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Writing Life: Next Episode of Loretta

In this next episode Loretta begins to confront a crisis: the serious illness of her friend and mentor, Sister Joan. In the very first episode of this series, Loretta’s Smokes, you saw Loretta adeptly navigating the space between rules and actual behavior. 208 more words


More on "Lagniappe"

Not all of you read the Comments section to the blog, so I’ll share that regular reader Frances tells us that on the island of Trinidad, where she grew up, the people speak a patois that includes the word “lagniappe” in regular usage. 196 more words


Not giving up... NOPE!

I have to give myself a pep talk tonight so I figured… why not blog it… someone else out there might need a pep talk tonight too. 614 more words

Don't Throw In The Towel

Being in Love: New Details about Marian the Librarian

Last evening, I was half-listening to The Music Man, the soundtrack to the movie, for the one-millionth time. The volume was low, and I was screwing around with an art project and half-contemplating which kind of topping I was going to put on my apple pies. 707 more words

Writing Life

The Planner Rebel: This One's for You!

You’ve tried planners before, and every time, despite the best intentions, you find yourself slowly but surely rebelling. Oh, it does not start out as rebellion. 941 more words

Writing Life

Books that Inspire Me #2

I found the first book in this anthology series in the UNM bookstore. Perusing the general fiction shelf, I saw it sitting in the corner. The cover was so black, I couldn’t make out the title. 711 more words

Writing Life