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If you love new, creative words and #puns and #Wordplay and advertising - EWWWWvertising

If you love new words that perfectly describe something – chances are you’ll dig this term -

EWWWERTISING – ADS THAT make the viewer go EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW. 163 more words

From Far Away It's Okay, But Up Close It's A Big Ol' Mess

I was a little absent this week.  I had a bit going on, had let some things slide then had to play catch up, and now it’s Friday.   290 more words


Active descriptions are key to believable characters; Activia descriptions are not

Around here, Fridays are reserved for my Nickel’s Worth on Writing, when I take the literary landfill of experience I’ve gained from 15 years as a newspaper columnist and break it down into handfuls of writing compost that… 1,350 more words


Essential writing skills: penning things “in the style of”

One of the biggest challenges any author has to meet is mastering the mechanics of actually writing. Only once that has been nailed is it possible to tackle the other challenges of content. 393 more words


What Writers Can Learn From Tru Calling--A Rant


Some of you may remember the FOX sci-fi TV show, Tru Calling and if you don’t…I’m not surprised. Tru Calling was a unique show with a lot of promise and potential, however they made some key mistakes and the show was ultimately cancelled. 1,684 more words

How To Write Your Nonfiction Book

My neighbour is a fantastic story teller, his timing and pacing is good, he adds vivid detail and builds suspense. Everything you need to write a great short story. 211 more words

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Character Development: The Back Alley

Crystal Vicott is a 30-something journalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her boss, Matthew, calls her a wild child given her passion for travel, her propensity for appalling language, and her trigger hair temper. 234 more words