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Writing Groups Are Amazing!

I recently started a writing group with two other people from my structure of writing class. It was the best decision I ever made! Why? Because writing can be very isolating and we end up alone in our heads, in our story, in our lives. 468 more words

Writing Groups

Why Writers Should Rethink Pinterest

In this digital age, a strong online presence is a must-have for most authors and (probably*) all aspiring writers. Facebook and Twitter are the immediate go-tos, but Pinterest is another social media platform every writer should consider. 716 more words

Advantages Of Pinterest

When Writing isn't Easy - Found Poems and Collaborative Poems

Because I do Poetry Therapy and because I teach writing to a variety of age groups, I know how real and scary this WRITING BEAST can be.  281 more words

Finding Focus

Being responsible for setting your own schedule can be pretty tough sometimes. I’m the type of person who’s good at convincing myself that I can finish up something “later.” I can do that tonight. 467 more words


Thoughts on a Thursday - Little Wonder

I have a tiny obsession with macro photos of flowers.

I think part of the allure is that they are so impermanent: if you don’t take the picture when you have a chance that moment is gone.   216 more words

My G62 and My Pen

Most of the time I write on my HP G62. The frequently used letters of the alphabet have been polished to a sheen. The space bar also has a nice shiny spot where from my left thumb has pressed down on it time and time again.   699 more words


The Flashback Episode

You remember the sitcoms where they’d start showing a collage of moments from various episodes in the past, just plugging in old bits of content as filler, and otherwise taking up room? 384 more words