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Autumn And Winter Plans

Autumn is here.  Luckily Sunday was good and warm with beautiful sunshine.  The leaves are turning and in a heavy wind they fly from the trees like butterflies suddenly free.  400 more words

No Edits If You...

One of the biggest hurdles I face in my own writing is the obsession of editing, and re-editing, and re-editing before I finish my putting my thoughts on… 213 more words


The Pythagoreans: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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“Brace yourselves,” Thraxos shouted as a massive wave crashed into the front of the Heron. Anech grabbed ahold of the nearest railing, barely feeling the freezing water wash over his body.  1,837 more words

Alternate History

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect but It Does Make Better

I can still remember the dread of practicing my clarinet when I was a child…the same type of dread my own children experienced with both the piano and violin. 300 more words


Horse Tamer-- Chapter 7 – The Speaker

Copyright 2014 Douglas Daniel

Mankin had to admit it; he was fascinated by the clock.

It was tall. It stood against the far wall of the hallway, opposite the tall windows that loomed behind Mankin, which let in the morning light. 3,296 more words


Writer Wednesday

More POD proofs shouls arrive today, so come back on Friday for part 2. Hopefully the CVE new editions will be live by the end of the week. 317 more words


What do you do?

Do you have a writers group you attend? How do you go about telling your story? Do you like details, deep descriptions or do you prefer dialog? 237 more words

On Writing