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A to Z: ‘T’ is for TIME

It’s April! That means it’s time for the ‘BLOGGING A to Z CHALLENGE’. Everyday this month (except Sunday) bloggers will be blogging to a theme, using different letter of the alphabet – running, of course, from A to Z. 420 more words

Trisha Faye

A to Z Challenge - T is for Time

Hi all,

Time – it’s like magic dust sometimes isn’t it, and it can seem as hard to keep hold of. Like probably most people, time management is often not my strong point – but when it comes down to juggling a day job, family commitments, and minor necessities like eating and sleeping around fitting in some quality writing time than a bit of management is sadly needed! 271 more words

11 Writing Tips from Henry Miller

Often I find myself pondering what has affected my ability to allocate specific time periods for my writing. After all, as much as I’d like to dedicate 24/7 to my writing, life has its other demands. 643 more words


Note #13 SLEEP ON IT

I just sent something off to a literary agent.

I read it over and over, double-checked for redundancy, typos, etc.

Then, AFTER I HAD SENT IT, I read it again and… 242 more words


Making the space

Author Susan Straight kicks off a series of essays in the Los Angeles Times about writers and career turning points. Straight writes movingly and honestly about….drum roll…fitting writing into real life. 178 more words


I’m always a little flummoxed when someone says to me, “I’m writing a book…” meaning, “I have an idea for a book I’d like to write… 677 more words


Quantum schedule

Yes, I’ve created a schedule to keep myself in line. It’s incredibly structured. Wake at this time, start writing at that time. Break. Write. Lunch. Other work. 116 more words