tomatoes are ripenings and the capscicums are starting to form. My garden is full of promise… 64 more words


Begin Again

Many years ago I attended a writing conference and one of the authors recommended writing your entire story, then throwing it away and writing it again. 284 more words


Processing Information

I disagree with this.

I don’t think it’s the overload of information that causes people to lose common sense. It’s what they do with the information. 358 more words


How to Chase a Dream

TGI…Saturday! I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s been another long week of balancing “have to do” lists, “need to do” lists, and “want to do” lists. 522 more words


7 Stages of Grief

If your character experiences a traumatic or tragic event in their lives, it is not normal for them to shrug it off and bounce right back. 148 more words


The Ending Point Visual Poem

The Ending Point

There  is
an  end,
there  is
an end -
especially when
you don’t
. 7 more words