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Foundational Creativity

The main thing that had been keeping me from working on my fiction assignment was the idea that all of my ideas were lame. I was building the task of writing and coming up with an idea up in my head.  273 more words

Writing Lessons

Writing Lessons

My biggest problem is that I often experience fatigue and/or do not feel well. I find it hard to concentrate, think, and be productive during those times. 331 more words

Daily Writing

How to Carve Out More Writing Time

Dorothea Brande (1893 – 1948) was an American author, lecturer and magazine editor. Her book Becoming a Writer, was published in 1934. Brande says the book is about the writer’s magic. 1,083 more words


On Running, Writing and Inertia

Inertia is a bitch. Well, let me clarify. Inertia can be a bitch when it’s working against you. It can also be super-kickass-awesome when it’s working  893 more words

Getting Started

First Drafts

This was a sample of some of the amazing wisdom and coaching I am looking for along my journey. I was very encouraged by this post by Katherine Reay. 11 more words

Fiction Writers


This is from the University of Bristol website. You can brush up on your gramma oops I mean grammar and they have worksheets where  you can test yourself. 762 more words

What's New?

Annie Discovers Other Ways to Increase Writing Levels

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We just finished the last of our writing worksheets. On the last two worksheets, Annie discovered sentences which include people in conversations, increases her writing levels. 59 more words

Learning To Write