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Odds and ends

Odds and ends number 1

In my post late yesterday afternoon, I whined about how my daily stats had been following a downward trend for five days in a row. 505 more words


[5-Minute Post] Here's one way to improve your writing voice

If you want to improve your writing, read other writings.

But if you want to cultivate a writing voice, then you need to be listening to other voices. 379 more words

Said, Ever Unassailable

For a part of my writing that I’ve always put a lot of stock in, the absence of posts on dialogue rings peculiar. As it’s been so long since… 889 more words


Surprised By My Own Voice

Voice. That elusive part of writing. The part that distinguishes one writer from another. Voice is hard to nail down, but once found, brings a uniqueness to one’s writing. 467 more words


Post Eleven

My ideal life. What I want. Stand by.


edit worthy authors
knowledge, understanding, of me, of others, of everything
assist, witness self-knowers
a friend… 82 more words

Whose Classic?

All Lost (on the way to) the Supermarket:

“I’m all lost in the supermarket,

I can no longer shop happily,

I came in for a special offer, 1,263 more words

Philosophy Of Writing