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An Article About ME!

I recently went to my hometown of Columbus, IN to visit my family and to attend a local festival. We had a lot of fun, both with the family and the festival, but I also took a little time out to be interviewed by a writer for a local publication that focuses on women in the community. 307 more words


Wait...What? - John Steinbeck Walks Into a Starbucks

By: Aryanne Ferguson

Every so often I come across truly fun literary websites. When I read this article about a Literary Starbucks tumblr page, created by three college students, I knew I had to share.   210 more words


The Gordian Knot & I

Recognizing that shoulder muscles turning to rot and flaking off my bones like dandruff is a bad proposition all around, I have decided to back-off of the Six Brothers project for today and take a much needed breather. 177 more words


Jilly: What I Learned About Writing From My Builder

It’s been a crazy week at Casa Jilly. I’m desperately trying to Finish The Damn Book, and we have a crew of builders working on the exterior of the house. 777 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Who Needs an Outline?

So there is no five things this week, expect a return of it next week. Sorry. This blog is going to be a bit different from my others, and it is going to explain a bit of my writing process, because apparently my writing process is not normal. 947 more words

My Life

Let The NaNo Race Begin

So, it’s the last week of November. I’ve been participating in NaNo 2014 for 3 weeks. In between, I’ve been working the day job, and writing as much as I can squeeze in. 350 more words


Ditching the Muse for Good and Writing about my own Wayward Journeys

(Muses should be careful what they wish for. Because they might just get what they want, complete silence from this lady writer.)

I have gone into stealth mode. 449 more words