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Two Navy Guys and a Novel The Idea Behin

Two Navy Guys and a Novel The Idea Behind WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION http://ow.ly/2KTUOd

Writing Tools


While doing research for my current story, I came across an interesting website that I’d like to share: Godchecker.  It’s a neat little encyclopedia of various gods from diverse pantheons, and you can search not only by name, but also by role, which makes it extremely useful for finding who the correct god or goddess to reference is.   122 more words


Maybe I'm a Bit Behind, But...

Life has been so busy, I’ve not posted much and I certainly haven’t written any fiction. Resumes, yes, but that’s not the same and different rules apply. 221 more words


Imagination and Observation

When I was a child during the late nineteen forties into the fifties, our only family entertainment was the radio. Times where tough back then. To all intent and purpose, Britain was bankrupt and in a period of austerity. 674 more words


Something New Is Coming!

For months, I have contemplated starting a bi-weekly newsletter. There are several newsletters I receive via email, and I enjoy each one for its uniqueness and informational worth. 191 more words


Write the Right Way

I am all about the themes, so get ready for it; you’re about to get some more turquoise chevron! This time it’s all about the writing process board. 340 more words

Exploring Points of View: Stream of Consciousness

After traveling around the country for the past month, I have finally returned home and returned to blogging (sorry guys, but what can I say? I’m weak to adventures.) 482 more words