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How Do You Do What You Do?

Do you read wrong? When you write, are you doing it badly? Not in the sense of sloppy prose or dangling participles, but the mechanics of the act of reading and writing. 453 more words

Writing Mechanics

Sentence Sense: Parallel Structure

As promised in A Sentence is a Complete Thought, today’s post is devoted to Parallel Structure.

Parallel structure aids coherence by balancing nouns with nouns, prepositional phrases with prepositional phrases, and main clauses with main clauses. 344 more words

The Craft Of Writing

Slow Down the Fast Parts

I am days away from a deadline, and in editing mode. Lots and lots going on with this process–a future blog post, I promise. But as I am printing pages, making notes, using the editing techniques I have learned over the years, I keep thinking about what my friend Ray Daniel said at his book launch for… 221 more words

Writing Process

Save the Cat—useful for novel writers?

Save the Cat offers an outlining method for screenwriters, and many fiction writers consider it to be a useful tool for their novels as well. I like it myself. 618 more words


Writing that flows

flowing rock by paul bica Attribution-NonCommercial License

It’s often good to see your first drafts as being written for yourself, as you make sense of the material and develop your own understanding. 179 more words

Academic Writing

Basing your characters on people you know

I know a lot of writers like to take people from their lives and, with just a tiny bit of modification, ‘put’ them into their stories. 787 more words