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Two Navy Guys Send a SITREP - Welcome ba

Two Navy Guys Send a SITREP – Welcome back to Two Navy Guys and a Novel, the place where you can watch two ex-Navy guys co-write a military-political thriller. 65 more words

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What Lego has taught me about writing.

Lego is one of those ubiquitous childhood toys which tends to breed underfoot when your feet are bare and tender and vanish when you need that last particular piece to complete a project. 830 more words

My Journey As A Writer

Tuning Helps

Week 8 Writing Tools Activity #6

Tool #23: Tune your voice.


When Charlotte’s baby was born, it was a little girl and they named her Willow. 173 more words

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Tuning my Voice Week 8

I used Writing Tools #23: Tune your Voice. This was another letter of recommendation that I wrote for my sister. By “tuning my voice” and making it sound more like me, I thought that it sounded more personal and sincere, making the letter of recommendation more legitimate to the reader. 275 more words

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What's up for Non-Fiction Writers in November?

The blogosphere is abuzz with the upcoming NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, and what a surprise – there were 609 novelists from the Philippines who joined this writing challenge last year. 336 more words

Advice For Writers

Week #8 Writing Tool

All of my education I had only been told to use formal writing. Writing in this tone has been so installed into my brain that I’ve noticed that I have lost my voice in my writing. 378 more words

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Always start with a plan...

Writing Tools 24: Work from a plan

Here are short excerpts from an essay I was required to write about one of my internship experiences in relation to Ross Perlin’s novel, … 600 more words

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