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What I Learned at London Book Fair 2014

Talk given by top indie authors / self-publishers

I was lucky to catch up with a session given by Bella Andre, Stephanie Bond, Liliana Hart, Barbara Freethy, Candice Hern and Jasmina Wilder at the book fair. 444 more words


A Recommended Reading List For Aspiring Writers

The thing I like most about creative writing advice, is that it can never be inherently wrong or right. In fact, I don’t even feel that any tips or advice can be categorised as good or bad. 255 more words


A to Z Challenge - Day 14: N is for Names

Hi all,

Today I wanted to talk about something that always gives me trouble as a writer – names! I get quite envious of those who seem to effortlessly just ‘know’ their characters should be called, or even have the name before the character even appears to them. 245 more words

Another Query post

As promised I am brining you notes from the recent class I attended on query writing and what I learned was so different from what I had learned previously. 2,187 more words

Young Adult

Find Dialogue Daunting? (Part 1) – Craft It with Conflict and Innuendo

By Katherine Sartori //

At restaurants, concerts, ball games and family gatherings, how many writers carefully listen to conversations, in order to hone their skill at writing dialogue? 938 more words


A few tips on how to keep writing

Regular writing is at the core of being a writer, but it’s hard to make yourself write every day. Often, you won’t feel like it, or won’t feel inspired, or just feel like you don’t have the time. 494 more words


Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance

After toiling away at the first draft of a novel, pouring so much enthusiasm into the beast, heaping tremendous amounts of your own brilliance into your storytelling with an assortment of carefully chosen words and plot development, expectations… 1,236 more words