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A dump a day keeps the readers away.

I stumbled upon Novel Boot Camp, run by Ellen Brock, a professional freelance editor who has generously and tirelessly written this course and offers it for free. 335 more words


Characters Change (and that's good)

Think back to your old Literature classes from school, and try to remember what you used to talk about. Chances are, there was a discussion on characters and how they changed across the course of the book. 269 more words

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5 Things You should stop Doing in your Writing

We’ve all been there, done things we regretted later (once we figured out what was “right”), but here are five things all writers should seriously consider throwing by the wayside and moving ina brighter direction.


Organize Your Book Outline AND Decorate Your Wall!

If you’d like to organize your chapters into wall décor for motivation, here are the steps to do so.

You will need:

Writing Tips

This simple trick will help you use FLOUT and FLAUNT correctly

Lots of people get FLOUT and FLAUNT confused. Here’s an easy way to remember which one to use – and when.

This post was inspired by reading advice from a very smart and experienced international expert who used… 115 more words

Wednesday Writing Tip

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown up a Writing Tip!

Today’s tip will be a personal observation I made after much trial and error on my part. 1,097 more words


Writer's Way Newsletter - Join Now!

A bit of more shameless self-advertising…

My new newsletter supporting writers and other creatives is approaching it’s second issue. It’s already written and ready to boot, just a matter of waiting until the date strolls around. 189 more words