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Short Writing Sessions No More

Suddenly, I can’t get away with short writing sessions.

I spend the last couple of years with a laptop that had a maximum battery life of an hour and a half. 411 more words

Indie Author

Please, just write

Have you ever met a person who wants nothing more to be a writer, yet doesn’t put in the effort, all excuses and no action? It makes me frustrated. 102 more words

Writing Process

Eureka and all that...

I had a breakthrough in re-plotting tonight. Thanks to Ryan at A Writer’s Path. In his post he explains the seven point structure. It isn’t something I have ever tried to before. 119 more words


Is It Happening Again?

No no! Don’t worry! Yes, I know. I didn’t post anything yesterday, despite the declaration and haiku the day before announcing the opposite. I can explain. 159 more words


8 November 2014

Describe each day of the week as if it were a person (Part Three)

Friday is like a biting dog chained to a fence that’s about to snap. 458 more words


Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z

Writers spend a great deal of time tinkering with first sentences, first paragraphs, and  the first previews of content shared with readers.  Much importance is placed upon presenting the reader with writing that will compel them to read on and on.   274 more words

Reaching Half-Way and Other Thoughts

I am officially past the half-way point of 13 Treasures of Britain.

I’ve also gone through and eliminated about six chapters that I planned on writing on the back end of the book. 175 more words

Writing Process