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Writing Life: Feedback on the Character Rose

I’m very new at writing fiction, so I’m particularly interested in feedback and in knowing how readers are experiencing the fictional character Rose – the subject of my vignettes. 214 more words


Monday again...

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me this weekend why I wasn’t at San Diego Comic Con…  I would have a lot of nickles. 267 more words

Writing Life

Sneak Peek of Zombie dust-bunnies!

Zombie dust-bunnies under my bed! It is complete with funny sounds. The cover and pages 4, 12 and the back cover.



Writers Life

I am the Jerry Seinfeld of Yoga

This week I was doing cat-cow pose in my new summer yoga class and feeling annoyed as the teacher’s voice faded at the end of each sentence. 1,404 more words


7/28/14- Daily Prompt:

After divorcing your mother a mere year ago, your father demands you call his new wife mom…


Publisher vs. Distributer - the "Great" Book War of 2014

I don’t really have a dog, cat, raccoon, or velociraptor in this fight. But watching the hissing fits, vapors, dueling petitions, and PR battles provides ample fodder for popcorn nights and some musing about publishers and what they do. 859 more words

Caramelized Figs Recipe!

I’ve been trying to ditch the ‘just coffee thanks’ breakfast habit for a while now. Coffee definitely gets me going with my writing, but also makes me feel scattered and, I dunno, just ‘off.’ And after my crazy week of misadventures last week (see below) this is the last thing I need. 294 more words