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Weekend Assignment: Small Beauties

Welcome to another weekend writing prompt. Are you ready to get your creative wheels turning?

As part of my day job, I write about tricks to help kids become better writers. 630 more words


Writing Exercise: 100 little ways to discover your authentic writing voice

Quick question: Have you spent a lot of time trying to discover your writing voice?

Another quick question: Does your writing voice reflect what you love? 925 more words


Inspiration From My Youth

Recently I was discussing my W.I.P. and was suggested to look into a book to see how that author accomplished various things. It turned out that book was, and still is, one of my favorite books I have ever read. 207 more words


The "Writing Voice"

Do you have a writing voice? Or do you develop a writing voice? Should a person that has a strong “writing voice” or personality change it or try to improve it? 129 more words


NaBloPoMo 03/04/14: Writing Voice

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you?

My writing voice is like me because I do like to write about what I am passionate about. 87 more words


My Writing 'Voice'

It’s funny, that as I sit here watching The Voice… I’m being asked to write about my writing voice.  Many of you … most of you … have never heard me speak, before.  348 more words


My Writing Voice

I’m trying to keep up with NaBloPoMo.  Today we are ask to tell “How is your writing voice like you?” and ” How does your writing voice differ from you?” 356 more words