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Enhance your career; make time to write well!

I love my job. I spend each day working with other people’s documents and web pages, helping them to find the best order to say things in, the best words to say them with, and the best layout to get their message to their readers. 201 more words

Plain English


People always ask me what my writing process is.
I’m not sure why they give a damn, but the answer is simple.

I find something I hate, and then I write about it. 12 more words


There are times, particularity when I’m having a difficulties carving out time to write, when I start to feel a little discouraged. It gets worse when I start looking at what other writers are up to or have accomplished. 160 more words

Writing Process

Operatic Looting

As a writer, I’m always looking at other artistic pursuits to see what I can learn.  Applying other theories to literature has fascinated me for years, and whenever I find myself in a rough writing patch I invariably turn to a little looting. 126 more words


Managing my writing ego

Managing my own ego is hands down the toughest part of writing. I want desperately to finish my story, and also, eventually, share it. However, in order to do that, I’ve actually got to write a story that doesn’t suck. 317 more words

Writing Process

Weekly Projects: Rewrite Cards and “The Wickerman”

This coming week is leaving me with two projects, one of which I am hoping will be done a bit ahead of schedule so I can set to work on the full project. 210 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompt...Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought

There is a phrase to “lose yourself in”.  It means to be so caught up in something that you cannot focus on anything else besides what you are thinking about. 354 more words

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