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Reclaimed Writing Sanctuary

My office is my sanctuary, my refuge. It’s a safe harbor when facts and ideas, when scenes, characters, and plot twists bombard me. It’s where I get to choose which distractions to allow in, where I’m able to sort through the jumble of thoughts and ideas to make sense of them. 822 more words

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Making Time to Write

Lately, I’ve seen everyone’s blogs have had posts about their writing schedules and how they work and how often, so I figured I’d do one of my own. 453 more words


Impact of Social Media Withdrawal

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The following post first appeared at Sowing Seeds of Grace and recounts the results of my one-week withdrawal from social media a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share this post here because it also relates to my writing life.

Finding time to write; finding ways to refuel.

This is my first post written in our new apartment! I love it here. The space is so much bigger and even though we’re not done unpacking it’s starting to feel like a real home. 551 more words


Freedom Friday

Happy 4th of July to my American friends and followers!

I’m glad Independence Day falls on a Friday this year. I needed the reminder to guard my freedom to write every Friday. 478 more words


Hard Time / Soft Time

I am a firm believer of investing time to become a good writer. When it comes to utilizing time, there are two ways to tasks to explore. 437 more words


Discipline and Persistence

When starting any new endeavor, persistence pays off. Time needs to be invested to learn the new skills before you can become proficient in anything. Whether your endeavor is to roller skate, program computers, paint with watercolors, or writing, you need to put in the effort upfront.  349 more words