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Horse Tamer-- Chapter 8 – A Proposal

Copyright 2014 Douglas Daniel
All the slaves were gone– sold, freed, run away– and so it was Crisonia who took a broom and set out to sweep the after court that morning. 3,323 more words


Reviews, Revisions and RSI

Septembers are shaping up to be crazy months for me. It doesn’t help that this is the second year in a row that hubbie has been between contracts in September, so added to the usual mayhem I have an extra child at home to feed and worry about :) 493 more words

My Novels


After much back-and-forth, over-thinking, re-thinking, and second-guessing, eventually leading nowhere, I’ve decided to DELETE two book projects I’ve been working on for years. These books have plagued me with feelings of failure, so I’m concluding it’s time to officially scratch them, move forward, and embrace that I never organized the ideas into coherency worthy of book formatting. 291 more words


Beautiful Writing Tools

I was thinking recently about the beauty of old-fashioned writing instruments. I sit here typing this post on my computer, after having drafted it first by hand, a writing habit I always try to follow. 394 more words

Writer Wednesday

Sneak preview of the next generation on DeviantART. I don’t think I’m doing a big spoiler by showing Shan-leo, since he will be on the cover anyway. 583 more words


Autumn And Winter Plans

Autumn is here.  Luckily Sunday was good and warm with beautiful sunshine.  The leaves are turning and in a heavy wind they fly from the trees like butterflies suddenly free.  400 more words

No Edits If You...

One of the biggest hurdles I face in my own writing is the obsession of editing, and re-editing, and re-editing before I finish my putting my thoughts on… 213 more words