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Beyond the Frontiers of the Million Word Challenge

Today is a post of two, interconnected, halves: it is the first post of the month, so it is time for an update on the… 429 more words


Star Trek lessons – writing out of the box

I’ve long thought most of the Star Trek franchise series and movies – the ones made between 1977 and 2005 – to be epic fails both as good SF and, more to the point, as good dramatic story-telling. 614 more words


How to: Rhyme With Orange (and other rhyme-less words)

Borange, florange, gorange, shmorange….. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying many times, and it’s true: Nothing actually rhymes with the word orange. Now the first time you heard of this there is no doubt your first reaction was to try to think of something that did, in fact, rhyme with orange. 353 more words


Mae Clair Presents: Gemma Brocato on Noodle Braining

I’m delighted to have Gemma Brocato as my guest blogger today. You’re going to love this post! Grated cheese, anyone?


I have a noodle brain. 854 more words

Mae Clair

The power of the writer - and the reader

I was going to write about a different topic this week, until about half an hour ago when I decided on a little light procrastination before settling down to the task in hand.   483 more words

The Goblin

What writer's block?

I’m not sure how this viewpoint will go down with other writers, but I’m not a believer of writer’s block. I don’t think it exists. While I do appreciate we can all get stuck thinking about how to proceed with our writing, I just don’t think it is possible to get stuck for a… 405 more words

Greasing the Cogs and Sprockets

Writing isn’t always easy. Finding time and even motivation to continue on with your writing can sometimes be exceptionally hard. Usually there’s a flurry of writing at the beginning of starting a new story but after awhile it gets bogged down. 541 more words