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Character motivation vs plot

Scene: You’re reading a story and you let a groan. The character has just done something highly unlikely that you doubt anyone would ever do. The voice in your head says “Oh come on, that would never happen.” And with a heavy weight in your gut you press on, feeling seriously let down. 266 more words


Big News!

Every author has quirks.

Especially me.

One of my many unique oddities is the hand-drawn, 6.2′ man taped to the wall of my bedroom. He was created two-and-a-half years ago while I was writing the first book in my trilogy, “The Prime Way Program: Be the Victor.” 171 more words

The Writing Life

The writing life is a battle.

Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been fighting hard at this writing business. You’re doing everything the right way, but still you’re getting nowhere, and you’re losing. 62 more words

Writing Tips

Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing

Overview: Mr. Bradbury has collected eleven of his essays, and additional one for the preface, as well as a collection of poems for our benefit as writers. 105 more words

Book Apprasials


No. Not my post, silly. Read your own writing aloud.

Hello Friends.

I can not remember where I first read this choice bit of advice but I have heard it repeated time and time again. 168 more words

Writing Tips