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A true writer is a gambler.

You better believe it.

this post was written by a mad Canadian writer. Awesome, eh?


This blog has been created as a means to help me get familiar with WordPress. Most online blogging jobs require experience and, sadly, I have none- until now.  217 more words

Freelance Writing

Not precious about your writing? Be a ghostwriter


We writers don’t need bread and water – all we need is recognition. We need our name on something. That keeps us going.

The idea of immortality-by-black-on-white gives us just the right amount of motivation to keep going. 440 more words


How to Become a Millionaire Writer

Guest post by: Phil R.

Are you an aspiring writer who wants to know how to become a millionaire writer? Well, with that goal, there are a lot people who really try their best to become one, but more often than not, they end up failing to achieve it.  275 more words


Online writing, online earnings

Poeple all around the world are searching ways to make a nice living. No matter the age, no matter the nationality, what is matter is tha think that each and one can do something useful and important. 37 more words

Making Mooney Online From Working: Creating, Writing, Translatind, Designing.

What responsive web design means for writers

People that roll with digital have gone crazy for responsive web design. Companies hiring  web developers to overhaul their websites are demanding that their domain be responsive, because it’s the thing to do, you know! 578 more words


Why you don't need a website

Welcome, welcome…

It’s been two years since I started freelancing full time and, call me unpopular for saying this, but I haven’t had the time to put together a website.I have read it, heard it, and preached it myself many times that freelancers need to draw the proverbial yellow line in the snow to claim their little piece of internet real estate and use it to promote their services. 665 more words