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Top Lit Mags that REALLY do publish emerging writers

Baltimore Review It is always nice to see a prestigious journal publish fresh, new voices. Such is the case on a routine basis for the Baltimore Review. 1,791 more words


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This is a wonderful article that gives writers across the country (and the world) hope! For many of us, being published in a lit journal is the Holy Grail. Wishing you all success in your writerly endeavors.

Romantic Body Language

Most writers add a little romance to the mix while telling their story. I found this over at http://www.Changingminds.org. It really isn’t a site for writers. 944 more words


Weekend Edition - Doing What You Love Plus Writing Tips and Good Reads

Doing What You Love


Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

While digging around in my Live to Write – Write to Live archives (searching for a post I remember writing, but still can’t find), I realized that this past June marked my four-year anniversary writing for this blog. 1,358 more words


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Fabulous read and inspiration. Thanks for the share!

How To Become a Lean, Mean, Writing MACHINE

In my most recent branding and social media book, I talk about blogging and teach how to do it well. I’m a HUGE fan of the blog for a number of reasons. 1,164 more words

Kristen Lamb

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Fabulous post! Thank you

August Goals

It seemed like August zoomed by while I was not looking, but I did achieve some goals.

In the run up to completing my current WIP, I stopped writing because I knew something was wrong. 490 more words

Writing Tips

Ten Fans

Hey all,

Hows thing? It’s been a bit crazy over here at Casa Clare but we keep on trucking. I love my job! I mean, who gets to say that, at age 30 (yes, I confess it), I get to live my dream and write for a living. 513 more words


Knowing When Enough Is Enough

I have an admission I’m sure most writers lothe to make: I’ve had enough.

To those who follow this blog and are supportive, I mean no ill will. 90 more words