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Here Are Some People to Inspire You to Write

We’re nearing the end of National Novel Writing Month and entering the season of giving thanks, so I thought I’d share a few presentations by writers to inspire you. 150 more words


Thoughts and Wonderings

I’ve been thinking lately about my blog, it’s purpose, who reads it, all those little things. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t blog about writing because it’s self-indulgent, and maybe (probably) that’s true, but the thing is, this blog… 1,047 more words


Riding the tide of a great story

Quick check-in with the NaNoWriMo-ers. Continuing to plug away? There’s still time to hunker down and create your masterpiece, you just have to want it bad enough to set aside the time to “just do it” (and besides, wasn’t that what nights were invented for?) 595 more words



This blog is devoted to all things Writing: struggles & challenges in a writer’s life, author interviews, writing tips, publishing news & ideas, and more. Some of the popular posts here have been: 136 more words

Writing Life

A Cracked Open Window

A cracked open window was the most beautiful thing I saw this week.

Allow me to explain.

I’ve been going to yoga a lot lately.  There’s something about yoga that has been helping in a way that’s different from my usual jogs to the Arboretum or morning kung fu training.  941 more words

Writing Life

Attention Writers: Posture PSA

If you’re a keyboard jockey like me, you know about the neck, back, and wrist pain that can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. 218 more words

Writing Life

Want to Test-Read a New Fairy Tale?

No misanthropy or media studies today, my darlings: for once, MA101 needs to go back to its roots as a platform for my modest writing ambitions. 254 more words

Writing Life