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With a Little Help From My Friends

Join a writing group, they said when I was starting out.

I was skeptical.

Now, here I am a year and a half into writing groups.  113 more words


Technique Rests In The Details

Before I begin, or rather as I procrastinate before writing, I like to read a book, short story, or some poems to help ease myself into the groove of writing. 592 more words

Bird by bird by bird by bird...

Somehow, despite being busy, I finished editing my book–for now (will there ever be a day when I don’t caveat this with “for now”?). If you asked me how this happened, I would say, “Slowly. 982 more words

Writing Process

Falling out of love with Shortcuts!

I am a big fan of short cuts. Admittedly, I’ve purchased more than my fair share of “miracle pills” in hopes that I could actually lose weight while still consuming copious amounts of beer. 723 more words

An Author's Journey To Publication

Let's Hang Out, By Which I Mean Sit Near Me as I Write

I realized that I write best when I”m around people. Well, not exclusively, but I feel most productive when I balance out writing on my own and writing near someone. 774 more words


People don’t share body parts.

Writers can create strange visual images if they forget this simple rule. Consider this sentence.

“When people get a good idea in their head, they should act on it.” 263 more words


What Markers Want

Question: English is such a flowery/waffly subject, so how can I get consistently good scores?

Answer: Your perception of English as flowery and waffle-laden is common and entirely incorrect. 191 more words