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The Writer's Walkabout

I find people endlessly fascinating, and enjoy connecting with them on multiple levels. Whether in-person or on-line, people’s views, personalities, and idiosyncrasies come through loud and clear in very short order. 922 more words

Debbie A. McClure

How I Met With Disappointment

I feel calmer now. I feel better. I think I can talk about this properly, get everything out in the  open.

I had prepared for it. 446 more words


Point of View

The point of view in a piece of fiction is the perspective from which the story is told. This may seem like a simple concept – … 402 more words


Lessons from the Kitchen

If you haven’t noticed from my myriad of food posts on twitter, I’ll just get this out here for you.


One of my favorite jobs was as a cooking instructor, and I frequently experiment with various cuisines in my home kitchen. 825 more words

Writing Advice

3 Things I Learned from Other Writers

It’s about that time where I pass on some knowledge, things I’ve learned during my years of writing. Sure, the obvious “how to” stuff is rampant. 695 more words


Publishing Poems

 I had a day where all of my poetry seemed like nuclear dog shit. I read all I have from the past four or five months and hated all of it. 460 more words

Writing Lessons

Show don't tell

Show, don’t tell

A lot of new writers struggle with maintaining a healthy balance between directly informing (telling)  the reader of relevant details such as what a character, thinks, feels, values, believes, looks like and so and indirectly revealing (showing) these details . 300 more words