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The Reader Conundrum

Today’s post is based on a conversation I had with a writerly friend a few days ago.  Those of you who know me in person are aware that something I perceive to be illogical can rile me up inordinately fast.  432 more words


Storyville: Ten Ways to Avoid Cliches and Stereotypes :: LitReactor

What’s worse than Writer’s Block?  Well, I’ll tell you: It’s called Cliche Diarrhea.

Yes, it’s worse.  Trust me.

I’m having a flare up today, so I asked the Internet for ways to slow the flow.    2,909 more words

Geeking Out

Dummying for Smarter Picture Book Manuscripts

by Lindsay Bandy

Have you ever tried dummying your picture book manuscript? I’ve found it to be one of my most helpful tools in taking a manuscript from first-draft stage to ready-to-submit stage. 694 more words

The Denouement

It is important when writing a novel to understand the denouement. The denouement is the ending of the story. This informative article discusses how to end a story. 54 more words

Writing Tips

Writing Tips: Creating Characters

When it comes to creating characters, especially main characters you want to reader to identify with them. This will bring the reader into the  book and allow them to enjoy the book much more. 1,089 more words


Thursday Writing Prompt: The Lunch Disaster

Your character is having lunch with either a potential love interest or someone else s/he is trying to impress when s/he knocks over a glass of water with the menu. 23 more words



One post says to stop writing if you have something else you’re more passionate about doing. Lord knows I do. I want to watch television and drink.

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