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Mediocrity fucking rules

This is a post about some of the biggest things that suck about all intellectual/creative pursuits. This post is the difference between us and them.

Showing Verses Telling

As writers, showing verses telling is a tricky one to learn. We will be running a three-part series of featured articles on this topic.

Here is article one. 88 more words

Writing Tips

Exploring wolf references: wolf whistle

Wolf-whistle is a little different from many of the phrases I’ve explored. Just why the sound, made by inserting one’s fingers into…one’s mouth…is unknown. Some suggest it’s called that because the men making it are wolves–giving unwanted advances toward women. 103 more words

Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

Writing the 3rd Person Omniscient Voice with Confidence

Whether this is a well-known fact or not, I don’t know. But if you didn’t know this already, then here it is: writing from the perspective of third-person omniscient is the easiest way to write. 508 more words


The Mighty Pen

I’ll be leaving on a second vacation on August 1st. Yes, I know I may be spoiled, especially seeing as I am not really looking forward to it. 338 more words


ROE And Why Writers Should Care About It

I don’t like acronyms. If you tell me you went to DRT to learn YUR, you might see my eyes glaze over and be given a polite excuse that my phone is ringing or my house is on fire. 319 more words

Writing Tips

Writer's Bible

Exegesis 1

1 In the beginning the writer cleared the workspace.

2 And the story was without form, and vague; and no words were upon the screen of the computer. 832 more words

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