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Denying Disaster

Disaster struck today.  I lost my notes for future chapters.  I have a lot of notes for Chapter Fifteen, but I had notes for several other chapters.  305 more words

Writing Process

A Peek Behind the Creative Curtain or Why You No Blog?

I’m currently making my way through Justin Kleon’s books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work. Both are so inspirational and I highly recommend them for anyone in any sort of creative discipline. 324 more words


The Best Advice

The Best advice
that I
heard about
was from
TS Eliot

To be a poet,
he allegedly said
“Learn how to
steal with both hands!” 139 more words

Review of Sad Wings of Destiny by Thom Brannan

4/5 Stars

If superhero movies, with all their nitty-gritty reboots nowadays could have half the story SWoD has, they’d be a lot better off.
It doesn’t follow the formula most superhero novels/movies does, it’s its own world, in that the superheroes, something I’m even hesitant to call them, operate, especially Spring-Heeled Jack, on this precarious border between what’s morally sound, and what isn’t. 239 more words

Writing Process

Julia Cameron's Artist Dates

Have you ever heard of Julia Cameron’s “Artist Dates”? Well first, have you ever heard of Julia Cameron? She’s the author of The Artist’s Way… 636 more words


Not Writing = Fatness

I will admit it that I have been slacking. And now I feel fat.  Not literally though-

Let me explain.

Many people have asked me “how did you write a novel and maintain a full time job?” My response is typically to explain that writing is like exercising. 349 more words

Writing Process