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I haven’t written any writing tips in a while. I think the last I did where all in a series about developing your characters. What one does as a writer is look at what work of theirs people read and then either write more of the same or work to make the less read stuff better because they are annoyed at a perceived weakness. 414 more words


What Stone Mountain Taught Me

So awhile ago, in preparation for my blog, I’d practice writing posts and sending them to people via an email list. This is one of those posts from the beginning of the year after I went to Stone Mountain, a giant rock with guys on horses carved on it in. 1,609 more words

Writing Tips

Fiction Corner: Fleshing Out Characters

Welcome to this week’s Writing Wednesday Workshop! Today we are delving into the world of fiction and creating strong characters.

Characters are the foundation for any good fiction.   444 more words


Giving Detail Its Due in Your Writing

We all know the two main problems that writers face when it comes to detail, right? Too much, and you’re going to either annoy your readers, or put them to sleep. 420 more words


How to Optimise your Guest Author Blog Post Promotional Opportunities

While I cannot speak for other bloggers on this topic, I suspect that similar advantages may be gained by using the following tips and suggestions when invited to appear as a guest on any blog: 642 more words


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Writing Tip Wednesday: The Great CP Match-up!

Last Wednesday I was talking to you about critique partners and beta readers, what to expect from them and where to find them. I mentioned that sometimes writers will hold critique partner match-ups. 174 more words


For Writing and Life: Where Are You Going?

In the TV show Babylon 5 there are four questions that are central to the series’ theme, and that are asked by different characters throughout the story: … 466 more words

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