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Plot and Motivation: The Big Payoff! a.k.a. Resolving Dramatic Tension

Hey folks!

So many reviews so little time, not to mention my own projects (one manuscript writing, one manuscript editing), eats into a man’s time, but never let it be said that it has kept me from my duties as a blogger.  933 more words


Those unexpected turns in plot

That moment when the plot goes off in a direction not originally planned for. All writers go through this and not just once, but many times. 620 more words

On Writing and Health Woes - NoNoNoMo

I’m going to get new spectacles today. Turns out that all these headaches and watery eyes I’m having are because my prescription needs changing. I’m kinda bummed cuz I’ll have to wait till next week to collect em – I’m getting a bunch of different special coatings to help with glare and stuff so I won’t get them the next day. 360 more words


Moments of Being, Spots of Time and Epiphany

The use of Moments of Being (MoB) was first coined by the literary writer Virginia Woolf who ordained that a Moment of Being was a moment that someone experienced that continued to resonate throughout their lifetime – a moment that leaves an impression that we cannot forget. 679 more words


Paul Finch's valued listener.

The interview with Paul Finch in the previous blog post revealed the support he receives from his wife in his work. I was curious to see her version of Paul’s writing life and Catherine was kind enough to talk to me about her involvement in Paul’s life of crime. 1,717 more words


Writing Tips I have ignored No. 2: Always carry a notebook (and remember to write things in it)

This is a Writing Tip you’ll always hear. In fact, I was at a children’s book event last week – part of Oldham Brilliant Books 2014 – with two other writers, Liz Kessler and Rebecca Lisle. 670 more words


NaNoWriMo Tip - Day 14 - Take a Step Back

Ok – Day fourteen of Nanowrimo. You’re stuck. You’re losing enthusiasm. You have no idea what comes next.

A while back I posted about writing in a white room… 166 more words