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Zombie Apocalypse by Pascal Attribution License

You will need to use the passive voice some of the time, but a lot of the time it is unnecessary and makes sentences overly long and more complicated than they need to be. 41 more words

Writing Mechanics

Using an editing outline

I know I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been focusing on getting my story ready enough to not be a total embarrassment when I release it into the world. 577 more words


Words/Expressions to Avoid Worksheet

20 Words and Expressions That Good Writers Avoid

Instructors: Looking for a change-of-pace exercise? Try this worksheet with your students! Discuss the wordy expressions with your class; then let them apply what they’ve learned by editing the practice sentences. 841 more words

4. Classroom Exercises

From Grammarly -- Who Writes Better: Men or Women?

Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) conducted a study with 3,000+ participants to settle an existential question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries (or maybe a few years here and there): 254 more words


The difference between a protagonist, antagonist, and main character

I’ve stuck to the terms ‘good guy’ and ‘bad guy’ in the previous post just to avoid confusion. But now that I’ve established the need to view bad guys as delusional and not truly good-intentioned, I’ll move on to the definitions of Protagonist, Antagonist, and Main Character, and how they should be implemented. 1,157 more words


Are villains the heroes of their own stories?

You’ll hear the following quite often from writers who think they’ve reached an a-ha moment: “Whoa… Bad guys are the protagonists of their own story!” From there you get a thousand different incarnations of The Grand Inquisitor. 586 more words


Writing to word limits

Writing to a word limit is something we commonly have to do. Keeping to a word limit might seem hard, but what it does that is good for you is forces you to think carefully about your topic. 330 more words

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