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Abuse in Fiction: Romance

It seems like every other romance story found on the internet has aspects of abuse throughout the story. Whether this abuse is from one of the main characters to the other or from a secondary character toward a main character, the abuse is usually written in a way that makes it seem alright. 469 more words

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Abuse in Fiction: Backstories

Many lazy writers attempt to create reader sympathy by saying that their main character was abused. At times these writers will include a chapter or two which involves the abuse. 246 more words

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Why Writers Should Read

One of my friends* told me that he was an avid writer. I was ecstatic because none of my other friends at the time understood how much I loved to write. 1,134 more words

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The girl has a name!

Much thanks to all of you who voted and/or suggested a name for Joey’s daughter! I tried out so many names for her that I never thought I’d find one she’d like. 43 more words

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I am not an "aspiring writer"

In the last month, we here at The Plotless have made our way to a number of bookish events—book launch parties, indie publishing conferences, teen book festivals, you name it. 743 more words


Name that kid!

Holy cow! I put out a call to help me name Joey’s daughter, a key character in an upcoming book, and man, did you guys deliver! 88 more words

Writing Rants