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Weave a story around the cliché, “drown your sorrows.”

There’s a shadow that followed me throughout my life, I could never control it or tame it. It brought me down to the lowest mood someone could endure, I’ve tried punching myself out of it – talking myself out of it. 250 more words

Creative Writing

Write a letter to the 10-year old you had been.

Dear 10-year old me,

I say dear because we have changed drastically to the point where we are no longer the same person. There are hints of what once was, but no more. 208 more words

Creative Writing

There is a stranger in your daughter's room. It's your daughter.

My daughter Coraline, beautiful and witty. Queen of sarcasm and teenage angst. But I don’t know her. She is my world, I would do anything for her – she will always be my baby and she knows that. 134 more words

Creative Writing

Write your self portrait

Straight, brunette flowing locks. My only real quality, I guess. Brownish-hazel pupils, covered by droopy eyelids and dark bags underneath, a result of the years of sleep problems. 105 more words

Creative Writing

You wake up, realising that you have died. You shrug and head off to work.

Normal. My organs may have died, my skin decaying, every part of me deteriorating and a swarm of flies follow me wherever I go. I never felt alive to begin with, dragging myself from A to B, now I just have a justifiable as to why I feel like this. 192 more words


texture of loss

list all you’ve lost in your lifetime.

list all you’ve found.

join them: lost found lost found lost found lost found…..

 photo: Titus Tscharntke

all that we’ve lost and found becomes the textured backdrop for the stories we live and tell, and think we don’t tell.

Words On Writing

Why is the character having such a bad/good day?

Everything is okay. Rays beam through the window, shining onto his beautiful blond locks. Silent. Sleepily his teal eyes emerge from underneath his eyelids. This is a good day because I’m with him. 95 more words