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Bleeding Feelings and Releasing Ideas

Writing is more than words.

It’s bleeding feelings on a

piece of paper.

It captures your heart and

folds it into a gift.

Writing is more than words. 26 more words


Character Flaws: Everyone Has Them, Not Every Writer Writes Them

What makes up a character? Traits. What are traits? Good or bad points found in a character. Good character traits (meaning those that are positive), are easy to come by. 494 more words


Writing in the Cold

So, a couple of chapters in to my first ever novel and the weather outside turns… frightful! Well, it could be worse, but I have noticed the study feeling colder and that’s where I sit to write. 358 more words



Snow is falling, dancing downwards

So slow and yet so fast.

I catch it with my tongue,

Savoring the moment.


Guest Blogging (Week) is done, Why, What's Next and Winter is...

Hello everyone! So Guest Blogging (Week) is done due to one reason that stem from several things; we are out of bloggers’ guest posts. Now this is due to some pulling out for with a legit reason, and for people who just didn’t tell me they weren’t going to do it or they didn’t send it to me and expected me to somehow know they weren’t part of the event any more. 285 more words


Interview with Thomas Duder

Today’s interview is with Thomas Duder,‭ ‬author of The Generalist Series.
‭‬Tell us something about yourself,‭ ‬Thomas.‭ 

Hello‭! ‬I am indeed,‭ ‬Thomas Duder,‭ ‬Author of the Things,‭ ‬and I’m a‭ ‬struggling writer. 1,409 more words

Lela Markham

Stay Tuned for Writing Wednesday

This week’s interview is with Thomas Duder, author of the Generalist series.