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Why Writing Is The Best Career

Are you looking for the perfect career? Are you a self-starter and go-getter, and all around interesting person? Do you prefer to work long hours alone while making little or no money for all of your effort? 183 more words


Write For The Style Note: Apply To Be A Contributor Today

Are you as gifted with words as you are with styling? Got a sense of humor and a knack for finding unique noteworthy fashion and art news? 387 more words

Paying the Bills by Brad Windhauser

Paying the Bills by Brad Windhauser

I’m fortunate enough to have a full-time teaching job, one that affords me a flexible schedule conducive to writing and a decent paycheck. 771 more words


My Portfolio Cover

Taking a small mind break from my novel writing, I spent about an hour designing a cover for my writer’s portfolio. Not that I have a lot to add in it yet, but when future jobs come knocking, then it will fill it up quite nicely. 67 more words


Is Bubblews a scam? Yes - of the pyramid type.

While I would say scam is harsh, you might have landed on this blog wondering if Bubblews, the writing site, is a scam. Perhaps what you really mean to ask is, “Does Bubblews actually pay for social networking?” “Will Bubblews really pay?” or “Is Bubblews  a good writing site?” 3,014 more words


Looking for A Writing Gig?

My site Creative Sol Vibrations is currently looking for writers in the realms of:

Spiritual philosophy, Religion, Poetry, Symbolism, History, Psychology, Metaphysics, Recipes, Creativity, Health & Wellness, Education, News (helpful), Blogging, Marketing, Advertising & Business, Mythology, Children, Apps, How To, Mental Health & Illness, Personal Development. 98 more words

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