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Dealing with The Red String

Nothing intrigues a reader quite like romance. In fact, romance is a key thing for so many people, that the internet has a term for them: Shippers. 894 more words

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It's NaNoWriMo Prep Time

It’s that time of the year where close to a quarter of a million of people spend thirty days belting out a novel. This is nothing short of amazing. 560 more words


我如何使用焦點小組在我的定性研究數據收集策略? / 我如何在我的研究中有效地實行數據收集策略? (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 10/23/2014

*我如何使用焦點小組在我的定性研究數據收集策略?(PART A)
*我如何在我的研究中有效地實行數據收集策略?(PART C)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (277) Academic Writing: the Critical Evaluation Essay
*代名詞必須清楚的使用 (明白寫作) 英文編修訓練 (4/12) 284 more words

How To Write A Book in 30 Days

Is it possible to write a book in 30 days? Yes! I’ve done it twice.

With NaNoWriMo coming up I thought it might be good to supplement Becky’s How NOT to write a book in 30 days with a How TO write a book in 30 days post. 1,016 more words


Writing Tip: "A," "An," and your Ear

 Writing Tip: “A,” “An,” and your Ear

When dealing with single-subject nouns, article-choice (“a” versus “an”) is determined by sound; as such, deciding between “a” and “an” can be an issue for native and non-native English-speakers alike. 288 more words

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Nothing's Wasted

In a writer’s world, nothing is wasted. Truly! Every experience contains something that can be added into a story. Sometimes it may be a vignette—an unusual scene in nature or a strange character we pass on the street. 297 more words

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What I Learned From Pixar's Wall-E

Recently I watched the animation Wall-E for the second time, and I must say I missed a lot the first time I watched it.  This time, I couldn’t help but notice the superb story-telling Pixar used. 347 more words

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