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Meeting Marsha in San Antonio

Writing friends are kindred spirits who understand you in ways the rest of the world doesn’t. Today’s story is about my Texan buddy, Marsha. 

The Back Story… 335 more words

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Vancouver Island Romance Writers at the 2014 RWA Nationals

These photos were taken by various people on Mimi’s camera. Thanks for sharing Mimi.

I love my writing buddies. They’re like family.

Writing Life

July 28 Progress Report

3000 words written on Peaks of Grace; 300 words and the first chapter of A Carpathian Campaign sketched out. That is the WWI alt-history novel, set on the Eastern Front. 38 more words

Writing Life

Why We Love Bad Guys

I can almost hear the click of Nurse Ratched’s shoes on linoleum every time I think of an insane asylum. Or I find myself wanting to say the phrase “Luke, I am your father” whenever I hear the Star Wars theme song. 288 more words

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Monday News

I need to find a .gif for freaking-out-muppet-fail stuffs. That’s me at the moment. Holy cannoli! RWA14 was totally awesome! *madly waves to Kimber* Yes, I will be using my yearly quota of exclamation points this week as I catch up with everyone and fill y’all in on all the news. 624 more words

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Writing Life: Feedback on the Character Rose

I’m very new at writing fiction, so I’m particularly interested in feedback and in knowing how readers are experiencing the fictional character Rose – the subject of my vignettes. 214 more words


Project Bags

When I was looking for a way to organize my writing materials, I wanted to find something cheap, easy, and – because I often end up writing in the car or at the playground – portable. 208 more words

Not-So-Manic Mondays