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Weekend Edition - Doing What You Love Plus Writing Tips and Good Reads

Doing What You Love


Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

While digging around in my Live to Write – Write to Live archives (searching for a post I remember writing, but still can’t find), I realized that this past June marked my four-year anniversary writing for this blog. 1,358 more words


Prepping for the last year of my 30's

My 39th birthday is coming very soon, friends. I’m preparing with a simple list of resolutions, and lots of drinking. It’s never to late to better/pickle yourself. 205 more words


Writing a Fundraising Letter

I have to write a fundraiser letter for an organization I work with. As I sit here thinking about what to put in the letter, I thought I’d share some of my personal guidelines when writing such a piece (after all, writing a fund raising letter is simply another writing assignment, right?) 629 more words


A Perfect Storm

A month ago I finished my novel. This is a happy thing, I know it is. The feeling of being done, finally, finally done, is just lightness and air and every good and joyous thing. 893 more words


Claim the Name

For years, I told everyone who asked that I was going to be a writer someday. They would smile, nod, and tell me that was a good dream for the future in a tone of voice that let me know that it wasn’t going to happen for a long time. 331 more words


Weekend Edition - Stealing Time and Everyday Writing Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Build a little birdhouse in your soul.

As a writer, I spend a lot of time staring out the window. My writing desk is positioned to accommodate this activity. 1,796 more words


By Way of an Explanation

I felt like I should update this blog as I haven’t written anything here for a number of months. There hasn’t been much going on in my play-writing world because I’ve been focusing on publishing a book instead, and I can’t do two things at once – I can’t always even do one thing at once, so two is a definite no-no. 84 more words