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18. Three Wishes

If I was given three wishes (with the typical limitations—no bringing people back from the dead, no killing people, and no wishing for more wishes) my first wish would be have to be to own my dream house, any old Victorian manor with some sort of secret hiding spot will do. 398 more words

A Year Of Writing Prompts

17 Questions for the Writer's Soul

After completing The Crossing for NaNoWrimo, I fell into a bit of a writer’s slump. Luckily my fiancé purchased Tyler Knott Gregson and Andréa Balt’s new writing course, … 23 more words

Imagery Inspiration...Visual Writing Prompts

I’m currently on a fantasy kick, and boy is it ever fun to look at fantasy images online. I’ve picked five that I felt particularly drawn to, to save for future reference. 74 more words

Writing Prompt # 24

Before there were touch screens on cell phones, or ipads, or all the other electronic gadgets we carry around today, there was something else more primordial and innate. 26 more words

Writing Prompts

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

First and foremost if it was anybody elses house I will say “We don’t need no water let that Mutha F’er burn!”  Hey now don’t get to upset but sometimes a fire can calm the raging within me, and when I’m upset I always want to put fire on someones chaps.  

376 more words

If I Were Queen* of the World... [#ThoughtfulThursday Selection]

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown…

Leadership is about convincing those whom you lead to do those things that they would not otherwise do. 772 more words


What say ye, cap'ain?

This is a response to a prompt on A Writer’s Path.  Write a scene with a recruiting company for pirates.


Her long raven hair fell over her shoulders, the ends caught up in the wet cloth she dragged along the bar mopping up the spills and crumbs. 931 more words