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First Impressions: Republic of Thieves

Short Version: Read it. But read the others first.


So it’s no huge secret that I’m a giant fan of Scott Lynch. When I first read The Lies of Locke Lamora I found myself instantly hooked, which is as typical as it gets, but something truly… 367 more words


Innards of An Erratic Writer #9

I think it’s a frightening and exciting thing that time speeds up as you get older. It’s scary not because Death is getting closer, ramping up your doorway. 527 more words

Random Kicks

What I'm Writing (and Why)

You’d think after 85+ posts I’d talk more about my own work.

Truth is, I often find myself hesitant to talk about it because for one, it’s difficult as hell to be concise. 1,328 more words


Finding the plot

The grass is always greener.

I really admire authors who can pick up a story thread and write a complete narrative without needing to worry about where the chapter is going, where the characters are leading you, and what is going to happen next. 932 more words


First Form Rejection!

Well, the title says it all.  I’m not in the least bit bummed about it – they are part of the game.  When you’ve been as plugged into writerly culture (if such a phrase is even the correct term for it) as I have been you understand that rejections are part and parcel of the whole deal.   339 more words

Writing Progress

So, That Happened

Just over a month ago I signed with an agent. Me. Agent. Sunshine and rainbows, unicorns frolicking, birds and mice doing my laundry. You get the picture. 409 more words

Writing Life

March Progress: Manuscript #3

Today I finished the first draft of the fantasy manuscript that I started for NaNoWriMo, Painting the Roses Red. Current stats stack the project at forty chapters with 141, 432 words. 211 more words

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