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It's Getting Better All the Time

I’ve been writing all afternoon, so I’m just going to share a couple of passages to demonstrate my revision process. This is the third go-round, and I think it continues to get better. 716 more words


The Writing Process: Creating Characters

Hello, everyone. My sincerest apologies for falling by the blogging wayside. Life has been crazy and many changes have taken place, not to mention I published my first book. 794 more words


Mirror Moments in Fiction: Does your story have one?

I’m currently reading James Scott Bell’s “Write Your Novel from the Middle,” which I can’t recommend highly enough. It has me looking at my current WIP from a whole different angle. 368 more words


The Writing Files: Passion

Today, I was going to entertain you with a post on suspense again, but I felt convicted to write something for writers concerning your passion: 146 more words


Plot Line Do Not Cross!

This post is not for the perfectionists at heart. If you need schedules, index cards, and a boat load of research before you can start writing, this post is not for you. 435 more words


Dont Get Too Attached Here - SPOILER ALERT!

Ok, this post contains a spoiler alert. If you have NOT READ the prologue of Steven King’s MR. Mercedes, and you intend to do so… STOP READING THIS POST! 260 more words


Perchance to Punish

*the lump of blankets on the couch moves, grumbles incoherently and yawns*

*a rat nest of mussed hair pops out of an afghan fold, your blogger’s eyes eventually follows* 180 more words