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Suspension of Disbelief, and why you should take advantage of it

When you start off a story, you are automatically given a ‘suspension of disbelief’ line of credit. While some readers will accept anything you tell them no questions asked, and other readers might be incapable of accepting much fiction at all, generally readers will allow you the freedom to say, “This is the way it is in my fictional world, so just accept it so we can move on to the fun parts!” 265 more words


The best time to write

Time management is one of those constant topics that gets revisited (dare I say regurgitated) on a regular basis. We all want to do more with our lives while at the same time having more opportunity for play and Netflix watching. 379 more words


Whether or not to outline your novel

There are two types of people in this world, those who like crunchy peanut butter and those who prefer creamy. If you prefer creamy, I don’t understand you and we could never be friends. 417 more words

Writing Mechanics

Picking a POV for your story

I want to emphasize the importance of choosing a POV with PURPOSE, not in a willy-nilly fashion. I know I use the word ‘willy-nilly’ a lot, but it’s really a common problem. 410 more words


Removing unnecessary words

south peaks of unnecessary mountain by JoshNV Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

Everyday writing is full of unnecessary words. Your writing will be much more concise, beautiful and easier to read if you trim them out. 15 more words

Writing Mechanics

Writing Critique Deconstructed

I was digging through my old writing folder the other day to review my older attempts at being interesting and erudite. Instead, I found this critique from a short story entry in 1993 (yes I know, before a lot of you were born :) Anyway, I never got around to revising this story (like, totally) but maybe I shall try again. 346 more words

Showing thoughts in 3rd person narrative

I’ve seen much discussion and debate about how to handle thoughts in narrative. Do you italic the thought? Attach a thought tag to it? Both? Well, I’ve got a solution… 424 more words