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Writing 101: How to Treat your Beta Readers

I have done a lot of beta reading this past year, and in turn, I’ve had people read my own work. Nothing is more essential in the early stages of a manuscript than its beta readers, so if you have a collection of reliable readers, you should do everything in your power to hold onto them. 35 more words

Michelle Mueller

Character Building II

Hopefully, you’ve now got a name for your main characters and you’ve followed up the whole naming process with an interview that’s really helped you get to know your character. 785 more words


Inside the Trenches: Editing the CMA Writers Group Book

Whether your idea of a perfect summer activity involves chilling at the beach, riding every roller coaster in the tristate area, or just curling up with a good book, I bet there’s one thing you’d never consider doing. 957 more words

Keep On Writin'

It’s easy – too easy – to look at your manuscript and think, ‘No.’ Especially when you’re trying to fit a ridiculous amount of words into one month in order to defeat this thing called NaNoWriMo (or you just really don’t wanna). 334 more words


The Writing Process - What Next?

I’ve been tagged by my good mate Jeff Gardiner to pick up the baton on the topic of “ My Writing Process”. As I’ve already covered this in an… 382 more words


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Analyzing not just summarizing research articles

Quality of Evidence     

An important thinking and writing skill you must gain as a doctoral student is being able communicate the “quality of evidence” of the studies you cite. 513 more words

Literature Review

How writers can train their keyboard

A keyboard is like a cat. Neither will listen to you. A keyboard is independent of you. You can hit the K, but if the keyboard wants L, it will do so. 380 more words