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FC14 Panel: Worldbuilding Workshop

10am Sunday morning brought us a workshop led by Tom Pollock and Kate Elliot, focused on worldbuilding. Much like at WFC13, the worldbuilding panel was the one I wrote the most notes on. 255 more words


When the answer is no...

My good writer-friend, Pauline, nudged me a few weeks ago to check out James Lee Burke, an author she admires who knows about a topic most writers are all too familiar with: rejection. 420 more words

Writing Lessons

5 Things I Learned While Writing World of the American Revolution: A Daily Life Encyclopedia

I’ve been in hyper-writing mode for the past few months. My days—and nights—have been consumed with writing. I would begin writing early in the morning, take a break to go to the gym (a spin class or boot camp class—something to make my heart pound and my body drip with sweat), and then go back to my keyboard for the rest of the day. 909 more words

Brandon Sanderson's Writing Lectures

“Brandon Sanderson (born December 19, 1975) is an American writer. He is best known for his Mistborn series and his work in finishing Robert Jordan… 297 more words

Writing Tips

FC14 Panel: She's Not Heavy, She's My Sister

The final panel of the day, after a quick lunch, focused on the roles of female characters and their relationships. I recognised a writer from WFC13, who was appearing on the panel, and had a chat with her before it began. 178 more words


Exercise Time!

Here’s a great exercise that is simple yet amazing. Whether you’re a non-fiction writer like me, or someone who loves to write novels, this short exercise will help clarify issues, point you towards new directions, or show you something you missed in whatever it is you are writing. 477 more words

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The Elusive Next Page

Writing fiction is not easy. It would be wonderful to sit down and crank out fifteen-hundred meaningful, thought-provoking, metaphor-filled words a session. But that doesn’t happen often. 125 more words

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