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What Markers Want

Question: English is such a flowery/waffly subject, so how can I get consistently good scores?

Answer: Your perception of English as flowery and waffle-laden is common and entirely incorrect. 191 more words


In Defense for Writing Fanfiction

The longest piece I ever wrote was 106,000+ word story. That might not sound impressive, but when I think about the 5k+ short stories I work on and struggle with, I do get a sense of pride when I think about that 106k+ piece. 606 more words


Elements of Critique: Leads

I often joke about frustrating circumstances with my kids (or my fellow Airmen), claiming in a gruff Drill Instructor voice that their suffering “builds character.” … 864 more words


Writing Prompts: A Question from One Writer to Another

Well I’ve started work on a new short story. I’m about 1000 words in and am pretty excited about it, but honestly I don’t think I’ll be ready to share it even when it’s finished since the topic is pretty personal. 90 more words


Good Sense-ability: Using Description in Writing

Would the weather be bountiful today? This question I would ask as soon as my eyes opened, and I had only to step outside to know the answer. 445 more words


Structure and Learning

Educating is about more than providing students with information; it is about providing that information in a way that makes it easier to understand and comprehend. 452 more words

Writing Technique

The HIMYM Dilemma From A Writing View


Ok, so we all know that How I Met Your Mother ended this week. After 9 years of watching, the show’s loyal fans finally got all their answers. 849 more words

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