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5 Great Ways to Plan Your Writing Schedule

A friend of mine frequently takes the mickey out of me for my OCD-levels of scheduling and planning when it comes to my writing work. It all started when I was working at a marketing company, and the MD was constantly telling me to use a calendar to schedule the work of the multiple clients I had. 802 more words


0097 - NaNoWriMo and Writing at Every Opportunity

I’m not always so well planned that I have good timing on events. But this year, I pretty much finished participating in a Biggest Loser weight loss contest at work at the time National Novel Writing Month ( 484 more words

The Writing Life

Remember the Compliments

I remember reading somewhere that we are hardwired to remember insults and forget compliments. That’s a pretty bleak outlook on life, but from memory, and don’t quote me on this, the article claimed that it was an evolutionary function that was linked to basic survival. 520 more words

Time Is On Your Side, Maybe

Everyday I wake up thinking how I can best slice my 24-hour pie. A myriad of tasks stream through my mind including how to deepen my main character, amp up the tension of a scene, why there so many calories in lemon olive oil. 173 more words


What's New - The November Edition

My posting schedule will be changing, starting this month. Instead of trying–and sometimes failing–to write a blog post every week, I will be posting news and updates on the first Wednesday of every month instead. 194 more words

What's New

NaNoWriMo - Almost There

On Saturday the madness begins. I’m not sure how much of madness it will really be for me because… well, I’m not easily excitable and I won’t pull any weird stunts, I won’t overdo it. 592 more words

About Writing

Are you skipping this vital step in your writing?

I have been writing for so many years. When I was a teen, I thought I’d have a book published by now. But alas I am still working on my first novel… 690 more words