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Working Out the Details

Hello again! Jersey Farm Scribe here on…

PATIENCE: Working out the Details

Speaking from my own personal situation, I just did a major revision on my chapter book. 670 more words

Authors And Illustrators

#SocialMedia engagement - timing tip 2 – timing and "truthiness" - perfect Tuesday timing

Yesterday I wrote about “perfect timing” and “audience alignment” for an engaging radio segment AND how you could apply the same logic to improve your … 445 more words

Word Crimes

As an author/editor this really hits me where I live.

Also its important to promote obscure musicians that no one has heard of. I, of course, jest… I’m not an author yet.

Writers Musings

Writing Space and First Drafts

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about making a space for me to write at home. Up until now, I have just sat at either the living room table or the kitchen table. 673 more words


Writing Clementine - With Kate Gordon

I just finished Writing Clementine by Kate Gordon, and it has been a while since I’ve read such a beautiful and uplifting book.

In a world where so many things seem to be beyond our control, Clementine is a character who embraces life with bravery and an optimism and imagination that can see her through most situations. 1,032 more words

Writing Tips

Indulge Your Various Creativities

Right now, I’m editing a manuscript that took me about five years to write. I don’t think another book will ever, ever take me that long. 604 more words


Monday Tropes: Hunters of the Supernatural

If there are non-human sentient beings, then there’s a good chance there are humans more than willing to hunt them down and kill them. This could either be for fun, revenge, or because it’s what’s “right,” but chances are that no matter the natural morality of the non-humans, there are people who want to kill them. 249 more words

Creative Writing