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Fifty Shades of No

Rejection: a small message written in fog and tea leaves from which a writer tries to extract any clue as to where the hell he went wrong. 813 more words


Creating Reader-Friendly Books

In the October 2014 issue of Independent, the monthly journal of the Independent Book Publishers Association, has an article “On Creating Reader-Friendly Books for Today’s Busy Readers”. 426 more words

Writing Techniques

Finish It - Saturday Morning Pep Talk

Good Saturday to you folks.
So… I’ve been working on a new story for the past week. And until last night I thought it was going really well. 237 more words


Getting into characters: What breaks their hearts?

by Heather Harris Brady

Like a lot of you I suspect, I have pages and pages of notes related to characters, especially getting to know a main character. 176 more words

The Writing Experience


I’ve never liked the word “submit.” To Submit, to place under, to capitulate, to yield.

Nope. Never liked it.

When I started writing, I learned a new meaning for the word “submit”: to send for consideration a manuscript, born of sweat and tears, wrapped in prayers and orisons, in hopes that, against overwhelming odds and counter to all probability, an editor will find it pleasing and bestow upon it the gift of acceptance. 813 more words


Do Characters Change?

I suppose we enjoy seeing characters whom we like change for the better, and characters we don’t like fail to change and thereby suffer punishment.  Although, likeable characters with   defect, and who are unable to correct the defect, can earn our sympathy.  473 more words

Writing Techniques

Joining NaNo; $165/$500 Stretch Goal

So today I started becoming active on the NaNoWriMo forums. The first thing I’m trying to do is find myself a peer group of writers who can help me stay on task. 176 more words

First Novel