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My Novel Progress #1

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for all the (admittedly very few) likes and views! I appreciate everything!

As a way to start motivating myself, I’m going to do weekly (maybe monthly) updates of my writing progress. 139 more words


Settling With Sea Serpents v 2 is Done!

I always seem to choke when I get to the climax of this story. One reason is that I haven’t got a good grasp of the setting where it all takes place. 117 more words

Writing Progress

It's embarrassing when your heroine is smarter than you are

Well, that was fun.  I just had a character figure something out before I did.  I knew that the heroine, a journalist, needed to convince the hero to let her interview his family, but hadn’t yet established her argument.   156 more words


The Slow Fine Toil

I am hard at work on my second novel.  After the forced interruption of the holidays I am once again spending the better part of each day writing.  407 more words


Progress Report: 12/01/2015 - 18/01/2015

Welcome to week three.

Week three! It’s well and truly 2015 now.

Rag & Bones: Book Five

This week I finished the edit of Book Five and the wordcount is now up to just over 60K, which is where I hoped it would be. 497 more words


Weekly update - Cool Hand and overall

Cool Hand is still progressing slowly, but, having now redrafted key scenes in the first 3/4 of the book, it now feels right to me. Lauren, my editor, agrees and there’s only some tidying up to do on that part. 274 more words



Way back in days of yore, in 1999, I went on my first Navy deployment.  On that deployment, we pulled into Singapore twice.  I loved it.   152 more words