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the lovely corkboard

Today! Apart from it being my birthday (in Japan at least) and having some marvelous cake and company, I finally sat down and made a writing plan. 575 more words

United We Explore

As the select group of people obsessively following my every progress update will already know, I am currently co-authoring Greenstar, a science-fiction series, with Simon Cantan. 640 more words


A Close Shave

Now that’s a first.

A novelist friend was complaining about the names she’d picked for her characters (they’re historical ethnic names, and have several diacritical marks). 175 more words


Writing attraction and reactions in Erotica and what makes it "work"

What I feel is a number one thing that makes erotica work is definitely take from your own human emotions. What draws you to another person sexually? 1,581 more words


How to grab your readers with a killer opening line

Call me Ishmael, but I figure the oldest and dumbest cliche in the how-to-write industry has to be the one about opening lines.

Of course, that’s because opening lines work. 448 more words


Essential writing skills: breaking down the writing process

I mentioned a while ago that planning was essential to effective writing. Not just planning the content, but planning the whole thing – from idea to finished written material – as a process. 340 more words


How to Entice Your Readers to Read the Next Sentence…and the Next

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  — Albert Einstein

Do many of your sentences and paragraphs end with words, such as “his,” “it,” “with,” or “was”? 522 more words