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Sign-Derived Kanji

上  |  下  |  大  |  日  |  中  |  本   |  車  |  治  |  電  |  新  

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Kanji Origins: Pictographs, Ideographs, Signs, and Phonetics

川  |  子  | 山  |  口  |  日  |  月  |  木  |  田  |  火  |  

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Kanji Writing Rules

車  |  鳥  |

The rules that apply when writing kanji are a fundamental building block of the Japanese writing system.  While not following the rules will be of no consequence to the substantive meaning and understanding of a pictogram, those intent on mastering… 263 more words

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Kanji Readings

音読  |  訓読  |  力  |  能力  |   怪力  |  食べた  |  食べる  |  聞く  |  聴く  |  訊く  |  観る  |  見る  |  様様  |  時時  |  時々  |  色々  |  色色 

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The Japanese Writing System Generally

The Japanese Writing System

The Japanese writing system is composed of three syllabary: hiragana, katakana, and kanji.  In simple terms, Hiragana and Katakana are a simplified Japanese syllabary derived from Chinese script.  269 more words

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Typing N'ko on Android

Alright so all of our posts are a bit specialized but this one is going to be particularly focused. But hey, what’s language in social life without being able to actually send messages in your preferred language and script? 766 more words