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Pre-order Divorcing Mum for only 96p!

My Short e, Divorcing Mum, is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle now for only 96p! The release date is 27th October and if you order it now it will be delivered to your Kindle on Monday! 56 more words

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Flash Friday - 'Cornered'


It’s like every move I make, he moves, you know, like he’s trying to, I dunno, match me or something, like I can’t even have a thought without him finding a way to criticise or pull it to pieces or tell me I’m wrong, somehow, and no matter how much I try to plan things out or think before I speak, that light, that light comes on behind his eyes as soon as I open my mouth and I know, I just know he already has an answer, already has a laugh brewing ready to spill over me like blood, and I hate him so much that it makes my heart hurt, knowing that if Mum was still here he wouldn’t dare talk to me like this but it’s just us, just me and him, locked in this stalemate with no way out, so it’s up to me to make one, whatever way I can. 476 more words

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Another Edition of Edit My Paragraph up at Litreactor!

Check it out, and submit your paragraph for editing in the next edition:

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Summer’s over and I’m back at the computer most mornings getting into writing gear again. With my Open University Creative Writing modules behind me, it’s been more challenging as I have to set my own goals and targets and decide my future directions. 343 more words

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Is This Progress? It Sure Don't *Feel* Like Progress...

The other day, I did the writers’ equivalent of a workout, which basically amounts to running up and down the stairs every few minutes to grab the sheets of paper being spat out by a (groaning and overworked) printer. 785 more words

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Horror Selfies!

The Horror Writer’s Association is doing a “Horror Selfies” campaign to promote reading in general and the horror genre in particular. If you write horror, and I know I do, get on over there and upload your selfie! 73 more words

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Wednesday Writing - 'Eclipse'


Many things happened the year I turned ten. Mother died, Father chose another wife from among her sisters, my new brother was born, and the sun disappeared. 436 more words

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