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The Writing Cool Down Time

They say that when you finish a writing project you should let it sit for a while and sort of ferment. You need time away from it in order to have a more detached perspective on it and to let the ideas cool down. 717 more words


Out of Words

Damn it!

So, I’ve been working on the mythology short story for the anthology, as I mentioned a week ago. I had a plan of action, a series of events, and thought I was on my way there. 627 more words


Getting into a writing frame of mind

Our moods have a strong effect on our writing. Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, too busy, distracted—it all plays into how well the words flow onto the page or screen. 618 more words

Advice For Writers

A Week in My Life

Here’s a typical week for me:

Monday-Friday, 8-4:30: recruit like a boss for the University of Northwestern.

Monday evening is my day off from writing. 316 more words

Real Life

Finally Writing, but is it Worth It?

Yes, I’m finally writing and not just talking about it. I don’t know if it was the trauma of this past week, the huge amounts of overtime I’m doing at work and the subsequent need to carve out some time for me, or if I just finally got into it. 588 more words


Elizabeth: Celebrating 2014

As yet another year comes to a close, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past year.  In my first post of this year, 599 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Bracing for the Storm

This is my last weekend of peace. The busy season at work is a week away. 6 day weeks, up to 10 hours a day are looming in my future. 545 more words