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Ten Writing Prompts

I’m off traveling again. This time I’m off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in search of inspiration, and then out to California. For your entertainment, I’ve decided to share some of the writing prompts I’ve collected. 180 more words


Tools of the Trade, Part 1: Words

ster•e•o•type  /ˈsterēəˌtīp/ noun 1. a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

I get this. If you’re an indie author, …

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Don't switch it on

It’s the only way to begin.

If I begin the day writing, I’m likely to continue writing.  If I  begin the day by switching on the computer ( 170 more words

To Catch An Idea

It often seems that my brain is full of a myriad ideas flashing and zipping about like fireflies. Some of them are little more than pinpoints of light out in the darkness, always well beyond my reach. 1,229 more words

Jennifer L. Post

Try many writing tools

Firsthand experience is the best adviser. Once the possible programs have been identified, download them, install them and try them out. If necessary, check the guides and introductory videos. 51 more words


Choose your writing tools before you start writing

In theory, in order to write we only need one thing: words.

This idealistic idea remains until we face the first problems:  a document too long to browse, a Word that stops every five minutes, a bibliography impossible to keep updated, a collection of written fragments without any order or coherence, a pile of notebooks and handwritten notes in which is impossible to find an essential piece of information, a lot of online reference documents saved in the hard drive’s folders, thousands of documents lost because of a virus or a broken hard drive, not enough time to transcribe the notes or back up and organize the information… 206 more words

Writing Tools