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“Your writing voice can’t be forced, but it’s a vital part of creating stories that could only be written by you. It’s your fingerprint, and it’s tricky to define. 73 more words

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Ham, cheese, and personality styles

A while back I came across this rather scary book about writing a novel, I can’t remember what it was called or who wrote it (I blocked that out), but it’s probably lying there in wait, deep in my unconscious, ready to compete with the other nightmare that tortures me every so often – the one where I have an exam that I forgot all about – the scary novel writing book was filled with very detailed instructions about how to develop the plot, outline the book in 200 pages or more, with a chapter by chapter, scene by scene guide. 940 more words

Who Is Your Biggest Fan?

Where I’m at Wednesday

I made it home. Yay! But. . .Boo! I left my parents, cooler temperatures, and the tranquil forest behind.
The good news is, while I was gone, I managed to finish a few chapters. 326 more words

Skye Michaels is giving away EBooks on my blog today!

As part of this blog appearance I am giving away ARC copies of the first book of each of my first THREE series, to the four random readers.  985 more words

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Writing Tip: Focus

Writing Tip: One that works for me every time is to focus on the positive intention behind my writing. What is it that I want to communicate, express, convey? 85 more words


Burglar Enters Basement Through Lady (Another Dangling Modifier)

Lord, aren’t I lucky, I came across another lovely dangling modifier at work today, with the added bonus of a misplaced comma:

“They came in through the basement and the lady that occupies the space downstairs, said they can wiggle the window and come in very easily.” 224 more words

Writing Tips

Creative Writing Course

Menulis itu mudah asal kita tahu metodenya. Workshop menulis kreatif ini diselenggarakan oleh GKI Samanhudi untuk menolong kamu dalam membuat tulisan-tulisan kreatif. Workshop ini juga bertujuan membangun dan mengembangkan para penulis muda. 172 more words