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You don't need to write for everyone

My last post got no likes. Not the first time this has happened. And it for sure won’t be the last. It is the nature of putting your voice into the world. 144 more words


The Escape Artist

I woke up at three o’clock in the morning last night with a serious and profound realization “I have not been honest with myself.” In a dream I was reciting the opening paragraph for a story I am writing when it hit me. 164 more words


You aren't your story. Uhm, what?

The Dude threw himself on my office floor, face down. “Aaaaarrrrggggghhh.”

“Good day, then?” He raised his head enough to give me the look. If he wanted tea and sympathy, he chose the wrong cabbage patch. 542 more words


Food for the Soul

Today’s twist should be really easy for me. It’s about infusing the post with your own unique voice, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call my voice unique, I feel that I always write with my own voice. 540 more words


Odds and ends

Odds and ends number 1

In my post late yesterday afternoon, I whined about how my daily stats had been following a downward trend for five days in a row. 505 more words


[5-Minute Post] Here's one way to improve your writing voice

If you want to improve your writing, read other writings.

But if you want to cultivate a writing voice, then you need to be listening to other voices. 379 more words

Said, Ever Unassailable

For a part of my writing that I’ve always put a lot of stock in, the absence of posts on dialogue rings peculiar. As it’s been so long since… 889 more words