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Dashing Forward with No Direction

Writing, I think, is one of the few things you can either do with a meticulous plan or absolutely nothing in mind but the barest of scenarios and still end up in the same place. 702 more words


Gearing Up for Production

I am currently gearing up to begin writing on the new project, and it feels good, but I’m filled with trepidation. The first four months of the year are the worst at my work. 594 more words


Finding the Time to Write

This year I decided not to do NaNoWriMo despite my success at doing the challenge the last four years. Mostly because my time schedule just wouldn’t allow for it. 706 more words


Cyclical, Cowardly Writing

So, I can write a 500+ page novel in about 3 months. I can write a 30 page short story in 2-3 days. Both of these are published and both were lazy, undisciplined bouts of writing. 731 more words


5 Great Ways to Plan Your Writing Schedule

A friend of mine frequently takes the mickey out of me for my OCD-levels of scheduling and planning when it comes to my writing work. It all started when I was working at a marketing company, and the MD was constantly telling me to use a calendar to schedule the work of the multiple clients I had. 802 more words


0097 - NaNoWriMo and Writing at Every Opportunity

I’m not always so well planned that I have good timing on events. But this year, I pretty much finished participating in a Biggest Loser weight loss contest at work at the time National Novel Writing Month ( 484 more words

The Writing Life

Remember the Compliments

I remember reading somewhere that we are hardwired to remember insults and forget compliments. That’s a pretty bleak outlook on life, but from memory, and don’t quote me on this, the article claimed that it was an evolutionary function that was linked to basic survival. 520 more words