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4 reasons why fiction writers struggle with marketing

Please excuse me while I make some excuses.

You see, I’ve read 3,009 articles about how fiction writers need to become savvy marketers and self-promoters if they want their books to succeed commercially, and I fear I’m becoming a convert. 1,180 more words


Starting Again After a Longer Break

Writing regularly helps you to maintain your habit and stay focused. But after months of regular writing, you should take a break to recharge and refocus. 184 more words

Writing Schedule

Self Advice, or Channeling My Inner Yoda

As with everyone else on the Planet, I think I give very good advice and get irritated when people don’t take it. It’s always easier to give than to receive in this case, and I usually run on the harsh side. 531 more words


Imagination Committee

There comes a time in the lifespan of a story where you start to lose it, where you have delayed too long and your mind begins to wander. 684 more words


Daily Prompt: 190 Days Later

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – 190 Days Later


190 Days Later

Back on January 21st, we asked you to predict what day #211 would be like. 215 more words


Stealing Time to Write

One of the most interesting things I find about authors, writing and books in general, is the day to day of it all. I love hearing what writers use to get the words down. 828 more words

Keeping Me Up at Night

I admittedly have a very weird sleep schedule. I’m very much a night person — my prime hours take place after sundown. Not wanting to waste my best moments and favorite time on the boring day job, I work early mornings. 626 more words