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It is important to study words and what they mean. Confidence is a good solid word, but do you know a bit of its history? 75 more words

Writing Tips

Back to Basics

“My ideas usually come not at my desk but in the midst of living.” Anaïs Nin

During my own internal debate over the benefits of briefs vs boy shorts I happened to hear the following conversation between two Victoria Secret clerks: 152 more words

Charting A Path

So after unburdening myself yesterday, I feel better. I believe changes happen in our lives because we consciously decide to change them, and voicing them aloud shines a light on them. 21 more words


Getting Your Morals Across

Today I want to discuss one of the most difficult aspects of writing- getting your point across. Writing means making a statement through your story, whether it be personal, social, or moral. 561 more words


Don't panic! It's just writer's block.

An illness struck me last week and the week before that, which, as you may have noticed, made it difficult for me to write a blog post. 422 more words


Super Awesome Awesomeness (the first)

It’s Friday, my friends, which means it’s time for some Super Awesome Awesomeness That I Didn’t Write (it’s a new thing. Go with it. Like Wordless Wednesdays, only… wordier. 250 more words


Effect Vs Affect with Cats and Happiness

Raise your hand if your mother ever accidentally made Kool-aid with salt. Two granular white substances, both used in cooking, easy to mix up. Two words in the English language which are just as easy to confuse are ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. 355 more words