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Top reading tips for writers

It’s coming up to that special time of the year all writers love: Bookmas. Yes, if you’re anything like me then the Christmas holidays are a book bonanza, either because you receive books as presents or – my particular favourite – you receive gift tokens so you can buy the books you’ve been wanting to read all year. 964 more words


Can you actually be a writer?

If you have wanted to be a writer all your life, you have probably heard this from a number of people. The world of writing is rather competitive, and there is a statistical probability that you might not become the next Oscar Wilde. 186 more words


Book Review Requests

Since I’ve self-published my first book I’ve been running around like a madwoman (in cyberspace, of course, so it’s not like I’ve gotten out of breath) requesting reviews of as many readers as possible. 455 more words


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review: Writing Scary Scenes by @Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall’s books remind me of the conversations I used to have about books with my favourite English teacher in school. They always have the feel of someone sharing their experiences, providing helpful advice in a plain English way, without wading it down with details about their own books or preferences. 145 more words

"Readers Room"

Writer Interview Mignon Fogarty

 Tell me about your latest book.

My most recent book came out in 2012: 101 Troublesome Words You’ll Master in No Time. It’s the fourth and last book in my 101 Words series, and I saved all the hard words for last. 637 more words

Charting A Path

Scribus Image Tip

I discovered a problem when I tried to upload Machani Diplomat Interior PDF File to Createspace. This was the first Interior PDF that I included an image. 189 more words

Writing Tips

Inspiration for Writers - the Best Ever Children's TV Show is Called Waybuloo

Inspiration is a funny old thing for a writer. Creative inspiration is the same process as dreaming; you assimilate information in your normal life and it pours out of you in some jumbled form mixed up with your own personality. 1,772 more words