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Break in Content

Hi, everyone,

I am looking to upgrade the site here. WordPress has been wonderful for me but I want to start getting serious about Story Arch. 409 more words

Writing Lessons

FC14 Panel: The Pen vs The Sword

Following the economics panel, I went to the pen versus the sword: a panel which included ‘demonstrations’ and a lot of discussion about how to choreograph fight scenes in novels. 222 more words


Reading for Writing

Writing can be tedious. Reading is fun!

At least, that seems to be the general consensus, especially for people who really enjoy reading. Even for those who truly enjoy writing, the physical act of creating a narrative world can sometimes take a toll on the mind and require frequent coffee breaks. 666 more words


FC14 Panel: But Does It Make Sense?

The first panel I attended was Saturday morning — a panel on economics, because I’ve never really tackled currency in my drafts, and because I’m interested in the implications of events on culture. 228 more words


Lessons from my Second Con: FantasyCon2014

Last weekend, I attended my second convention. FantasyCon, which was held up in York, was the first convention that required me to plan travel, stay in a hotel, eat out and return books because I couldn’t get them all home. 1,166 more words

Being A Writer

FantasyCon 2014

FantasyCon 2014, held in York, UK was my second writing convention. Last year, at World Fantasy Con in Brighton, I stayed at home, commuting each day with home-made lunches and not worrying about the logistics of getting twenty books home, which this year, was 260 miles away. 894 more words

Being A Writer

Rejection - Looking for the Positive

Having always been a glass is half full kind of girl, I look for the positive in everything, but is it nature or nurture that fills my glass and allows me to cheerfully accept  yet another rejection? 242 more words

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