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Writing Tip Wednesday: Perseverance.

I know many of you are doing NaNoWriMo, so I thought I would share these quotes on perseverance with you to help you get through this last week and a half: 205 more words


Writing Tip: Parallelism

I came across this on Online Writing Jobs and thought you’d enjoy it!

This month, it is Pearseus: Rise of the Prince that’s on sale. Read the second book in my best-selling epic fantasy series for only 99c (no, you don’t need to have read the first book to make sense of it).


Tuesday Tip

We have no control over the delineation of time in real life. An hour-long meeting on a Monday morning can feel like an entire day; however, an entire day can seem like only an hour when we’re having fun. 1,262 more words


A Writers Tool

I’ve been in a troubling mood for a few days, and this moring I realied why.

Nothing hurts like mining old wounds, shame and embarassment so I can authentically demonstrate the suffering of MC and the stages she goes through to forgive her trusted friend for betraying her. 28 more words

Writing tip of the week

by Harriet Castor

When writing, think about what you want to say before worrying about how you’re going to say it. It’s often tempting to try to finish a sentence or paragraph by asking yourself, ‘What will sound good here?’ But that doesn’t get good results! 112 more words


A Little Tip

If you’re writing and you’re on a roll, please for the love of everything do not stop. It may seem like you deserve a break because you got so much done, but if your creative juices are still flowing you need to continue on. 13 more words


The Clever Cure for Writer’s Block

I got my flu shot last week. Ohio is barreling towards winter and I can’t afford to get sick. Now that I’m a freelance writer… 282 more words