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Seriously Eclectic, Short Stories Edition

Double vision!



The upside of having an eclectic vision, or, put another way, of being a scatterbrain: variety!  I love variety in just about everything.  Music, food, my reading, my writing.  528 more words


See this pretty little pot? It has been sitting in a dark corner of my yard and growing without any help from me whatsoever.

This past spring, when I was planting herbs and Impatiens, I had a few puny plants left in the flats.  325 more words

The Writing Life

Things Learned

I haven’t heard back from MERP, so I’m guessing that’s a dead end. I would have thought they’d at least have a bot send me a notification that they got my request and would get back to me with their decision in so many days. 264 more words

A Marriage Made in the Classroom

I recently showed my composition class an example of overblown writing. The paragraph was full of multi-syllabic words that pretty much required a dictionary to decipher. 381 more words

Writing Process


Running behind before the sun has even cleared the horizon is not good. I’d even call it a case of royal crap if I wasn’t trying to retain a spot of genteelness for the day. 182 more words


And then...

No sooner than I get the woman on the steps situated than does my Muse send me this.  It’s a mash-up of real life and wishes.   836 more words

My Writing Process

Writer's A to Z: B for Beats

Writer’s A to Z

For the next 26 weeks I plan on putting up one post a week, focusing on one letter of the alphabet and how, in my mind, it links to part of the writer’s world. 1,752 more words

Writer's A-Z