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Spring has sprung. Time to stop working.

Bam! What the hell was that?

I was powering along quite nicely, then Spring hit and all of a sudden I couldn’t think, let alone string two words together. 331 more words


Cancer in dogs: what you need to know

Cancer doesn’t just affect humans. Almost half of  deaths of dogs and cats over 10 years of age are due to cancer, the Food and Drug Administration said today. 520 more words


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Wow sad

Epigenetics: Taking Control of the Music

When I try to explain epigenetics to someone, I like to use the musician metaphor. Your genes are the sheet music and how your body reads those genes, that is your body acting like a musician, making those notes it’s own. 541 more words


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Interesting concept


How many ways can u describe a fifth.? A fifth of whiskey. Take the fifth, plead the fifth.Starting to recognize people at Hopkns. One lady swears by juices .she is going to email me her own secret recipes. 112 more words

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Draggy Day 4

Day four aka my birthday is really draggi ng out. it tookforever for the second pint of blood to show up. Another hour more than it should have taken blah blah blah blood had to b tubed? 43 more words

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three n four stiil three more:)

Day three was a new experience on the fifth flour it is called the hipop  floor. This place is really quiet on sundays, it was in get meds go home yeah!so we got to go out to eat n get some red meat at outback} no more only red meat once in awhile!!!!!!!!!! 52 more words

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