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Senior Prom 1991 Sonnet - Featured Fiction 10

To be brave and ask her to the school dance;

My heart is thumping, and pulse is racing,

Sweat is peaking, and legs are shaking; 130 more words

Adventures In Writing

9. "What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now."

“This is rather heavy,” he thought, gently bouncing the cradled the object in his hands up and down at slight angles.  “I wonder if paint weighs more or less by colour,” he voiced aloud, only just above a mumble. 19 more words

Extreme Writing Challenge #39: "The Countdown"

Fact:  there is only a week left in April.  April’s been a pretty eventful month.  I ran my first 10k, my dad had surgery, I got a new phone, … 554 more words

The morning after

Today’s prompt . . .

The morning after began like most days and it wasn’t until he was halfway through his first mug of coffee that he remembered . 73 more words


When The Demon Wins

Deep in a dank gutter
Where I currently live
Buried beneath responsibilities
Not a single fuck to give




Swarms of demons tug… 154 more words


Blog Hop Photo Reveal!

Hmmm… it is currently mid-day on Wednesday, which means we are officially halfway done with this week! I hope it is proving to be a fruitful week, dear friends, and that you finish it out strong! 225 more words


Novel Challenge #6

Eric Carter, an eight-year Marine, recently found out that he’s a father. Coming back home for vacation, he picks up his mail. Heading into his apartment, he skims through the envelopes. 780 more words

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