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Subtitles: seminar 3, Beast and Sovereign I

An interesting exercise: to subtitle Derrida’s seminar. You can see how he puts questions in place in order to frame the main analysis. The centre piece of seminar three is really the juxtaposition between Schmitt and Macchiavelli’s interpretation of what is proper to politics. 177 more words

Political Philosophy

Romance and the winter bouquet

Lately, I’ve had a hell of a time focusing.

Between a major project at work and selling my home, my writing seems to be getting the short end of the stick.   277 more words


POVs: First Person or Third Person?

I am currently in a dilemma.

Nearly five years ago, I started writing down a story which was inspired by a dream. It’s a fantasy story that contained goblins and dragons. 431 more words

Living the characters

How does one, as an author, decide what a given character says or does?

For me, the answer is: I try to get inside the character’s skin.  500 more words

Writing Techniques

On Becoming a Mermaid

When I think of myself dying I’ve always thought it would be by drowning. I know that seems strange but it’s always given me a sense of calm. 413 more words


Four Things I Learned In 2014

The holiday Season is upon us. Little is left of 2014 but the memories. I will build my New Year resolutions for 2015 upon the backs of my mischances and lost opportunities of the prior year, and shape them by my successes.  594 more words


Chronology and Time

Chronology and Time are two important aspects of any piece of writing and can help the author create an amazing story. And when these two work together, you get what is called  376 more words

Writing Techniques