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Pruning, weeding, & poetry manuscripts

Gardening has been a dismal endeavor this past summer; I just did not devote my usual energies to the landscape, the perennials, or even to the vegetable patch. 332 more words


Character Development for Visually Oriented Writers; or, Be Your Own Casting Director

Does your computer monitor look anything like this?


Do you have a wall or bulletin board in your house like this?


Do you get a story idea and immediately start one of these? 270 more words


The Genre Game

It turns out the hardest part of writing a query isn’t trying to fashion a snapshot synopsis, (although that is definitely not an easy task). The hard part comes in the “logistical” paragraph. 591 more words


Four Things I Learned About Writing Novels

Yesterday, I completed the first draft of my fourth novel. Actually, in some ways it’s hard to believe that I’ve written that many novels. It wasn’t too long ago that I had given up entirely on writing and never thought I would ever have even finished one novel. 273 more words

Indie Author

Advice for aspiring writers: Get Your Editor On

Recently, a member of the Goodreads community asked for my advice to aspiring writers. My answer could have gone in so many directions — getting published, building your personal brand, incorporating time into your life to write — the list is endless. 878 more words


Honor your process

Writers often look at other writers to compare themselves. She writes so much more than me! Writing seems to come so naturally to him! How does she do it? 737 more words

The Writing Life

Surrender: The Crooked Mule

With an unspeakably busy week of writing ahead of me, I plop down in front of you already pooped.

In fact, that sentence right there taxed me to the point of yanking the white flag out of my pocket and flailing it in the faces of the world-at-large. 175 more words