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'New York Times Bestselling Author'

Have you ever noticed how many authors list ‘New York Times Bestselling Author’ in their bio? It’s alot. I started noticing it recently, when coming across people I’d never heard of on Twitter and seeing it in their profile. 478 more words

Fantasy Writers And Research

I enjoy writing fantasy novels. This article stresses the importance of research in novel writing, yes, even for the fantasy genre.

One of the reasons why writing fantasy appealed to me many years ago was because I was under the delusion that fantasy writers didn’t have to do any research.

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Fiction Friday

Finding Focus

Being responsible for setting your own schedule can be pretty tough sometimes. I’m the type of person who’s good at convincing myself that I can finish up something “later.” I can do that tonight. 467 more words


10 Tips To Improve Your Writing

Here are the 10 tips that have improved my writing:

Millie Ho

Essential writing skills: knowing when to stop writing and start publishing

One of the biggest challenges for writers is knowing when to stop. When to let the book go and move on to the next. But it’s tricky. 352 more words


Writing Group S.S. Prompts

Hello Friends!

I’m not sure that I mentioned my Writing Class has evolved into a Writer’s Group. Our first meeting we held at a bar while waiting on word from Barnes & Noble as to available table space. 397 more words


Rolling the Flash Fiction Dice

I’ve decided to be a bit more of a traditional author instead of an #indieauthor in the trenches. I’m not talking about changing the route in everything I do, but rather just one aspect, flash fiction. 171 more words

Ernesto San Giacomo