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TED ED Lessons for Fantasy Writers

Here’s a list of what I think are the top TED ED videos out there for fantasy writers.

How to build a fiction world by Kate Messner… 62 more words

Writing Tips

10 obvious things I had to learn for myself writing my novel

I have written scholarly books in a previous life, so I have omitted the stuff I knew; for example, writing is hard work ; there is no other way to start than to write one word and then another and then a sentence and a paragraph etc; if it is boring and unclear to you, well, it will be to everyone else and it is amazing what the human mind can conjure up to avoid sitting in front of the blank page and creating a masterpiece. 192 more words


Living documents for writers

This is something I do, and I wondered if anyone else does something similar. The electronic age makes this so easy. It evolved from a work habit at the paycheck job. 605 more words


Leading 'em With Your Lede

 By Peter Jeff
The LeaderMints Guy
Here are 18 ideas to gain and retain audience attention from the beginning of your communication. Reading time: 4:56… 1,247 more words


FC14 Panel: Gentleman Thieves, Loveable Pirates and Sex(y) Tricksters

*The actual programme said “sex tricksters”, and thus this is how I shall forever refer to it.

Third panel of day one: and one I don’t feel I need to introduce. 195 more words


I'm a WIP

A real Work-in-Progress

Every industry, hobby, and niche in our lives has its own lingo. As a writer, the acronym WIP represents a Work in Progress. 428 more words


2014 Update: The Third Quarter

See the updates on the first and second quarters for previous data.

The Third Quarter in Statistics:

Words Written:                       ~23,500

Overall Words Written:       ~118,950

Pieces of WIP: 307 more words

Being A Writer