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Summary of points so far

I’m kinda running out of material—I mean, I thought it’d be a good idea to emphasize certain points I’ve made so far in this silly thing I call my blog. 790 more words


Revising the Past

In a short story I wrote about the last night I lived in my parents’ house before moving to Clemson, I described an encounter with a guy. 537 more words

Short Story

Captions for illustrations in scientific writing

Captions on all figures and tables need to be complete. They should fully explain the illustration, even when taken out of context. Readers are often looking at tables and figures before they begin reading the text of your document or later when they want to quickly remind themselves of your findings. 304 more words

Academic Writing

Journaling and Dialogue Development

I have long been a proponent of journaling, both for its cathartic element and for its potential to vastly improve my writing technique. My journal is a place where I do not fear trying out new words or speaking in a voice remarkably different than my own. 245 more words


Machiavelli Monday Part I

Introducing… my inability to follow a schedule!  But let’s just pretend I posted this Monday. So, Machiavelli Monday will be bi-monthly segment, or maybe just monthly if it turns out I’m putting y’all to sleep. 2,103 more words


Why Griffith is the baddest of the bad, and what your antagonists can learn from him

We could all learn a lot from the greats, so indulge me as I detail what is, in my opinion, one of the greatest characters in the antagonist department: Griffith from Berserk. 875 more words


‘There was,’ and a little on passive wording

And now for some lighter reading… This will be a short post, but an important one

There was a sentence that started with there was, and it was very boring. 313 more words